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Moving To Perth? Standard Of Life, People, Culture, Cost Of Living, & More You Should Know About

Perth is a beautiful city. There is no doubt about that. It attracts travelers and ex-pats from all over the world. You will be mesmerized by its natural beauty and of course, the rising food and drinks scene that seems to be one of the most talked-about aspects of this city. The art and culture scene is also in its booming and blooming phase. But there is a lot to discover about Perth that you probably never knew observing from a distance. Let’s have a look at a few very unique characteristics of this city that would make you want to relocate to Perth right away.

1. Easy Vibe Of The Place

After moving to Perth, you will notice that it has a very easy and warm vibe. The people are welcoming and smile easily. It is not a 24/7 type of city where you will find bustling crowds keeping the streets and roads busy and occupied. It has a very peaceful predisposition where you would love to stay at home with your family for a quiet evening. Then there is also a vibrant side to the city that would want you to enjoy a wonderful evening with your friends in the nearest restaurant or a cute cafe in your neighborhood. It has the balance of both stability and momentum without compromising on either. But yes, you will not see the city jumping on adrenaline throughout the week which is perfect for people who seek quiet and tranquillity.

2. Distant City


Perth is also known as the “distant city”. It is located in the furthest corner of Australia which makes its location unique as compared to other major cities in the country. It is actually closer to Indonesia than it is to the beautiful city of Brisbane. Perth also has a lot of connectivity options to Asian cities and major world capitals such as London and Johannesburg.

3. Reasonable Size

Perth is also quite reasonable in size. The population is only over 2 million. This city is not intense at all. There is a very strong sense of community among the people of Perth which is unparalleled by any other city in Australia. It has a laid-back nature which you are going to fall in love with. You will not find people trying to compete with one another or embroiled in a race with the whole world. The best part is that you can find a cool parking spot for your car even during rush hour. Now, that is something that makes Perth quite distinct from the rest of the country.

4. Highly Modern And Efficient Public Transport


Perth is also characterized by one of the most efficient and affordable transportation systems in the country. It has trains, buses, and ferries. These modes of commuting are easy to use and very comfortable. You can get your reusable travel cards very easily and you can recharge them with your credit card. Just tap on and off as you travel and you will be able to reach your destination in practically no time.

5. Warm Weather And Warm People


Yes! Both the weather and the people of this city are warm and welcoming. You will feel absolutely delighted by the smiling faces that you see around after moving to Perth. The weather is almost Mediterranean in nature with dry summers and mild winters. It does tend to get a little hot for a few weeks. And yes, a hot Christmas can be a real shock for a lot of people visiting the city for the first time. This unique weather makes it ideal for the best seafood, salads, and refreshing wines as well. Perth has a very prominent culture of outdoor suppers and picnics owing to its warm and wonderful weather.

6. The Window To Western Australia

This city is also known as the window to Western Australia. You can easily explore the country’s most remote areas after moving to Perth. There is easy connectivity to some of the most exquisite places that you may have never even heard of. You can take the long-haul Bibbulmum Track that runs 1000km from Kalamunda to Albany. Explore the Karijini National Park in the North. And who can forget dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia Reserve?

7. Cost Of Living In Perth 

Cost Of Living In Perth

Now let’s have a look at a quick breakdown of the various expenses that you will have to bear once you move to Perth

Estimated Monthly Costs For A Family Of 4: AU$6,115

Estimated Monthly Costs For A Single Person: AU$2,949

An Idea Of The Cost Of Housing And Utilities

  • Monthly rent for a 900 sqft furnished accommodation in a luxurious area can be somewhere around AU$2,094
  • Monthly rent for the same furnished accommodation in a decent area can be close to AU$1,690.
  • The price of utilities for 1 month (heating, electricity, gas, etc.) for 2 people can turn out to be somewhere close to AU$379
  • Internet package for one month, speed being 8 Mbps may cost you around AU$59
  • You can also get cleaning help at an hourly rate of AU$29


  • A decent sedan with no extras, (new condition) may cost you around AU$27,936
  • One litre (1/4 gallon) of gas is AU$1.78
  • A monthly ticket for public transport is AU$168

Personal And Healthcare

  • A visit to a private doctor can cost you around AU$75
  • The cost of a standard haircut for men is AU$28


