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October 31, 2022

By cbdmovers

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Moving House? 9 Questions To Ask Your Removalist Right Now!

When you are in the process of moving house, it is advised to get all your doubts cleared. If you have any questions in your mind, it is better to get in touch with your removalist and have them answered before you start packing your stuff.

Just in case you are not able to get all your doubts clarified, it is only going to cause confusion, chaos, and eventually a delay in moving out that you do not want.

Following is a list of a few questions that you should always remember to ask the moving company before you sign any agreement with them:

1. Are You Guys Insured?

This is always the first question that should pop up in your mind. If the packing and moving company does not have enough insurance to cover its own employees, it is not a good idea to hire them. In case they meet with an accident on your premises, in the absence of the right insurance cover, you might be held responsible for the damage that they cause and the injury that they suffer as well. This should never be the case. The moving company should have the right liability insurance in place and you need to make sure of that before you get into any kind of agreement with them.

2. How Are You Going To Take Care Of My Delicate Items?

The one thing that they should give you the utmost clarity about is how they are going to preserve and protect your delicate items. They must be very clear about all the packing materials, padding, restrictive apparatus, and other protective gear that they are going to use to protect and stabilise your expensive and delicate belongings. They must also give you a practical demonstration of the same to give you more clarity on their approach.

3. Do You Have In-House Employees Or Contractors?

This is also very important for you to find out. You should know whether they have in-house employees or outsource the entire process of moving to some other company. If they have any long-term contractors, it is better to get in touch with them as well. At the end of the day, what matters is the skill of the movers. And if they provide quality service, whether they have any in-house employees or conduct their business in partnership with other companies becomes immaterial.

4. How Long Have You Been In This Business?

It is safe to say that you should not base this decision only on the experience of the company but it still matters a lot. You should ask whether they have been working in this industry for a long time or not. Somebody who has had several years of experience will be more efficient and a lot faster as compared to someone who has just entered the industry. Given their tenure in this sector, they are also bound to have a stronger network comprising reliable logistics partners and packing companies as well. This is going to impact your move as a whole and might make it smoother and more efficient.

5. What Other Services Do You Offer?

This question should always be on your list. When you are looking for a removal company, make sure that they offer certain other services as well. These are value-added services and may comprise packing, securing, loading and unloading, storage solutions, piano removal, antique piece removal, aquarium moving, and a lot of other services. Also, it is better to know whether they give you any room for changing your date of the move or the time window in which you want to move to your new house. All of this just adds to the convenience that a moving company brings into your life.

6. What Are Your Industry Accreditations?

You might not be aware of the current industry accreditations that are relevant to this sector. You will have to do research on it before you ask them this question. They should be able to produce the relevant documents and proof to show that they are legitimate and have the necessary permits, licences, and accreditations to be working as a removal company in the city. Also, while you are at it, do not forget to enquire about their physical office address. Remember to pay them a visit so that you can be sure that the company is legitimate and your money is not going to drown.

7. Do I Need To Pay Any Deposit Beforehand?

Usually, the removalist companies that you will come across in the city will not ask you to pay any deposit money or any advance payment before the services commence. Even if they do, it is only going to be 20% or maybe a little less than that. If a company asks you to deposit an amount greater than 20% of the final amount that you have agreed upon with them, do not make the payment. It is better to look for another option.

8. Do You Offer Insurance For My Cargo?

Remember to ask this question. Some packing and moving companies will always offer insurance or perhaps get you connected with their preferred insurance provider in the industry. This is going to give you enough coverage so that you can get compensation for any damage that your expensive belongings and cargo might suffer. They might not offer you coverage but you can still recover a major portion of your damages which is good enough.

9. What All Have You Included In The Final Quote?

Remember to ask this question before you sign any contract with the movers. The final quote that they come up with should include all the costs such as packing supplies, moving truck, fuel, and any other expenses that may happen during transit. There should not be any unexpected charges in the end. No surprises there and this is exactly what you should look for.


You can never be absolutely sure as to which removalist will suit you the best. What one family says about a moving company may completely differ from what another family in your neighbourhood might think. It is better to look into all the aspects that matter to you. And also, remember to compare at least four or five moving companies in your city before you make the final choice.

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