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10 Tips For Your Next Long-Distance Move From A Reputable Moving Company

The biggest difference between a local move and an interstate move is the time taken to complete it and the distance traveled. But there is one more thing that everybody anticipates and that is nervousness coupled with palpitations. It is the stress that comes with a long-distance move. You might have moved house or office locally or perhaps within the city but it is nothing compared to the complications that arise when you are about to move to a distant location. It can be another city and it can also be another state. Whatever the case may be, you must find out a few ways to dial down the stress and make the entire process simpler for you.

If you are planning to move home and are looking for a professional interstate moving company for a hassle-free experience, you can contact us to get a free quote. Let’s begin:

1. Begin By Planning Ahead

Begin By Planning Ahead

This goes without saying. Create an interstate moving checklist. You will also have to come up with a plan to ensure that all things go smoothly. Have a closer look at all the furniture pieces that you want to move. Categorize them as durable, medium-weight, and heavy. Buy relevant moving supplies for each one of your cargo categories. Invest in padding materials for your moving boxes. Plan the entire budget for the move at least 3 months before the date of moving. Visit your new home and have a close look at the property to understand how you will go about moving your furniture pieces and setting them up.

2. Get Estimates To Compare

You will need to connect with at least 5 or 6 house or business relocation companies in your city. Ask them for an initial assessment of your cargo so that they can come up with a practical quote for the entire service. Compare their packages to understand which one suits your needs the best. Remember not to go only with the price that they quote. Consider the services that are included in the package and pick something that is more value for money than others.

3. Research Various Interstate Moving Companies

Research Various Interstate Moving Companies

This is also important because it will help you understand how each packing and moving company functions, especially when it comes to interstate moving. Understand their pricing structures. Go through their official website and examine their services closely. Visit their social media profile to understand what their previous clients are saying about their service. Get in touch with their customer care executive and ask them to give you a complete breakdown of the price and the services included in each package they offer.

4. Downsize Your Inventory

This is an intelligent decision and it is highly recommended that you do it, especially if you are moving a long distance. Make sure that you sort through your belongings and choose the stuff that is absolutely essential. There will be a few pieces, fixtures, furniture items, and equipment that can be replaced or bought again once you have moved into your new place. This means that you can sell off a major chunk of your belongings before you move out of this house. It is not only going to lighten your burden but will also reduce the entire packing and moving cost significantly.

5. Label Your Boxes Correctly

Label Your Boxes Correctly

Do you think that labeling the box as “durable” or “delicate” is going to be enough? No, because that is not going to say much about the contents of the moving box. You must make a list of all the items that go into a particular moving box. You must list those items outside of the box. Make sure to mention on the box which side goes up / down. Also, write down your name, address, and telephone number in case you have decided to go for a shared moving truck.

6. Try To Move In The Off-Season

This makes a lot of sense. It is also going to help you save hundreds of dollars on the entire expense. Moving in the off-season is also helpful if you are in between jobs and are trying to save more money.

7. Get Acquainted With Your New Location

Get Acquainted With Your New Location

You will have to make another trip to your new location during the months leading up to the final moving date. This will help you understand your new home better. You can also memorize the various routes around your property and also explore the area a little bit. This way you can easily spot the local grocery store or any utilities or services that you might need right after you have moved into your new home.

8. Cushioning And More Cushioning

When packing your kitchen appliances or any delicate gadgets and other belongings, make sure to include adequate padding in the moving boxes. Invest in styrofoam balls, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, cotton balls, plastic wraps, and similar padding materials. You can find them with your packers and movers or you can get them at your local hardware store.

9. Decide Upon The Placement Of Your Furniture Pieces

Now that you have downsized your inventory, it is a great idea to decide upon the placement of the furniture pieces that you are going to be taking with you. You had already visited your new home as suggested above. Now you can plan to purchase new fixtures and furniture pieces. You must have a lot of ideas on how to populate your new space by combining your old belongings with your new purchases. Decide upon the placement of all your cargo including your beds, dining table, center table, sofas, recliners, wall units, television sets, gaming consoles, and the like.

10. Understand Long-Distance Move Coverage

Long distance insurance is different from local moving insurance. The biggest difference is the amount of coverage that you get. If you are covering a distance of 1,000 km, you will be a little more paranoid about what could go wrong as compared to when you are covering a distance of 20 or 50 km. So yes, understand what coverage options you have and also inquire about the same with your interstate packing and moving company.

Final Thoughts

Interstate moving is not easy. But you can simplify it by following the tips given above. If you are not able to do it on your own, it is better to connect with a dependable and highly recommended long-distance moving company in your city. Let the experts do the job so that you can move stress-free.