  • You can dine out in a neighborhood pub (for 2) for AU$66
  • The cost of 1 beer in a neighborhood pub can be AU$10
  • One month of a gym membership can cost you around AU$69

8. Best Places To Live In Perth 

Best Places To Live In Perth

Moving to Perth is going to be a life-changing experience for you for sure. The lifestyle and quality of life here are awesome and enchanting. A few very popular suburbs that you should know about before you move to this city are:

  • East Perth
  • Highgate
  • Ashfield
  • Crawley
  • Rossmoyne
  • Burswood
  • North Fremantle
  • Maylands
  • Woodbridge
  • Leederville

Final Thoughts

If you have made up your mind, do not delay it anymore. You deserve a break. You deserve a better life. It is time to move to Perth to start afresh.

Moving To Brisbane? 12 Reasons Why Living In This City Is Simply Awesome!

Moving interstate and living in Brisbane is going to be totally awesome! And it is not for one but for so many reasons. You have the river, the gorgeous beaches, extraordinary healthcare facilities, the people are sweet, and the culture is bright and colorful. Many reasons would make you want to move to this city right away. Let’s discover these aspects of this incredible place one by one:

1. The Laid-Back Attitude Of The People

The moment you enter this city you will notice the cool and laid-back attitude of the people of Brisbane. They are so relaxed and warm and welcoming at the same time that you would love every moment of your visit here. This is one of the most potent ingredients that make this city so unique. You would never want to leave.

2. Exquisite Beaches, Beautiful Water Bodies

Exquisite Beaches, Beautiful Water Bodies

Did I tell you that Brisbane has some of the most beautiful beaches that you will ever find in the world? You can head south to the Gold Coast and enjoy the golden shimmer of early morning as it gives your skin a crimson glow. The other stunning coastline is the Sunshine Coast. You can never get enough of these beaches, especially when you are there with your loved ones. And there are so many water sports to enjoy as well. Who can say no to all this?

3. The Much Talked-About City Centre

The City Centre is also a great attraction for many people from all around Australia. Just wander around the West End to find the best cafes and restaurants that you may have never seen before. Crossing the Victoria Bridge to the City Centre is going to be the highlight of your evening after work. Do not forget to plan a picnic in the City Botanic Garden because that is going to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life in Brisbane. If you are a fan of art and culture, how can you ever miss out on the Queensland Museum, the Metro Art Centre, and the Gallery of Modern Art? There is something for everyone in the City Centre.

4. The Gorgeous River

The Gorgeous River

The gorgeous river which winds through the best suburbs to live in Brisbane is impossible to miss. The pristine and crystal clear waters of the Brisbane river can keep you enchanted for hours at a stretch. It also moves past the most beautiful and prominent local landmarks. The river also makes this city one of the most uniquely positioned regions in Australia.

5. The Many Theme Parks

Did anyone ever tell you that Brisbane is also the home to some of the most amazing theme parks? Yes, it has a long list of such fun-filled places where you can find roller coastal lovers from all over the country. There is the WhiteWater World, Dream World, Movie World, Sea World, and the list goes on and on. They are the perfect getaways for you over the weekend. So don’t forget to plan an outing right now.

6. Outdoor Activities And More

Outdoor Activities And More

Talking about outings, how can you forget the outdoor culture of Brisbane? Rock climbing is one of the most popular sports that people of this city enjoy apart from cycling, rappelling, skiing, and skating. Because it has so many green lush and leafy suburbs, finding a place to enjoy nature and its many offerings is very easy. This is where you can explore the true beauty of Australia. You can camp outside, explore the national parks, and hike up to the Glass House Mountains! Brisbane is truly a paradise for outdoor lover.

7. Highest Quality Public Transport

This city also boasts of one of the most dependable and affordable public transport systems in the country and that is going to make moving interstate even more worth your while. Commuting is a major factor that impacts many families when they are looking for a better quality of life in a different city. The best part about public transport here is that it is very easy to understand with trains, ferries, and buses, moving about the city around the clock. Commuters also make use of fast busways. There are just so many options when it comes to reaching your destination no matter where in Brisbane it is located.

