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February 2, 2022

By CBD Movers

Checklist of Things You Must Move on Your Own

Checklist of Things You Must Move on Your Own

Transitioning from one house to another is a daunting task without extensive planning. You need to make an organized move to avoid making the transition a stressful task. The most important aspect of a moving plan is the checklist for moving. If you wish to go smoothly, then making a separate moving to-do list is more than crucial you think. One list can include a list of equipment and things that are required to be moved and another one will comprise of the tasks you must perform as the homeowner who is about to relocate.

Moving your distinct possessions definitely calls for the requirement of professional house movers. However, you need to play your part to ensure the smooth relocating to a new house. Your moving checklist can contain numerous things, but you need to fix up some indispensable items that you cannot skimp on. You can either keep the track of moving to-do list with a Google doc or a binder, the choice is yours. But, your core idea should be to avoid forgetting anything and contribute your best for a good transition along with professional help.

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Let’s understand the steps you must follow for an easy moving experience 

Once the papers for your new house are signed and you are in the process of moving to a new house, then you must start considering the things to do when moving. Are you in the same situation and seeking some real-time tips in the matter of steps for relocating? Read further with us.

  • Finding a reliable moving company is the foremost thing you must do a month or two before the moving day. You can check out the highly recommended companies online on the basis of reviews and client testimonials.
  • The second step is to get to know the new area you are about to start dwelling in. You should research the doctors, schools, banks, etc. to make your living easy.
  • Start your packing with non-essential items like craft supplied and occasional decorations a few weeks before the moving day. You can also assess the stuff in your closet and go for donating the items that are not in use. This will help you reduce your list of moving checklists and at the same time, you can do some charity.
  • The next step is to use the previous grocery and avoid buying anything more before the move. A few weeks prior to moving is the right time to purchase some required moving supplies like- packing material, tape, boxes, etc. You can pack one by one and start labeling them all to avoid any confusion. Simultaneously, you can note down the things in your moving checklist which are already packed.

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Things you require during the first day at your new house

Things you require during the first day at your new house

  • The keys are mostly high-priority items and people often land into trouble by misplacing them.
  • Toiletries are very essential to take along as you are not going to place all your stuff right after moving.
  • Taking enough utensil supply and basic cleaning requirements is mandatory when moving to a new house.
  • A portable alarm clock will be helpful or simply an alarm clock app will do.
  • Spare batteries can help you charge items that are not rechargeable.
  • A basic first-aid kit will help you ease up those nicks and scrapes while moving.
  • Lastly, do not forget some snacks and beverages.

Things to do when moving day arrives

Things to do when moving day arrives

From waking up on time and clearing the path for easy moving of the boxes, there is a lot you can do to make the entire moving process feasible. Sticking around and answering all the questions the movers might have is also one of your parts to play. Feeding them while they are rendering you moving service is also a great thing to do as a homeowner. Make sure the movers follow and sign the checklist for moving. Once all the things are moved, you can conduct your last walk-through of your house and avail your chance to check nothing is left behind. Lastly, you can tip your movers as customary and move to your new house with all the excitement.

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