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Top 9 Things To Consider When Moving Your Business

There must be a valid reason why you are doing this. You have been running a successful business in this city for a long time. What could have possibly triggered you to change its location? Well, that is for you to know. The responsibility of the removal is just to make sure that you reach your new destination and settle in on time.

Planning to office relocation and looking for a professional moving company? Contact us for a Free Quote.

Whether you are moving your business for the first time or you have done it before, do consider the following pointers before you take the big step:

1. Tax-Related Considerations

The biggest reason that any commercial undertaking would consider moving their office to another location is tax savings. If the city you are currently doing your business in is not friendly in terms of taxation, you might be able to save thousands of dollars in another location. It might impact your overall cost significantly and it could turn out to be a very intelligent decision. Some businesses may stand to receive a lot more tax credits if they locate in a different city or state within the same country. If this is the case with your industry, you should take this step right away.

2. Moving Costs

Moving Costs
Moving Costs

Moving costs are another factor that you should consider. If the entire budget of your company gets shaken, this move might not be a good decision. However, if you are able to find an affordable packing and moving company, going through with this decision might not be a bad idea. The key here is to be able to locate a dependable and affordable business relocation professional that can help you in moving your office and assist you in setting up your new commercial space without having to ask twice. They should also be willing to provide you will loading and unloading services at no extra cost. So yes, your entire moving budget is going to determine whether you can move out of the city in the first place or not.

3. Possibilities For Growth

Leave everything aside. What are your growth possibilities if you choose to relocate to a different city or state within the country? If you have thought this through and if you have enough research studies, analyses, and other statistics to support your decision, it might be a great idea to relocate to another city. However, if you are not so certain about any such growth possibilities or even about being able to tap into a new market, making such a move might not be a good idea.

For example, if you are a shipping company moving to a city with more ports and better transport infrastructure, it is going to be beneficial for your growth. However, the same does not apply to a software development company that can work even remotely and deliver upon all its deadlines on time.

4. Impact On Your Customers

Impact On Your Customers
Impact On Your Customers

Is this move going to have an impact on your customers? Do you think that you are likely to lose your existing consumer base if you move your office? Do you think that setting up your business in a new location might be equivalent to starting from scratch? Will your brand be able to survive in a different market with a completely distinct competitive landscape? These are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you move your office to another city or state.

5. Logistics


Moving a small-scale office from one location to another is a little easier and a lot less complicated. But remember, when it comes to moving a large-scale enterprise, the logistics are going to change drastically. You might want to cut down on your logistics cost by doing away with a major junk of your already existing furniture and office equipment.

In many situations, investing in new setups for your office once you have relocated turns out to be more affordable. You will have to figure this out by consulting your finance team.

6. Leasing Options

It could be that you are leaving a perfectly fine owned space. You might want to rent it out or give it up for lease. It might take a little longer than expected for you to find the right tenant for your old property and also to find a good location for your new office in your new destination. So yes the availability of leasing and renting options is also going to impact your decision to move and relocate your business.

Unless you can find the ideal location for your new office, signing any contracts or agreements or even taking up a new project is not going to be practical.

7. Accessibility For Every Employee

Accessibility For Every Employee
Accessibility For Every Employee

This is true for the new location of your office. Is it going to be accessible for everyone in your company? If you have decided to move to a new location within the same city, this question is highly appropriate. Moving your office to a different location is only practical and advised if it makes commuting for everyone easier.

8. The Reputation Of The Moving Company

Let’s say that you have decided to move to a new location. Whether it is a local move or an interstate move, how can you forget to gauge the reputation of the moving company? Office relocation becomes easier and more practical if you have enough knowledge about the office moving company. Are they the experts in commercial moving? Do they have a practical business relocation plan? Do they provide free-of-cost loading and unloading services? What do their reviews and testimonial say about their conduct and professionalism? Find the answers to these questions before you hire a packing and moving company in the city.

9. Storage Facilities

Storage Facilities
Storage Facilities

Last but not the least, does the moving company provide you with easy storage facilities? Do they have individual self-storage units in their package? Because moving your office is not going to be a day’s task for a lot of enterprises, they might end up feeling the need for storage facilities for more than a day. Removal and setup of several machines and office equipment are not that simple. Some critical components need to be moved together while others can be reassembled separately and then joined together later. So yes, this is another factor you must consider before you finalize the move.

Final Thoughts

So remember these factors before you start moving your business to a new location. Refer to this list whenever you feel lost.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Getting A Storage Unit?

Whether you are a business undertaking or a family of 6, it doesn’t matter. You are going to need a moving company with a storage unit at some point in time. If you are moving your house or office in the coming week or so, have a look at the following pros and cons of a storage unit before you choose any such service in your city.

