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June 9, 2023

By cbdmovers

5 Packing Tips To Avoid A Physical Damage

5 Packing Tips To Avoid A Physical Damage

One of the many things that are stopping you from making this move is the risk attached to moving your heavy and precious items from one location to another. You are not so worried about whether the interstate removalists are going to transport your cargo to your new property on time or not. You are more stressed over the fact whether it will reach in one piece or not. 

There happens to be a long list of expensive gadgets, antiques, and electronic equipment that you do not wish to transport to your new house through regular shipping or run-of-the-mill containers. You either want to choose a specialist in the city or interstate removalists that have experience in transporting delicate and expensive items all the while ensuring that there is not a single bump on the way.

Whether you choose to do it on your own or pick a movers and packers company in the city, you must be aware of a few easy and practical ways to ensure that your cargo, furniture pieces, and expensive gadgets reach your new home without sustaining even a single scratch. Let’s give you a few ideas right away:

1. Make A Comprehensive List Of All The Padding Material

Make A Comprehensive List Of All The Padding Material
  • Gather all the cardboard boxes and containers from your garage 
  • Ask your neighbors for any moving boxes and delivery containers that they might have 
  • Look for garbage bags in the local market 
  • Invest in a few rolls of paper towels 
  • Choose the softest and most durable packing and wrapping paper 
  • Choose a bubble wrap for your expensive items 
  • Invest in a bit of recycled industrial cotton 
  • Old bed sheets are also going to prove to be useful 
  • Remember to buy at least two large boxes of styrofoam pieces or peanuts
  • Do not throw away any of your old clothes as they can be used as padding for your electronic appliances

2. Invest In Padded Divider Sets

These are available both online and offline. They are compartmentalized boxes that are used for interstate moves. These moving boxes are highly practical because they already have a padded surface on the inside. They come with extra protection on the outside covering as well. By adding a few more padding materials, you can make them even safer for some of the most delicate and expensive electronics and gadgets that you might have. Depending on your need and the number of items that you want to transport, you may pick various sizes and thicknesses. The durability is also going to vary depending on the utility you seek from them.

3. Use Packing Tape Wisely

Use Packing Tape Wisely

This is one of the most useful interstate moving tips that you will ever come across. While you are setting up your moving boxes, make sure to tape your expensive objects down to the surface of the box firmly. You could either line them up neatly along the edges and corners or you can keep them at the base of the box with adequate padding in between them. The idea is to keep them glued in one place and for this, you are going to need enough packing tape. Remember to stuff a bit of bubble wrap into the mouth of the item if it is hollow. This is going to prevent it from breaking while you are in transit.

What Is The Best Way To Pack Fragile Items For Moving?

The best way to pack fragile items is to invest in the most practical and easily usable padding material when moving house. A great option is to choose a box full of styrofoam peanuts. You will also have to invest in the right moving boxes which are perfect for the fragile item that you want to pack. Make sure that they are not too big otherwise, there is a risk of too much rattling. A small box will not have enough room for the delicate item along with the padding material. Also, make sure to use fasteners and nylon rope to tie your boxes neatly and tightly so that none of the packing material comes off.

4. Always Use Moving Straps

Moving straps are very useful because they lower the centre of gravity of the moving boxes that you have chosen. The leading movers and packers in the city often advise you to use the highest quality moving equipment, especially when you are doing it on your own. These moving straps are going to keep the boxes and containers in place and will reduce the risk of them slipping from your hand and falling on the ground. It is also easier to move your boxes onto your moving van with these straps. You can just lift them and place them on the moving dolly to transfer them onto the moving vehicle.

5. Arrange Your Boxes Intelligently

Arrange Your Boxes Intelligently

It is always advised to arrange your moving boxes intelligently. Any of the leading interstate removalists that you connect with are going to place your boxes against the wall of the moving truck. And this is after the boxes have been padded adequately to protect the items that are contained within. It is always better to give your moving boxes adequate support and try to place them in between heavy objects that are not going to move or shift while the vehicle is in transit. This will prevent the boxes and containers from sliding and colliding with other objects while the vehicle is transporting your belongings to your new property. It reduces the overall risk of breakage significantly.

How Do You Pack And Move Small Items?

Packing and moving small items is very easy. The leading interstate removalists recommend buying appropriate boxes and containers for them. Make sure to line those boxes with enough padding material and wrapping paper. Place them securely and surround them with padding material which can be recycled industrial cotton, paper towels, old cotton bed sheets, and styrofoam peanuts. This padding material is going to keep all your small and fragile items in place leaving no room for the objects to rattle on the way and collide with one another.

In the end, it is always better to exercise caution during house moving whether you have added significant padding to your moving boxes and containers or not. The driver of the moving van should be instructed on how to maneuver the automobile so that there are little to no bumps and absolutely no damage. This should help you keep your belongings completely scratch-free and you should reach your new property all excited and happy.

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