8. Great Shopping Locations

Great Shopping Locations

Moving to Brisbane? The women are going to fall in love with this city and its many awesome shopping complexes and colorful and vibrant markets. It is a great city for shoppers from all around the world and not just in Australia. Shopping in this city is like a dream come true. There are various precincts and shopping malls where you can find the most incredible stuff from local designers as well as the most popular international labels. While you are here, do not forget to check out Chermside and Fortitude Valley.

9. Excellent Education

The education system of the city is also quite exemplary. The students of Brisbane have access to the finest education establishments and educators from the University of Queensland, Griffith University, and the Queensland University of Technology.

10. Inspiring Art And Culture

Inspiring Art And Culture

The art and culture of Brisbane are also quite inspiring. This city is the home to the country’s largest Gallery of Modern Art. There are other museums as well such as the Queensland Art Gallery the Queensland Museum, and many other venues that hold exhibitions regularly for the art lover. You can experience and enjoy performances from artists coming over from Sydney and Melbourne and the whole of Australia.

11. Becoming A Major Business Hub

Becoming A Major Business Hub

Brisbane is fast becoming a central business hub with all the major Australian companies focusing their operations in this city. Numerous international brands are already working in Brisbane with their head offices located in this city. Companies such as Flight Centre, Sunsuper, Suncorp, Metway, and Boeing Australia are already functional here. So nobody can say that there is a dearth of employment opportunities in Brisbane.

12. To Sum It Up

Brisbane is not just characterized by the friendliest and sweetest people but also natural gifts that are very hard to find in any other city across the world. It has excellent healthcare and enjoys a world-class city status as well. It is also the 8th most beautiful city in the world and the feathers just keep on popping up on its hat. You don’t want to miss even a second of this city. When are you relocating to Brisbane?

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How To Handle The Unwanted Pressure Of Relocation?

There is a lot you can do to reduce or even eliminate the unwanted pressure of relocation. You have a lot on your mind already and what you need right now is a little change of attitude and perspective. You need to be a little more positive and a lot more accepting of the situation. The following tips are going to help because we know that house removals are never easy. Let begin:

1. Accept That This Change Is Going To Happen

A lot of families find it very difficult to accept the fact that this move is inevitable. Whether it is due to a professional compulsion or your personal decision, this move is bound to happen and you should accept that as soon as possible. Your inability to accept that this transition is going to take place sooner than later gives you problems in the future. It also makes it difficult for your kids to accept the new surroundings once you have finally moved into your new home. This makes it even more complicated for everyone in your family to leave their old house and start a new life in their new home.

2. Give Yourself More Time

Give Yourself More Time

You need to give yourself more time. You need to think through all the things that you will be missing out on in your old neighborhood and the new things that you will be introducing into your life in the new location. It is obvious that you will end up making comparisons between the two locations and neighborhoods. This is the right time to dwell on all the good things that you will be welcoming into your life after making this move. So yes, if you want to replan or redo the process to discover how to move stress-free, give the entire process a second thought.

3. Sleep As Much As You Can

Sleep As Much As You Can

You must make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. It should be undisturbed and make sure that it is the same way for everyone in your family. Reduce your screen usage time. Say goodbye to all the electronic gadgets and screens at least 3 hours before bedtime. This is going to keep a lot of your stress away, especially when you are planning an inventory list the next day. It is also going to give you a lot of energy to think straight and out of the box so that you are able to save more money on this move. You will also be able to figure out the best route to take to reach your new destination in the shortest timespan possible. Trust me, getting adequate sleep is very critical if you want to make the move fun and successful.

4. Learn To Stay Organized

Learn To Stay Organized

Now, this is going to work well for everyone in your family. Everybody needs to stay more focused and organized than before. It is very essential to understand the importance of coming up with a plan and then sticking to it. This applies to all the aspects of your move whether it is sorting the various belongings, categorizing them, putting them in boxes, or labeling them at the end of the process. Staying organized also gives you enough time to separate all the important documents that you must have on you throughout the move. This includes the contract of your movers and packers if you decide to hire them, the new lease, the map of the place, the contact and address of the new landlord, and many other details.

