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June 29, 2023

By cbdmovers

Relocating To Your Dream Home - 10 Things To Do Before Moving

Relocating To Your Dream Home – 10 Things To Do Before Moving

This is your dream home we are talking about. You want everything to turn out just perfect. And in your effort to make that happen, you have set a few very difficult standards for yourself. You have decided to sell off all your old items and have already narrowed them down to several new furniture pieces that you want to buy next. The lighting and interior design elements have also been shortlisted. You have also picked the most suitable day and a dependable vehicle for moving into your new house. But we are here to ensure that all of this doesn’t only go just as planned but more smoothly and efficiently as well. Let’s give you a few ideas so that relocating to your dream home becomes even more delightful.

1. Always Begin With A Moving Calendar

Moving Calendar

You should always start by creating a moving calendar and make sure that you follow it till the last detail. You can pick out a few days in the week and also a few time windows for each day. Begin by assigning specific tasks to these time windows. For example, you can book an appointment with removalists services on a particular date and ask them to come down to your property for a quick assessment of the cargo within that pre-determined time window. You can also choose another day to take a closer look at the moving vehicle and keep on ticking off the tasks that you complete as days go by. This is a great way to perform house removals in the city.

2. Where Is Your Moving Inventory?

You cannot possibly think that choosing a moving company is going to solve everything. You will have to either work on your own on this inventory list or if you need a little help, ask the furniture movers for their assistance. Make sure to count all the items that you are going to need in your new home. Separate the boxes and cargo that you want to put for sale. You can also categorize your belongings based on their durability, distinctive features, and the amount of space that they require. Make a list of all the items that are most likely to get misplaced. Again, you can make categories depending on their value as well. For example, the most expensive items can go into the brightest red boxes, and the least expensive ones can go into black or grey boxes.

3. Think About Choosing A Temporary Storage Facility

Temporary Storage Facility

Now this can be easily counted as one of the most useful moving tips that you will ever receive. Choosing a temporary storage facility service is a highly practical decision if your new home is not completely ready. There are situations when some of your rooms or just the master bedroom is not ready to be moved into. What do you do then? You can ask the house removals company to suggest a temporary storage provider. It is not uncommon for the moving company itself to have a few partners or associates working in this sector already. This way, the storage facility might prove to be even more affordable than it usually is.

4. Pick The Best House Removals In The City

This goes without saying. You have to hire the best furniture movers in the city if you want the entire process to turn out just the way you want. Remember, we are talking about relocating to your dream home and if you want everything to go right, you will need professionals to handle most of these responsibilities. They are also going to come with the most suitable packing and moving supplies so that you don’t have to do any of the difficult tasks or heavy lifting at all. They take care of loading and unloading your cargo and they also make sure that all of your expensive electronic items are padded sufficiently so that they can be transported to your new home without any chances of damage. Life just becomes a lot easier when you have a skilled moving company working with you.

5. Remember To Update Your Address

Update Your Address

Do this without any delay. All your subscriptions, memberships, bank accounts, important documents, licences, and other critical records should reflect this little but critical change. If you have been conducting your business activities from your home through your in-house office, it becomes even more important for you to make this update quickly. Get in touch with your family physician, all the insurance companies, your family attorney, and also the income tax department or revenue services for the same. Inform them about the change before anything else.

6. Do Not Forget Important Documents

Did somebody talk about important records and documents? Yes. Collect and organize all the records, paperwork, leasing documents, insurance papers, bank-related records, and all the important files and folders before you leave your house. These should include your financial records, property-related documents, medical records, school documents of your children, and various other files, binders, and folders that you require regularly. Make sure to take out photocopies and digital copies of all the licences and government-related documents for every family member. Keep a separate box of all these documents and make sure that it is easily accessible to whoever needs these records and papers.

7. Take Care Of Your Cute Little Pets

Cute Little Pets

Taking care of your pets is also very important. Some of the house removals companies in the city offer relevant services that can help you out when moving your pets to the new house. Transporting them in the same car as the family is traveling in might not be possible for everybody. Before you make any arrangements for them to be able to travel long distances with you, just get in touch with the authority or secretary of the new area. Ask them about the rules and regulations applicable to families that own pets. Get your pets to the local veterinary and get them the necessary vaccinations and health certificates before you move them to your new house.

8. Have You Packed Your Valuables?

Making a separate box for all your expensive and valuable items is very important. These boxes are going to contain all your jewelry pieces and delicate artwork as well. You can also put your small, intricate, sensitive, electronic objects and sentimental possessions in the same box. Also, it is a great idea to create compartments within the box so that all these items do not mix up with one another. Remember to invest in soft cotton bundles and foam peanuts to give them enough cushioning while you are on the move.

9. A First Aid / Essentials Box Is A Must

A First Aid

Your first aid and essentials box should contain the following items:

  • Antiseptic lotion 
  • Bandages 
  • Cotton roll
  • Cleaning wipes 
  • Sanitizer 
  • Paper soap 
  • A bottle of astringent 
  • Sunscreen lotion 
  • A pair of Scissors 
  • Baby wipes and diapers 
  • Paper towels 
  • Moisturizer 
  • Tweezers 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Toothbrush 
  • Nightdress 
  • Reading glasses 
  • Deodorants 
  • Talcum powder 
  • Mouthwash 
  • Medication

10. Remember To Clean Your Home

Clean Your Home

In the end, make sure to follow all the rules and guidelines laid down by your landlord when it comes to cleaning your old home/apartment. Get any repairs done if the need arises. This will help you get your deposit money back and you can move to your new home without any regrets.

So, now you have quite a few ideas that are going to simplify your life a lot. Moving to your new home is going to be a welcome change that you have been looking for. There will be no negativity. There will be no pessimistic thoughts. All that is going to surround you is happiness and joy. Just try these packing and moving tips and you will notice how easy everything becomes. Happy moving!

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