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January 25, 2016

By cbdmovers

Office Relocation Made Easy With these Tips

Office relocation is mandatory when the company develop and team doubles. It is must that you provide good office space and surroundings for your team. But office relocation is a stressful and worrying phase as it creates disturbance for the employees and office work and also will have number of things to coordinate until everything is completely set in the new office.
Right planning and choosing good and experienced movers can make successful office relocation. Here are few tips that we have listed that you can consider for easy office relocation.
Check and Think
Check or assess your current and future needs of your company. Make sure that you really want to the relocate the office or business. Having a clear imagination of how you want to see your company is important. Based on that, choose the new place that matches your imagination and also satisfy all your business needs.
Note down all the difficulties and objectives on a piece of paper and try to find a place that can eliminate those difficulties and gives an additional strength to your office or business.
Have a Good Plan
You should have a proper plan for successful relocation of your office. List all key objectives and strategies in your plan from starting to ending of the relocation, like how you relocate and where you like to relocate etc.
Include following things in your plan
• Where do you like to relocate your office?
• How much space you need?
• What are the new features you like to add in your office?
• How much length and type of lease you want?
• Compare your current budget and your business needs?
Don’t delay
Don’t delay your office relocation because it affect your ROI and revenues. Sooner you start, the better are the chances of achieving a smooth and successful move. We suggest that have a plan of office relocation prior to 6 or 8 months before your lease expires, because it gives you stress when you start planning before 1 month or 15 days. So have a good plan prior to 6 or 8 months.
Plan your Budget
Plan your office relocation based on your budget and business needs. Make team leader to act according to your budget and business needs. “Don’t make or buy anything unimportant because if you buy things which you not needed then you need to sell the things which are needed”, so be careful while you preparing budget plan.
Sign Carefully Better you think before sign
We suggest you that never sign on any lease documents without any legal advice. Because it will give you trouble in future. Go though whole lease documents carefully and have a good advice before signing on it.
Have a good Communication
You should communicate with your current employees about the office relocation. Tell them where is your office relocating and what are the things you going to add in existing office environment. Take suggestions from the employees how they want to see your office and what are their needs etc. Try to add all those if possible.
Make a good team
The facilities manager has to choose the right team for him, to coordinate the moving process.
The team members need to be good at planning, communicating and time management skills. The team members need to be active and quick in getting things done, communicate with both internal and external members and have to keep all stakeholders informed throughout the process.
Find a right moving company:
Choosing a right moving company is the major task for relocation. Choose movers who are experienced and reputed in the moving industry.
To find the right moving company you have to do little investigation. Search on internet for moving companies who have good recommendations and reputation, Ask friends and recently moved people.
Select 2 to 3 moving companies. Talk to them and Get quotes.
Ask queries regarding the moving process, packing and unpacking solutions, have they done successful office moves, legal formalities, utility complexities and other challenges of the relocation process. And also be clear in all aspects such as insurance and the company license.
Be clear and move on
After all set make sure that all your old files has been stored in good storages or databases successfully. Take pictures of all your office furniture because it will help you to make sure all your things relocated successfully. “Have a Happy and stress less move “. Move your ‪Office relocation at less cost and stress less process with CBDMOVERS‬ Book your move now on Click here
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