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August 8, 2020

By cbdmovers

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5 Smart Tips To Move During Christmas

Have you gifted yourself a new house this Christmas? If so, congratulations! Moving to a new house is an adventure full of mixed emotions. It is normal to be a little stressed while moving during the festive season but that doesn’t kill the joy!
How to deal with such a huge endeavor and still enjoy your festivities?
Having a glitch-free move and a cheery holiday is certainly feasible.
Check over here for the 5 smart tips that will make your move smooth during the Christmas season:

1.   Hire movers as early as possible

During the holiday season, moving companies get booked up quickly. It’s better to make an advanced booking to get the best quotes and enjoy complete peace of mind.
Moreover, from packing up your belongings to stressful relocation, you have a lot on your plate to worry about. Hiring moving services will undoubtedly ease your moving process and will ensure:

  • The moving happens in a hassle-free and efficient manner;
  • You and your family are safe from any injuries or falls;
  • Assets are safely transported and protected from damage.
  • A cost-effective move.

Professional movers can tackle every part of the interstate and intrastate relocation, letting you enjoy the festive time with your friends and family.

2.   Start packing early

Do not wait until the last minute for packing. Yes, practically you can’t pack everything in advance but can be one step ahead. Pack stuff like books, garage items, summer clothing, and mattresses, to get one step closer to the Christmas party.
Seek friends and family for extra help to sweeten the deal by turning a packing day into a festive party. It will reduce your stress levels and will avoid last-minute jitters.

3.   Check weather & traffic

Weather can be unpredictable and your best bet is to prepare for every challenge. Sudden storms and rain can slow down your pace of moving and that too not without causing any damage.
A few tips to prepare for Christmas weather are:

  • Check the weather forecast some days ahead of moving;
  • Confirm the condition of the routes you will take;
  • Prep your home, your vehicle, and your shipment for every challenge;
  • Check the lights, tires, and wipers of your car to have a safe drive during bad weather.

Bad weather is not the only variable to plan for but you also have to watch for traffic. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year when holiday traffic is at the worst.
People visiting friends, relatives or going shopping leads to traffic jams that may last for hours and leaves you sitting helpless in the car.
To avoid such situations, monitor the traffic on the highways that you’ll be traveling on moving day.

4.   Avoid Christmas party

Do you really want to serve your guests when you’re still packing your belongings? Will you be able to bake a Christmas special cake when you have packed your kitchen supplies?
No, right? This year you can’t host a perfect Christmas party, but that doesn’t mean disregarding the festive vibes altogether. You can still have a small celebration with your loved ones.
Order some snacks, fill the glasses with drinks and have a packing party. This will make the moving process far easier and more fun for everyone.

5.   Keep the festive spirit alive

While moving, there are a number of ways to enjoy the festive season. Some ways are listening to music, fun activities with family, enjoying a warm beverage, watching movies whilst you are packing.

Besides, keep the Christmas decorations up until the last minute to keep the festive spirit alive.

Final words

No doubt moving during the Christmas season is nerve-racking. But following the above tips will help you to reduce the overall moving stress and let you enjoy Christmas with your friends and family.
For more moving tips, stay in touch with us.
Merry Christmas!

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