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September 21, 2022

By cbdmovers

Best Places To Live In Adelaide

5 Best Places To Live In Adelaide, Its Weather, Topography, & Beaches

Adelaide is the fifth largest city in Australia and it is the capital of South Australia as well. There are close to 1.3 million people in this city and the number seems to be increasing gradually at a very steady speed. The biggest reason for the popularity of Adelaide is that the weather is fabulous and diverse and the people are so sweet and charming that you will never want to leave. Before we get to talking about some of the best places to live in Adelaide, let’s have a look at what this city is all about and what is the weather like among several other aspects.

That Geography Speaks For Itself

Adelaide is a captivating city located on the south coast of Australia. It is around 600 km Northwest of Melbourne. This again makes it very practical for people who want to commute between these two cities occasionally. It has a very strong reputation for being peaceful, blissful, and beautiful. It is more like a big town than a huge metropolis. The livability index of this city is among the topmost cities in the world. North Adelaide is divided by the southern region of the city by a narrow river, Torrens. The gorgeousness of this city is compounded by several green parklands and lush emerald green belts that surround Adelaide like a garland.

In The Process Of House Relocation – How Adelaide Is Ideal For The Beach Lover

If you are in the middle of relocating your house and happen to be a beach lover, Adelaide is your paradise. Because it is located on the east of the Gulf of St Vincent, it has some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring beaches for you to enjoy. For example, Henley, Semaphore, and also West Beach are immensely popular all around the world for their crystal clear blue waters and beautiful white sands.

Moving To Adelaide For The Weather?

If you are thinking about moving to Adelaide just for the weather, you are not the only one. The weather of this place is best described as a mix between “city cold” and “Mediterranean warm”. The summers can be extremely hot so if you are an outdoor person, you are going to love your time here. It can get a little too dry for your skin but then you will come prepared. But then you also get to enjoy the cool gloom of the winter. The cold weather here will welcome you with quite a bit of rainfall. You get practically every kind of weather in Adelaide and living here is truly an experience.

Now Let’s Discuss Some Of The Best Suburbs To Live In Adelaide

If you have made up your mind about moving to Adelaide, the following list of suburbs should help you further solidify your decision. Let’s begin:

1. North Adelaide

North Adelaide

On the top of our list is North Adelaide because of its affluent characteristics. If budget is not a constraint, this place is going to be perfect for you. It is located north of the CBD which is barely a 13-minute drive from the city centre. You can find state-of-the-art public transport facilities by driving just 25 minutes away from this area. It is also quite popular for the most happening heritage pubs and immensely popular boutiques. 100% of all residents here have access to parks and gardens which are practically right next to their doorsteps. More than 76% of the people here have very closely located educational facilities as well.

2. North Brighton

North Brighton

This is another place that you should consider because it is again just 13 km from the CBD. The median house price in this region is $710,000. It can be a little on the expensive side but what you get is a beautiful house with a 100% guarantee of adjacent parkland.

3. Black Forest

Black Forest

Black forest is also one of the most popular suburban regions in Adelaide primarily because of its proximity to the CBD. It is easily accessible from various points within the city. The median price for a decent unit is somewhere around $285,000. Again all the residents in this area have parklands nearby. When it comes to educational facilities, more than 75% of the residents here are in highly close proximity to them. Public transportation is only a 29-minute commute which makes it one of the most convenient places to start a new life.

4. Seacliff


Another very convenient and gorgeous option for you is Seacliff. It is located at a distance of just 14 km from the central business district. It is also one of the most popular seaside suburbs with median house prices going up to $705,000. The median unit price is going to set you back by at least $500,000. It has all of its residents enjoying adjacent parklands and more than 54% of them enjoy close proximity to educational facilities. It is a little further from public transport which makes it a little isolated and ideal for people who are looking for a peaceful getaway or a quiet Life away from the crowd. This is also one of the biggest reasons that you will easily be able to spot some of your most favourite Hollywood celebs right here in this spot.

5. Kensington


Kensington is a happening place. This is primarily because of its proximity to the central business district. It is a small suburb but is highly popular. The median unit price is somewhere between $400,000 and $465,000. Also, it is only an 11-minute drive from the city centre. The most stunning aspect of this area is the Victorian Era architecture. If you are a fan of history, culture, and ancient and intricate masterpieces, this is the place for you.

Final Thoughts

Adelaide is a fabulous city to live your life or probably start a new one if you are looking for a change. The residents here are warm and welcoming. The facilities are top notch and the nightlife is something that won’t give you anything to complain about. You have something for everyone in Adelaide. So if you are thinking about moving to Adelaide, it could be a great decision that you should not delay.

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