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August 29, 2022

By cbdmovers

8 Tips To Ensure A Smooth And Stress-Free Move While Pregnant

8 Tips To Ensure A Smooth & Stress-Free Moving House While Pregnant

The little one is almost on his way. It is going to be a timely and normal delivery. But there is one more thing that is on your mind that’s moving house while pregnant is more stressful. You have to move from this house to your new property. It is a beautiful house that you have always dreamt about having. Now, you finally have the opportunity in your hand along with the keys to your new house. But there is a catch. Like Chandler from friends would say, could you be any more pregnant?

And even you know that it is a critical time and moving house while pregnant is not something you have done before. But let’s not get you more overwhelmed than you already are. We will explain just how to prepare for a move when you are carrying a baby. Let’s begin:

1. Consult With Your Doctor First

Consult With Your Doctor First

Leave all the moving chores aside, forget about making a checklist for moving house for now and get in touch with your doctor first. Consult with him regarding all the movements and the various tasks that you might have to undertake when preparing for this move. He will help you understand the various dos and don’ts of moving house, loading and unloading, carrying and packing boxes, and will also help you create a checklist for the same. There will be certain things that you will be completely prohibited from doing. 

  • No heavy lifting 
  • No bending over 
  • No over thinking 
  • No ignoring your meals
  • No depriving yourself of sleep

Ultimately, this will be the safety net that will help you from making any wrong decisions.

2. Get All The Help Possible

Get All The Help Possible

Your neighbors, friends, and relatives have all been so helpful and sweet. It is time to take a little more advantage of them. Because they are so willing to help you out, why not ask them to stay over for a night or two? Some of them will be more than happy to oblige. And let’s face it, a few of your neighbors care about you a lot and they would do anything to make you happy. So yes, getting their help doesn’t just simplify your packing but you can also have a lot of fun getting together and sharing meals. It is going to take a lot of load and stress away from your shoulders. Doing this will also prove highly beneficial for the baby because when you are happy, so is he.

3. Always Be Positive

This is another thing that your gynecologist is going to advise you to do. While you are creating the checklist for moving house and also collecting packing materials for the big day, you have to stay happy and positive all the time. Think of all the good things that you will be doing with your friends who have decided to stay over. Think about all the awesome things you will be doing when you move into your new beautiful house. This will be the source of your optimism and the energy you need to move into your new home as you welcome the little one into your life just a few weeks from now.

4. Dedicate Extra Time To Self-Care

Dedicate Extra Time To Self-Care

You need to listen to your body and allocate a little bit of extra time for self-care when moving house while pregnant. Go for a haircut. Call in a massage expert at home. If you crave any desserts, do not hesitate from ordering them in. You have worked a lot to build this house and turn it into a home. It is a very good idea to allot a few hours in a day just to yourself. Practice meditation and guided breathing exercises. Do not burden yourself with a lot of tasks. If you have been stalling your manicure and pedicure sessions, go in for them immediately. Let your husband pick up the kids from school for a change.

5. Remember To Stay Hydrated

A future mother needs to keep herself hydrated. Even if you are not doing a lot of physical work and have decided to supervise the packing and moving, it is very important to keep a bottle of Gatorade in your hand. You can go with any other fruit-flavored electrolyte as well that will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Just keep it in your reach and definitely not too high or below your shoulder level.

Prepare a pregnancy essentials box

6. What All Are You Going To Need Here?

The first important thing is all your favorite snacks. This could be your cheesecake and your favorite burrito from the newly opened kitchen right at the corner of the street. In addition to this, make sure that you have your prescriptions with you, all your supplements, maternity clothes, an extra blanket, a water bottle, and of course, a hand sanitizer. This should go into your pregnancy essentials backpack and make sure that it is easily accessible to you whenever you need it.

7. Organizing Your Important Documents

Organizing Your Important Documents

Since you have been handling all the stuff that goes around in your house, it is better to look into the essential documents yourself. They should contain all your medical reports and emergency numbers as well. Remember to store all these papers and files in separate folders. These could be your health insurance, property closing papers, homeowners insurance, birth certificate, social security cards, immunization records, and a lot of other paperwork that will help you move into your new house with ease.

8. Arrange For Dependable Childcare

Arrange For Dependable Childcare

You already have one little devil in your home. In your attempt to manage your pregnancy, create a checklist for moving house, and help your husband out with the entire moving process, you can never neglect that little sweetheart. You must arrange for dependable child care services so that somebody is there to take care of him while you are managing all these tasks on your own. This will help you keep your focus on packing all your stuff without forgetting anything at all. You will be able to organize the moving truck and also schedule their visit for an initial assessment of your property so that you can talk to them about the final payment. It is a good idea to interview plenty of babysitters at least a month before the big day. This is going to take away a lot of your stress.


Packing your stuff and moving to a new house while you are pregnant is not going to be easy. You will have to take out the time to sit and relax every few hours or every few minutes to regain your energy and composure. And this is perfectly alright. This blog was an attempt to remind you that it is OK to be a little laid back and depend on your friends for help.

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