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May 16, 2018

By cbdmovers

A happy lady from VIC, Melbourne sharing one of the best moving experience.

A lady customer called us from Victoria and she wanted to know the price for moving her stuff at her new home. Our sales agent checked with the dispatch team to book the customer. The agent also coordinated with the concerned team and ultimately, got the slot for this customer. The customer was happy to see the given quote, as she was referred by someone known to her, so, she was satisfied to book with us. We better know the value of our client’s stuff and also put our best efforts to build their trust. Movers called to customer 30 min before they reached the pickup location. Once they reached the pickup location, they started their work immediately to save the maximum time and money of customer. The movers wrapped all the furniture items in a high-grade moving blanket with the help of straps. Without wasting much time, movers did their job, and finally, they asked the customer if she wanted to have any dismantling job done by them. There were few items that required dismantling work and care to avoid the damage. The movers did all the things, very carefully, and they were working so fast.

The movers loaded the items in the truck with the help of required tools to settle the stuff in the truck, safely. Movers traveled to the drop-off location and once they reached the destination, they quickly unloaded the stuff, safely. Movers assembled all the furniture again and arranged them as per the customer’s requirement. Movers worked very hard, as a good space was not available at the door to move the furniture inside. But movers were quite professional and experienced to manage such work, and ultimately, they moved all the stuff carefully and safely. The customer was sitting stress-free as she knew that she had chosen the right company to move her belongings. Our sales agent also remained in regular touch with the movers to keep an eye on every situation for the safe unloading. Once all the moving job was done, the movers asked to the customer check and confirm whether all items were moved or still anything left behind. The customer was happy to see that the movers were so concerned for all things. Finally, she said that her friend had referred her to the correct company. The whole process of loading and unloading (including dismantling and assembly of some items) was handled extremely well and smoothly. For the convenience of customers, our movers always carry an F-POS machine with them. The customer was quite happy with her moving experience with us and said that if she would ever decide to move again or know anyone who will be moving, she will most certainly recommend us.
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