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March 9, 2022

By cbdmovers

Incredible Tips For Organizations To Move Hassle-Free

11 Incredible Tips For Organizations To Move Hassle-Free

You are about to move your office across the city. Your responsibilities are going to pile on the moment you call in the professionals. This is because it is not the end of it. You’ll just be starting and you will have to work with them to move all your possessions to your new location. You have to coordinate with them every step of the way so that nothing gets misplaced or damaged.

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There is a lot to do but first, let’s begin with a few basic packing tips for moving your office:

  1. This Calls For Your Project Management Skills

Just like you have managed several projects and client accounts in the past, this is also something that you will have to take up on your able shoulders. Identify the deliverables and make a plan in advance. Track the progress of the entire moving process and update every team member about the same without fail. Keep a digital notebook of all the tasks that have been assigned to every team member and make everyone sign and update them regularly.

  1. Keep Every Team Member Informed

When it comes to managing your team members, you must communicate with all of them in real-time. Make sure that everyone turns up to contribute towards this office move. Everyone should be kept in the loop regarding the changes, if any, in your moving and packing plan. You need to be realistic here and do not expect any miracles or any of your team members to possess superpowers.

  1. Take A Lot Of Pictures

There has to be a person in your team who likes taking pictures. This is where you can put that person to use. Make sure that he takes as many pictures as possible of your previous office set-up before you move any of the stuff around. This set of pictures is going to work as a point of reference for all of you so that none of your office belongings get misplaced. You are going to want to refer to these pictures once you have moved into your new office. 

  1. Donate The Stuff You Don’t Need

There must be a few things that you want to donate to a public library or somebody in your street who needs it more than you do. This is a great way to get rid of the office clutter that you have been dealing with for the past few months. You will be able to organize your office belongings easily once you have all the clutter out of the premises and the same applies to when you’re moving your house as well. It will also make the entire packing and moving process more streamlined and efficient.

  1. Sort Things Out By Category

Another moving advice; categorize all your stuff. You will have to come up with boxes and containers by category. Sort out all your office cargo and please them in different boxes category-wise. For example, you can separate and store your staplers, scissors, and other hard and solid stationery items in one box. You can place the papers, documents, files, and folders in a different container. You will need extra padding for the stationery items so that they do not get messed up with one another or get damaged while the box is in transit.

  1. Labelling Goes A Long Way

Once you’ve created those boxes, it is time to label each one of them. Remember, when you are moving your office from one location to another, it is very important to lose track of what goes in which container. If this is a large-scale or long-distance move, you might want to scribble down your office and representative’s numbers as well on the boxes.

  1. Separate Your Personal Belongings

What about your personal belongings? Every employee and team member in your organization must have some personal belongings inside the office. Give them time to remove those things so that they do not get mixed up with the office cargo.

  1. Give More Time To Your IT Professionals

Your IT professionals will require a little bit more time to unplug all the systems and transfer all your data from this location to the next. They might require some software programs as well so that they can transfer all the critical and confidential data of your company without corrupting it or compromising its security. 

  1. Research Your Options

If you haven’t yet associated with packing and moving company, it is time to research your options. Look for moving professionals who provide special services to offices and commercial undertakings. If you can find something that gives you an early bird discount, nothing could be better than that. Make sure that they give you instant packing and moving services because you cannot afford to delay this process anymore.

  1. Invest In New Equipment In Advance

You have to keep your office ready for this move. We’re talking about your new location, yes! This is because somebody has to be there to keep it up and running so that all your equipment can be transferred to it and put to work immediately. You do not wish to delay your company operations any more than you already have. So yes, you will have to make arrangements to keep your new office space at least semi-functional so that all your deadlines can be met and your productivity does not suffer.

  1. Change Your Office Address

The day has finally come. You guys have moved to your new office and your teams are setting up the computers, Wi-Fi routers, security systems, and furniture pieces as well. It was somewhat of an adventure. This is where you change your address with all your clients, business associates, partners, and other parties that do business with your company.

Final Thoughts

Moving your office regardless of the distance can be simplified. You just have to be a little more alert than usual. If you have decided to associate with packing and moving professionals, be a little more proactive in your approach. Find out about their reputation and the process they follow. Someone who can walk with you every step of the way is your ideal partner in this office move.

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