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May 12, 2023

By cbdmovers

Top 5 Hacks For Safely Relocating Your Refrigerator

Top 5 Hacks For Safely Relocating Your Refrigerator

You have started sweating profusely. Your hands are shaking and you know for sure that you are going to drop your refrigerator in the middle of the stairs and it is going to topple down and land on the floor with its door flung open and every self broken. 

But this is where you are forgetting one of the most important things. The shelves are supposed to be out already. You are supposed to dismantle every detachable component of the refrigerator before you start moving it. But again, this is just one of the tips that will work for you. We have plenty more suggestions for you that are going to make you a lot less nervous. There are a lot of ideas that will help you relocate your refrigerator safely from your old house to your new home without breaking a shelf or a bone.

Remember, this is going to be a very challenging task. This is why we have curated a few moving tips from the leading movers and packers in the city that are going to help you transfer your refrigerator within practically no time so here it begins:

1. Dismantling Every Detachable Component

Dismantling Every Detachable Component

Just like every other piece of furniture in your house, your refrigerator also needs to be dismantled. There are numerous new-age refrigerators that can be disassembled with just a little bit of assistance. You can do this as well. All the trays, shelves, drawers, and internal cabinets that can be detached and removed should be taken out. Then there are other removable parts such as covers, knobs, lids, wires, and other sockets which can be detached from their position. All these objects and items should find a spot in one of your cardboard containers. Make sure that they are packed neatly and individually, especially if they are fragile. Do not stack them over one another unless they are reasonably durable and can endure the weight of other objects.

2. Cleaning The Refrigerator Before Everything Else

Cleaning The Refrigerator Before Everything Else

Then comes the cleaning bit. You will have to make sure that your refrigerator does not have any residual food items and also any ice shavings or collected water in any of the compartments. Before you move your refrigerator out, make sure that you have cleaned every corner of it thoroughly. You will also have to wipe down the exterior of the refrigerator to make sure that there are no cobwebs, dust particles, dirt, or any grime on its body.

What Is The Best Way To Move A Refrigerator By Yourself?

The best way to move your refrigerator to your new house all by yourself is to first dismantle it intelligently. Make sure that every removable component is packed neatly and individually without causing any damage to these parts. Then you have to ensure that your refrigerator is secured with the help of the right packing tape, rope, straps, and padding material as well. Invest in very strong pieces of moving equipment such as a ramp and a dolly. This will help you roll your refrigerator out of your property without any trouble.

3. Measuring Your Doorways And Passageways

Measuring Your Doorways And Passageways

One of the most useful fridge moving tips is measuring your doors and passageways in advance. There will be certain components of your refrigerator that cannot be detached from the main body. You will have to either twist the refrigerator or tilt it a little bit so that it can pass through the doors and passageways across your house. In case your refrigerator was brought in by your old movers in different parts and was assembled in your kitchen, you will have to do the reverse of the same to divide it into different movable components again.

4. Securing The Door Of The Fridge

Securing The Door Of The Fridge

A very critical task that you will have to perform is of securing the refrigerator so that its doors do not fling open. When your fridge is in transit, there will be a lot of movement, friction, jolts, and jerks on the way. Using strong packing tape and nylon rope to keep your refrigerator secure and closed is a good idea. If the power cord of the refrigerator cannot be removed or detached, you will have to tie it up neatly. Remember not to roll it up under any circumstances because that is only going to damage the cord. You should always fold it in the shape of an 8 and then tie it up with a cotton cloth but not too tight.

5. Moving Your Refrigerator From One Room To The Next

The easiest way to move your refrigerator from one room to the other or outside your house is to invest in a strong and durable moving dolly. It will become very easy for you to place your refrigerator on the base of the dolly and just roll it out of your property. Make sure that you use ropes and straps to secure the refrigerator family on this moving equipment. Do not make any mistakes with the balance of the refrigerator because its center of gravity already gets elevated once you place it on the dolly. Even a minor slip is going to result in your refrigerator falling down on the floor. This is only going to result in major damage and an unwanted expense that you can live without for sure.

How Long Do You Wait To Plug In A Fridge After Moving It?

There is no particular time window that you should wait for to plug in your refrigerator after you have moved it to your new home. Once you have inserted all the components, compartments, shelves, cabinets, and other storage items back into your refrigerator, you can plug it in. The moment you notice that it has started making ice again, you can begin storing your food items in it again.

Remember, refrigerator moving is only going to be possible if you have done it before. You can choose a moving services provider in the city but then if you think that this will result in the total abdication of your responsibilities, you are mistaken. One of the most useful moving tips that you will ever come across is that always be alert and willing to supervise the entire process regardless of whether you have chosen a movers and packers company or directed your family members, neighbors, or friends to perform the move.

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