5. Get All The Help You Want

This is a great way to get rid of all the stress that is related to relocation. You will be able to say goodbye to all the pressure and nervousness that comes with this process. Invite your friends and some of your colleagues to help you out with the packing and moving. This is going to make your day a lot more fun and you will notice just how easy it becomes to pack your belongings for the moving day. Some of your colleagues might be able to help you get a great deal on a moving truck as well. Your neighbors have always been very helpful. I am sure they are not going to say no when you ask them for a little bit of help moving your boxes and assisting you with dismantling your furniture pieces.

6. Go For Professional Movers

Go For Professional Movers

This is a no-brainer because it is very easy to get overwhelmed and stop functioning altogether. When you see that happening to yourself, the best approach is to calm down and look for a dependable packing and moving company in your city. This is the most useful moving advice that you will get because if you are not up for this task, it is better to hand over this responsibility to a skilled and expert professional. Hire a mover when in need.

7. Visit Your New Home Before The Moving Day

This is one of the biggest tasks that you will have to perform. In your effort to move house stress-free, you might forget this one very important thing. Remember to visit your new property at least twice before you begin the move. Examine the locality a little bit. Talk to your future neighbors. Try to make conversations and friends at the same time. Get acquainted with the area and the various services and facilities around.

8. Take Care Of Your Pets And Children

Take Care Of Your Pets And Children

Your pets and children are going to take a lot more time than you to get used to the new place. It is advised to prepare them well enough so that they can accept these changes without much of a problem. Prepare them physically as well as psychologically so that they do not resist the change that is bound to happen. This is also going to take a lot away from your moving stress and give you the peace of mind that you have been looking for.

Final Thoughts

Moving to your new house is a massive step for all of you. Nobody said that it is going to be easy. In fact, it feels almost impossible to leave behind your social circle, friends, relatives, and your sweet colleagues. But change is inevitable and you have all the reasons to look forward to it.

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Moving Your House Yourself Vs Hiring Professional Movers

This seems to be a very difficult decision because you are already aware of the various pros and cons attached to each of them. You don’t know whether you want to move house yourself or hire a mover for the purpose. A moving company can definitely take away a lot of your stress but then if you are a more DIY-moving person, you might end up saving hundreds of dollars. So, which one is it going to be?

Let’s discuss this in a little detail in the following section:

Moving House All By Yourself

Moving House All By Yourself

When you decide to move your house or office by yourself, you are going to pack all your items on your own. You will work according to your convenience and speed. You will not have any deadlines to follow. You will either go with your own vehicle or go for a rental truck or a similar automobile. The cheaper the van or the truck is the better it is for you. You can also borrow your neighbor’s truck if he is comfortable lending it to you.

Merits Of Moving Yourself

  • You have all the control over the entire packing and moving process 
  • You obviously don’t have to pay the movers anything
  • You can complete the move according to your own timeline and convenience

Demerits Of Moving Yourself

  • You will be creating a lot of work for yourself 
  • Packing supplies can be difficult to find 
  • A great rental truck can be out of stock 
  • It is going to take much longer than you expect 
  • Miscellaneous expenses can add up to your moving cost

Understanding The Cost Associated With Moving House Or Office By Yourself

1. Truck Rental

Truck Rental

If you do decide to rent a truck, it is going to cost you a little extra. The pricing for the rental is going to depend entirely on the distance you’re moving and the size of the truck as well. Renting a small truck for a move within the city is going to cost you much less than something of an outstation move with a larger van or automobile. Also, you must factor in the cost of rental insurance for the moving truck.

2. Cost Of Fuel

You will have to bear the cost of the fuel that goes into the moving truck. This is going to come as a constant reminder quite literally from the transport company as well.

3. External Assistance

External Assistance

You might need external assistance to move your stuff out of your house and to the moving truck. You can hire labor or independent moving helpers as well but that is again going to cost you a little more. You can go through the local classified ads to get the necessary help that you want. Extra labor is going to cost you more. Period.

Moving House With A Moving Company

Moving House With A Moving Company

Moving house with professional packers and movers is a lot easier because you don’t have to buy the packing supplies or prepare large boxes for moving out or even arrange for the vehicle. When you are moving from point A to point B, you can rely on the services of experienced professionals.

