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May 11, 2018

By cbdmovers

Happy and satisfied client from Nollamara, Perth recommends us

A Customer called us from Nollamara, Western Australia and she asked for a quote to move her belongings to a new location. Our sales agent checked with the concerned department to confirm the booking according to the customer needs and ultimately the job gets assigned to the movers. The agent offered her the best prices along with the surety of safe loading & unloading. Movers called to customer 30 min before they reached the pickup location. Once they reached, they started their work immediately to save the maximum time, efforts, and money of the customer. The Movers wrapped all the furniture in the high-grade moving blankets with straps. The items to be moved were mostly furniture and we first needed to dismantle all the furniture to take that out of the house and customer was unable to do that. Our professional movers have quickly and tactfully dismantled the all furniture items to move them safely.

Once the loading on the truck was over, the movers immediately departed for the drop-off location and after reaching there, they again started unloading the stuff safely and timely. All stuff was assembled again and arranged properly as per the customer’s needs and guidelines. If required, our movers always carry the required tools along with them. The way movers loaded the stuff with the use of trolley, the customer was happy that her belongings are in safe hands. The customer was happy to see the quick working of our movers.
On the drop off location, there were few stairs to reach the house, but movers were ok with that and they were keeping on working quickly. The whole process of loading, including dismantling and assembly of some items was performed very smoothly and handled extremely well. We always believe to work in coordination as a team. Sales agent coordinated with the movers’ all the way, right from the beginning to the end of moving process. According to the customer, our movers were very courteous and always asked the required questions to her like where things should go and which things to assemble. “It might sound simple, but compared to previous moves they were very professional,” she said. As a provision, we have a detailed inventory listing and we always cross-check upon each delivery. So, the customer was satisfied to see all this good work and was feeling quite fortunate that she actually chose the right company to move the stuff.
During payment, the customer told us that she was not having the sufficient cash to pay, but the problem was resolved as our movers always carry the F-POS machine with them for the convenience of customers. The customer was looking very happy now and said that if she would ever decide to move again, or if anyone known to her would plan to move, she will certainly recommend us.
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