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February 6, 2021

By cbdmovers

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Choosing the Right Movers in Canberra and its Vicinity

Everyone will tell you that every cloud has a silver lining but the vice versa is also true. You might be moving to a new place or might have landed a brand-new job but the moving part is always taxing. When a misplaced sock from its pair can get on one’s nerve, we can imagine your stress, with tens of cluttered cartons and mismanaged boxes. With the world riding on technology these days though, it is fickle to worry about these things.

You have multiple removalists in Australia to take care of your needs, especially in Canberra. Being a city of tremendous economic and bureaucratic importance, finding the right service of any kind is easy if you know where to look. This article is a short guide on what qualities to look for in a removalist and how CBD Movers fit into the equation.

How do I choose a movers company?

Living in a top-notch city like Canberra has its advantages. Keep the following points in mind when looking for movers in Canberra:

  • Pricing structure of the company
  • Services offered
  • Reviews and feedback from customers
  • Licenses
  • Security and safety
  • Documentation and paperwork

Pricing Structure

The first thing to look out for in any removal company is their pricing structure. An official report from 2018 stated that Australians on an average spent $3600 for removalists’ services. CBD Movers, for example, offer relatively affordable pricing plans.
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Keeping pricing in mind, here are a few points. Make sure:

  • That there are no hidden charges and enquire the company about the same.
  • That the quotations are honest and transparent.
  • That the pricing is moderate. Moderately priced movers are preferred because there is a high chance that a very cheap company will compromise with service.

Services Offered

Canberra Removalists
Some points that distinguish experienced movers from the rest are:

  • The quality of transportation facility especially in big cities such as Canberra
  • 24×7 support and after-sales support
  • Proper handling
  • Professional staff
  • Total time taken by the removalists
  • Mode of payments


CBD Movers Reviews Canberra
Just hop on to Google and search for the removalist that you want to work with. Google reviews as well as in-site reviews can help you get a good understanding of the company and their operations. It is a well-proven method and something you, as a customer, can rely on as well.
Here are some reasons why customer reviews work:

  • Customer reviews are honest interpretations of the work quality of the company.
  • There is a higher chance of hundreds of customers being right rather than what a single company is saying about itself.
  • Most removalists embed reviews on their official websites as a means to convince potential customers.
  • The chances of being misled by reviews is minimal.


It is safe to say that there are more than hundreds and thousands of removalists in Australia and most of these operate in large cities such as Melbourne and Canberra. It is important to note that the mover is licensed and has completed all the formalities required by the state of Australia.

Security and Safety

Although the two terms can be used interchangeably, both hold equal importance and of a great magnitude. Trust is always a crucial factor. Naturally, you wouldn’t go for a removalist on which you cannot place your trust. The whole point of the discussion is getting your things safely from point A to point B.

  • Go for a company that completely ensures that there is no misplacement or loss of items.
  • Also, safe handling of the moving items is important.
  • Customer reviews are a great way to find out how the removalist handles customer goods.

Paperwork and Documentation

Canberra Removalist
When you’ll first start working with any removalist, you’ll face a bunch of forms and confusing paperwork. It is your right to ask questions about any shady looking clause. CBD Movers in Canberra, for example, can be reached out at 1300 223 668 at any time. You can throw in your queries or simply ask questions about the operations of the company. Do not let any hidden charges or twisted conditions surprise you later.

To Conclude

The revenue and performance of movers in Australia, especially in Canberra are projected to rise over the coming year as property rates also go up. The market size in Australia is around $2b at the moment with around 14,500 companies operating. To stand out in this crowd is difficult but removalists are trying their best by providing good quality of service. In the face of the pandemic that plagues the world, removalists in Australia are adopting better and more advanced practices. It is all about adapting to the times. CBD Movers operating in Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, etc. is also amongst the ones that are trying their best to accept state of the art technologies to provide a safer and more convenient experience to its customers.

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