Merits Of Moving With A Packing And Moving Company

  • You have a lot less work to do 
  • You do not have to lift any of your heavy furniture pieces 
  • You don’t have to brainstorm over the dismantling and reassembling of your furniture pieces 
  • There is no risk of injury or any accidents 
  • The moving company is also going to insure your belongings

Demerits Of Moving With A Packing And Moving Company

  • You will have to work according to their timeline 
  • There is less control over how fast the move goes 
  • The moving cost is a prominent factor that you must consider

Costs Associated With Hiring Professional Packers And Movers

1. Basic Charges

Basic Charges

The basic charges are usually calculated on the amount of cargo and the distance you want to travel. Some companies have a per-hour basis as well. Some moving professionals calculate the price based on the distance and the weight of the cargo.

2. Insurance

Movers usually provide liability coverage for the belongings of the individual. However, it is not going to cover replacement costs and lost items. You will have to purchase the relevant insurance cover yourself.

3. Gratuity


It is upon you how much you want to tip the packers and movers.

4. Miscellaneous Charges

This is subjective. Some companies may not have any miscellaneous expenses or any charges that are going to pop up later. This is why it is advised to go through their pricing structure before you hire them for the job.

Can You Perform A Hybrid Move?

These days many families have been constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of moving houses and trying to incorporate the professionalism of packing and moving companies at the same time. You can think about a hybrid move by hiring the services of dependable and highly recommended furniture movers for specific tasks and performing several other functions on your own.

Hybrid Move Option One

  • You can employ the services of the packers and movers to have your stuff packed and secured in moving boxes.
  • They are also going to assist you in moving your belongings to your van or vehicle.
  • The rest of the responsibilities will be on you. You will have to drive the vehicle to your destination, unload your stuff, unpack your furniture, and then finally have it all set up in your new home.

Hybrid Move Option Two

  • You can ask the furniture movers to come up with a suitable moving plan and a dependable vehicle for the big day.
  • All the responsibilities of packing your stuff, dismantling and reassembling furniture pieces, and moving them to the boxes will be on you.
  • You and the moving team can transfer your moving boxes onto the vehicle together.
  • Driving the vehicle to your new home will be their job.

Even The Hybrid Move Option Is Going To Depend On A Few Factors Such As:

  • How long a distance do you have to travel
  • Are you aware of the packing supplies that you are going to need? 
  • You must determine the area in which you are going to need the most help 
  • Are you skilled at packing and arranging moving boxes? 
  • You need to assess how much physical labor will be required of you if you decide to do the majority of packing and moving yourself


In the end, whether you hire a mover or move your house yourself, is a very personal choice. A very important factor to consider here will be your budget. The value that you can get from professional packers and movers should justify the price that you have paid. And if you are not able to find anyone reliable and skilled, perhaps you are better off on your own.

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Items We Don’t Move – 11 Things You May Have To Transport On Your Own When Moving

You shouldn’t hold this against them because they are helpless when it comes to transporting a few materials and objects and some of the most commonly used household items that you find very mundane.

Yes, your packers and movers might not agree to transport a few of your items that are on your moving day checklist already. And it is quite fair because taking them from one location to another can put the vehicle and the moving personnel at risk. In many cases, it can lead to unnecessary and unhealthy exposure to these hazardous materials which can be fatal. What are those items? What do the movers don’t move? Let’s find out:

1. Your Expensive Family Heirlooms

Some of the packers and movers in the city would avoid transporting the expensive family heirlooms that have been passed on to you from your previous generations. This is for the simple reason that they do not want to take responsibility for an item that holds so much value to you. In the event that any such item comes in the way of harm or damage, the cost of replacement for the moving company is going to be obnoxiously high. This is the reason they stay away from such items.

2. Live Plants

Live Plants

Transporting your live plants and especially the heavy ones is very difficult. Live plants are complicated to manage. Moreover, if you take too much time to transport them from one location to another, they might start to dry up and shrivel. This is a risk that even you don’t want to take. It is highly advised that you should move your plants in your personal vehicle and before you do that, make sure to trim down their leaves and branches as short as you can.

3. Barbecue Equipment

Barbeque equipment can be very complicated. Needless to say, it is quite heavy as well. It has a grill or a smoker and it also has a lot of charcoal pieces. There is a lighter fluid as well which is extremely flammable. No moving company in Melbourne would want to take this risk. But there are few professionals that would think about a few ways to work around this equipment. You will have to do your research before you say yes to any packing and moving company. For the most part, you might have to clean the barbeque equipment and secure all the fuel and inflammable items yourself as you prepare it for the move.

