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June 23, 2023

By cbdmovers

Moving Office Soon

Moving Office Soon – 7 Important Things You Must Do Immediately Before Relocating

So we are here, only one week away from the final move. You are a little nervous but most of the things that you had thought about have already been planned out. Your new address has been updated and you have gotten all your employees on board with the move. Most of the office furniture pieces that you did not want to take to the new site have been discarded. Some of the old desktops and leased equipment as well has been taken care of. But wait a minute. We are not here to summarise all those things. Let’s give you a detailed account of all the important things that you must do immediately before relocating your office to make the transition smooth and fast.

1. Moving Every Essential Item Into Boxes And Containers

Moving Every Essential Item Into Boxes And Containers

Remember, all of the items that you need to move to your new office should be transferred into stable and durable moving boxes. You will have to purchase the most appropriate containers and boxes of a wide variety of sizes and preferably with a sturdy and thick base. Your office supplies can range from stationery items to fax machines, desktop computers to laptops, and smart gadgets such as tablets, digital calendars, and a lot more. Accordingly, you will also have to invest in the right padding and packing material which we will get to later.

2. Downsizing Your Office Equipment

Now here, we are assuming that you have already downsized your office belongings significantly. This is advised for every commercial undertaking because it is not practical for them to transport every piece of equipment, machinery, and furniture to the new office building. This also gives them an opportunity to upgrade their technology and discard several old gadgets and tech pieces in favor of new ones. It helps them perform the move easily and the same is going to be the case with your company as well. So yes, organizing a sale or probably donating some of your office equipment and furniture pieces to a nearby start-up or a firm that is working on a very small budget is a good idea. Just make sure that your IT setups and equipment are working properly.

3. List Of Packing Materials For Office Relocation

List Of Packing Materials For Office Relocation
  • Cardboard moving boxes 
  • Moving containers 
  • Trashbags 
  • Rollable dollies 
  • Moving straps 
  • Planks and ramps 
  • Packing tape 
  • Packing rope 
  • Packing paper 
  • Old bed sheets 
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Styrofoam peanuts and balls 
  • Permanent markers 
  • Label maker

If you choose to hire a moving company, they would most probably be coming to your office along with these materials. You will not have to spend on any of these items separately.

A Few Critical Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Moving Your Office

  • Have you made a plan to carry out the whole move? 
  • Did you create a moving team and appoint different managers for each team? 
  • Have you researched the best moving companies in the city? 
  • Have you assigned different tasks to different employees in your company? 
  • Where is the detailed plan for your entire IT set-up transfer?
  • Did you go through the new building rules where you are supposed to shift your office? 
  • Have you arranged for packing materials and other materials? 
  • Did you downsize your office furniture pieces and belongings properly?

4. Communication Is Important

Communication Is Important

This is also a very critical responsibility that you have to perform because it involves all your employees, workers, and associates. Effective communication is essential because it conveys to them their duties to make the move successful.

  • Send out an email to all the employees regarding the new address of the building and its various rules and regulations
  • Ask them to make relevant changes to all their business profiles such as those on LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social media channels as well
  • Talk to the web development team to make the changes on the official website regarding the physical address of the office and other contact details
  • Communicate with your partners and long-term associates located across the city and the country and inform them about the recent move

5. Managing Your Data Centres, Servers, And Computers

It is quite natural for you to freak out a little bit because managing all your critical company data and preserving it is one of your top priorities. Uprooting all your desktops, servers, and the already existing network of machines is not that easy. It is essential for you to create easily accessible copies of all the critical business data contained in those drives and servers. You will have to consider migration to a cloud platform if that works for you better. It also eliminates any probability of breakage or your data being stolen or getting corrupted if it is transferred into a physical drive. So yes, managing your data whether related to your business partners and associates or your customers is a big task at hand that you must carry out with complete precision and diligence.

6. Leasing Formalities

Leasing Formalities

Leasing formalities are going to exist both in your old office building and the new place where you have relocated your commercial activities. You will have to retrieve your agreements with the current landlord and fulfill all the last moment formalities at least a week before you make the move. If there are any building maintenance charges and other fees that you have to pay, make sure to do the transfers before you leave the building. The same goes for your new office building. There might be rules related to garbage disposal, carbon footprint reduction, minimization of noise, and other little details. Other than this, there will be: 

  • Rules and regulations related to building maintenance
  • Security fees
  • Parking charges
  • Proof of business
  • Rules of possession
  • Rent details
  • Bank statements
  • Surveillance equipment maintenance

All of these and much more will form a part of the leasing formalities.

7. Office Designs And Interior Solutions

Office Designs And Interior Solutions

You will be surprised to know that the moving services provider in your city is more than capable of assisting you in redesigning and redecorating your office. Yes, they don’t just help you with office relocation or give you some of the most incredible moving tips but also help you with space management. They guide you with the placement of furniture pieces and office machinery as well. However, you can obviously look for an interior solutions provider or an interior designer for this purpose. It is better to come up with a different concept for your office that is more aligned with the structure, construction, and guidelines of the building that you have moved into. Your office design and some of your business operations will become subject to those building guidelines the moment you enter the new venue.

It is going to be fun when performing an office relocation. When you shop for moving boxes, look for moving tips online, or get together to organize a sale of your old office equipment, you create memories and redefine your equations. It is an experience that you will love and cherish for a long time. Enjoy every moment of it.

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