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September 2, 2022

By cbdmovers

5 Things To Know Before You Move To Melbourne

Culture, People, & Cost Of Living – 5 Things To Know Before You Move To Melbourne

There is a lot to love about Melbourne and you will experience the same love once you land in this city. Melbourne is a multi-cultural and multi-faceted city that reminds you just how charming the world can be. There are people from practically every continent in this city and this diversity is what makes this place so beautiful and memorable. If you are wondering what the cost of living in Melbourne is, you are probably thinking about moving to the city. Apart from the many beautiful locations that you can settle in here, there are other considerations as well that you should keep in mind.

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Now, let’s not digress any further and give you a little glimpse of what your life in Melbourne is going to look like:

The Beautiful Culture That Speaks To Everyone

The Beautiful Culture That Speaks To Everyone

Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia. It is also one of the only places that have ample natural beauty. Several articles and blogs published in various international newspapers and magazines describe Melbourne as one of the favorite cities of urban dwellers. It is also known for its enviable lifestyle, vivid art and culture, and one-of-a-kind history.

1. A Little Overview Of Your Expenses In Melbourne Would Be As Follows:

  • If you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, it is going to cost you around $1600
  • The amount that you will have to pay for a three-bedroom suburban Melbourne apartment is $2048
  • Utilities such as electricity, heating, water supply, and garbage removal should cost you somewhere between $200 and $220 for an average-sized apartment
  • Internet available at 60 MBPS or more with unlimited data should cost you around $75
  • The cost of basic groceries for one person should turn out to be somewhere between $550 and $600
  • Public transport is very efficient in Melbourne and it should cost you around $150 or a little more than that for your monthly tickets

2. Now Let’s Have A Look At Some Popular Opinions About Relocating To Melbourne

  • Anonymous Career Woman
Anonymous Career Woman

Life will be easier for you if you can somehow manage to cook all of your meals for yourself. You can always spend that money to entertain yourself in any of the nightclubs or restaurants across Melbourne. There are numerous events that you can enjoy in addition to several cultural programs and live performances in the city as well. If you want to go on a holiday or a short weekend trip, the money you earn in Melbourne is definitely going to mean something. If you are 2 people and earn somewhere between 40k and 50k, you can have a fantastic life in the city for yourself and your family. Remember, there is no trend of working more than 38 hours in a week in Melbourne. You can obviously choose to work a little extra if you want more money.

  • Anonymous Single Guy

Living in Melbourne is a dream come true. If you are living on a tight budget, your rent including all your utilities should turn out to be somewhere close to $700. Internet for a single person should be around $35. You will be spending a little less than $500 on all your food supplies. So yes it is easier to live in Melbourne if you are a single guy and have very few responsibilities.

  • Anonymous Corporate Trainer
Anonymous Corporate Trainer

Melbourne is a fine place to live in. If you have the budget for a decent life, this city could be your haven. You can find various grocery chain stores in the city. The fuel prices are doable as compared to other cities. Public transport here is very dependable and affordable. And yes, general utilities such as electricity, water supply, and gas are going to cost differently depending upon the location you have moved into in Melbourne. If you live in shared accommodation, it is probably going to cost you a lot less.

3. The Average Salary Of A Melbourne Citizen

The Average Salary Of A Melbourne Citizen

How much you have to pay to live a comfortable life in Melbourne will depend on how much you earn and how much you can save in a month. If you look at the per month salary of an average Melbourne citizen, it is a lot higher as compared to the national average. It is also quite more than the salary many people earn in several capital cities around the globe. The average earning turns out to be more than $5,200 per month. The national figure averages $5,156 per month

4. Dining Out In Melbourne

Dining Out In Melbourne

Enjoying a lovely evening with your friends and loved ones is a total blast in Melbourne. The average restaurant prices are somewhere between $10 and $15 for a decent breakfast at a good cafe. For lunch, you might have to spend at least $15 or $20 at a high-quality restaurant. A mid-range dinner at a bistro or restaurant will set you back by at least $38.

After all that food, you would want to burn your extra calories. If you are looking for a health and fitness membership or a gym subscription, it should set you back by $69 on average for a month. If you are a fan of playing tennis, you might have to pay somewhere around $21 per hour to get inside a tennis court.

5. Child Care And Education

Child Care And Education

If you are with babies, daily child care could cost you somewhere between $70 and $185. This is before any discounts or special offers. Public schools are usually free. If you enroll your children in any extracurricular activities, that might cost you a little.

As for students, it is better to look for accommodation that is the closest to their university or college. This is going to reduce their transport cost. Hostels are usually expensive and shared accommodations are typically a lot more practical and affordable. This also depends on where their campus is and the proximity of their campus to nearby facilities.

Relocating To Melbourne

Moving to Melbourne is indeed going to prove to be a dream come true for a lot of people. You could be one of them too. If you are willing to take this step, do not delay it anymore. The time is now.

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