4. Your Pets

Your Pets

Your pets can be a true nuisance at times. Your dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters, and any other woodland creatures that you have adopted should ideally go with you in your personal vehicle. Packers and movers are not the ideal people to handle your pets in any case because they will tend to get a lot more restless, nervous, and fearful around them. Also, packing personnel doesn’t know how to control your little furry friends.

5. Firearms And Ammunition If You Have Any

If you happen to carry any firearms and ammunition, transporting them could be a little tricky. Depending upon what the size of the firearm is, your packing and moving company is going to lay down a few rules. And also, each state across the country has different sets of rules and regulations for carrying them. You should hand over these gadgets only to a professional moving company that is certified to transport them across state borders.

6. Fireworks And Similar Items

Fireworks And Similar Items

Fireworks and similar items are also very risky and this is exactly why several packers and movers avoid handling them in the first place. You can buy all the moving boxes and even ask to handle the loading and unloading yourself but it is still going to be complicated. They are categorized as potentially hazardous materials so yes, it is better to either dispose them of or give them to your friends in your old neighborhood.

7. Cleaning Supplies That Have Gone Without Usage

Cleaning supplies are also very risky and the fall under mildly hazardous materials category. It is not safe to travel with them in any case. If you have any plant-based cleaning solutions and other portable cleaning equipment, you might want to carry them in your personal vehicle. Because several of these containers have flammable mixtures and components, the moving company might be concerned about the safety of the vehicle and that of their moving personnel.

8. Liquor Boxes And Bottles

Liquor Boxes And Bottles

If you haven’t kept your liquor safely, the packers and movers are going to refuse to transport it to your new destination. Also, liquor laws are going to vary by city and state. The amount of alcohol that you can bring into a particular state is also going to differ. Moving trucks and vehicles have a climate-controlled environment. If you want to transport liquor in these containers, it could lead to a massive accident and even an explosion which you don’t want to risk.

9. Chemistry Sets If You Have Any

Chemistry sets are also quite risky. If you are doing it for a friend or schoolmate or a teacher of yours, you must understand the risks involved here. Any kind of combustion, extreme temperatures, natural chemical transformations, reactions, and even contact with moisture is going to result in a serious situation for the vehicle and the driver. And yes, even your bath bombs, perfumes, bath salts, and essential oils come under the hazardous materials head.

10. Scuba Diving Gear

Scuba Diving Gear

Any moving company in Melbourne is almost certainly going to say no to your scuba diving gear. You will have to think of an alternate way to get your equipment to your new home. Because scuba tanks contain highly pressurized oxygen and other gas mixtures, it becomes extremely dangerous to transport them with all of your other stuff and furniture pieces.

11. High-Value Items That You Have Had For Years

High-Value Items That You Have Had For Years

Some moving companies are going to say no to your high-value items. These are your expensive appliances and gadgets including your expensive home decor items such as antique pieces, pool tables, and aquariums. Because these items are at a higher risk of breakage, packers and movers would want to avoid transporting them at all. Unless you have hired a highly skilled and experienced moving company in your city, it is not a good idea to hand them over to anyone at all.


Remember, these items are not a total no-no. Some packers and movers in Melbourne might be more than capable of transporting them safely to your new home without any supervision at all. You just have to do your research and choose the most suitable company for moving to Melbourne.

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Moving To Melbourne? 13 Reasons Why Living Here Is Simply Awesome!

Are you moving to Melbourne? Congratulations because you have hit the jackpot! Moving to the city is probably the best thing that you could do with your life. If you are looking for more growth, a beautiful and exemplary culture of art, heritage, and architecture, some of the most gorgeous beaches, and the friendliest people, relocating to Melbourne is a good decision.

Let’s have a look at a few more reasons why moving to this city would be a life-changing step for you.

1. The Most Livable City In The Country

Do you know that Melbourne has been labeled as the most highly livable city in Australia? If you have a look at the Global Livability Index for 2022, you will know that Melbourne is highly preferred due to several reasons. There are numerous public transport options, a very low crime rate, and practically endless employment opportunities. The art and culture scene of this city is captivating and refreshing and there are some of the most coveted universities in this city too. Needless to say, the easy lifestyle and gorgeous locations of Melbourne are second to none.

2. Fantastic Accommodation Options

Fantastic Accommodation Options

You should be happy that this city also has some of the most stylish, affordable, and world-class accommodation options. They are designed to suit probably every lifestyle and budget. Whether you are an international student moving from Los Angeles or a family of 4 looking to relocate from Sydney, you can find practically endless options for accommodation in this city. There is something to suit everybody’s taste.

3. World-Class Education

Your kids are going to be happy studying in Melbourne. Victoria is known as the education state and it is no surprise that Melbourne is the hub of some of the most reputable colleges, schools, and universities in the world. Several of the universities in this city are among the top-ranked ones in the country and the world. The most popular examples are the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

4. Rich In Culture

Rich In Culture

Melbourne is also quite vivid and rich in culture. The allyways of the city are colorful, bright, and feel like real-life Wonderland. You just never get bored of the wandering musicians, endless shopping arcades, and streetside book cafes that are the USP of this city.

5. Country’s Best Coffee

Do you know that Melbourne is also the home to some of the most incredible coffees from all around the world? If you are a coffee lover, this city is the place to be for you. It has the most highly skilled and experienced baristas from all over the world that serve superb coffee throughout the day 7 days a week.

6. Immensely Diverse

Immensely Diverse

Do you know that Melbourne is also known as the cultural capital of Australia? While you are here, do not forget to check out the National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. And how can you forget the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art? Melbourne is a city where the world comes together to share and celebrate its culture.

7. Fun Infrastructure

This is a city also known for its superbly efficient and world-class infrastructure. The trams in particular are a lot of fun. The people of this city are exceptionally proud of the tram system and they are very proud of the transport and infrastructure of the region as well.

8. Numerous Business Opportunities

Numerous Business Opportunities

This city is also known for its high number of startups throughout the year. So if you are thinking about starting a business in Melbourne, you have the best resources, and finding an angel investor for your business is not going to be difficult at all. There are several small business grants as well that are offered to new and budding ideas that bring creativity and innovation. Also, Melbourne is the only city that rivals the economy of Sydney. It is considered the business center of Australia. According to several government projections, Australia is going to witness a big surge in jobs by 2025 and the numbers could be anywhere between 5.6 million and 6.4 million. The majority of those jobs are expected to sprout from Melbourne and Sydney in that order.

9. The Perfect Weather

While Australia is popular for its unpredictable weather, Melbourne is a little different. It has a very mild climate that is highly suitable for every skin type. Despite being the heart of Victoria, the weather here is less disturbing and very conducive for outdoor sports. On average, Melbourne gets close to 2200 hours of sunshine every year. You also get heat waves and electric thunderstorms but then all remains under control due to the geographical location of this city.

10. Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Beaches

Melbourne also has some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. If you are planning a long lazy summer day over the weekend, you have the best coastal destinations right next to you. Right from secluded spots to bustling beach locales, you have everything in this city.

11. The Friendliest People

It goes without a doubt that Melbourne has some of the friendliest people on earth. Their warmth and affection are almost palpable. You will find a lot of people who are constantly planning road trips, dinners, luncheons, and local getaways practically every weekend.

12. Environmentally Conscious

Environmentally Conscious

The people of this city are highly environmentally conscious as well. They take care of the choices that they make. They are highly sensitive toward the waste that they create and take measures to dispose it of safely. Even the city’s administration has taken numerous steps to balance the urban ecology of the region and maintain a balance between its flora and fauna, water cycles, resource preservation, and waste management.

13. Travel Opportunities

Travel Opportunities

Melbourne is quite close to Singapore, Japan, Bali, Fiji, and New Zealand. It is like they are located next door. Interstate travel from Melbourne is also very affordable. Cities like Canberra and Adelaide are also quite nearby. And there are regular international flights to probably every destination across the world.


You better start looking for the best suburb to live in Melbourne if you are planning to move to this city. Do your research at least two or three months beforehand. This is going to be the best decision of your life. This was just a quick Melbourne moving guide for you.

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