1. Safety For Your Stuff

Safety For Your Stuff

The biggest advantage of these self-storage units is that they are highly suitable when it comes to securing your expensive items and keeping them safe for a long time. You can prevent them from getting misplaced or damaged, especially when you are on the move. Some storage facilities offer state-of-the-art encryption and extra security in the form of 24/7 alert personnel. They can protect your belongings from any kinds of accidents and mishaps. 

2. 24/7 Access

Nearly all the moving companies with storage that are working in the industry provide you with this option. They allow you to access your safe storage unit around the clock and 7 days a week. You just have to punch in your password or passkey and you will have complete access to the storage. You can take out your belongings or even put more of your stuff inside as per your preferences. 

3. Unlimited Amount Of Time

Unlimited Amount Of Time

There are many storage units available for rent that allow you to keep your belongings with them for a long period of time. This means that it can be anywhere between 3 months to 10 months or probably even longer than that. Depending upon the duration that you want to use the self-storage units, the price is going to vary. It turns out to be a very affordable affair in the long run. You might be able to get a discount if you book the storage solution in advance.

4. Ideal For Relocation

There are numerous precious objects that you want to preserve and protect while you are moving your home or office from one location to another. Also, these storage facilities are centrally located which means they are easily accessible from your old location and your new home as well. Some of them are located on the outskirts of the city which means all the major highways connect with them which only enhances their accessibility. 

5. Perfect For In-Between Moves

Perfect For In-Between Moves

For example, if you decide to move into a homestay or a hotel while your new house is being constructed, you can store your cargo and luggage in these storage units. Once you have moved into your new home, you can gradually move out all your stuff from the storage unit and transfer it to your new house seamlessly. These are also helpful if you are relocating overseas and want safety for your possessions for a short period of time.

6. Highly Affordable

Do you know that self-storage units provided by the leading house movers company in your city have become incredibly affordable? Whether it is a small apartment or a large house, the cost is going to impress you a lot. The biggest reason is that families of all sizes and also entrepreneurs have become quite aware of this trend. There is also a large supply of these storage units across the country. This has made the competition even stiffer and the overall fall in industry prices.

7. Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

You can pay the moving company or storage unit through debit card, credit card, cash, check, or even online transfer. Most of the moving companies that offer storage solutions have very flexible payment options. You can keep your moving boxes, your expensive jewelry, paperwork, and even your critical office machinery safe without any hassle.

8. Climate Controlled Facility

Needless to say, several self-storage units in the city today are weatherproof and also offer extra protection for your expensive items. They have the right facilities and packing materials as well that protect your boxes from mold and mildew, leaks, rust, moisture, pests, and any kind of damage. Several of the storage facilities are sealed shut to make sure that no dust or water enters the unit.

Now, weren’t these aspects of storage facilities enough to convince you to go for them immediately? However, there are a few disadvantages to them as well. Let’s understand what they are:

1. Limited Storage

Limited Storage

Some storage facilities in the city offer very limited space. You might be able to fit in only a few of your boxes and the rest of the luggage might just have to sit either in your car or in your hotel room. So yes, this is something that you will have to look out for before you sign any agreement with them.

2. Uncomfortable Space

What if the floor plan of the storage unit is not suitable? What if the dimensions of the storage room are not ideal for your large furniture pieces? This is going to turn out to be a sour deal.

3. Limited Access

Limited Access

You do not want a storage facility that does not offer you 24/7 access to your stuff. You should be able to take out your boxes, put in more jewelry pieces, get your important papers, and store all your last-minute valuable trinkets at your convenience. If the facility doesn’t offer you round-the-clock access, it is not a good idea to associate with them.

4. Too Far From Your House

What if the facility is too far from your house? You don’t want that. This is going to only make it more inconvenient for you. The whole point of getting a storage unit is to add convenience and not take it away.

5. Inadequate Insurance

Inadequate Insurance

Usually, these storage units come with adequate insurance. If they do not offer any such cover, it is time to think of other options. If they do not offer you comprehensive protection for all your possessions, it is better to resume your research and look for storage providers that do.

6. Storage Fee

Some packing and moving companies that offer storage units for rent may charge you an exorbitant amount. You need to stay away from such undertakings. The storage should not make the overall cost of your moving from one location to another too high. There should not be any security deposits or any upfront rental. 


So there you go. This was not only an observation about the various pros and cons of a self-storage unit but also somewhat of a guide that can help you pick the best option for your needs.

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Happy moving!

Should I Trust The Moving Company With My Fragile Items?

It is not easy to plan a move if you have a lot of fragile items in your home. You have several items that are of delicate nature and you don’t want any of them to break when they are in transit. You have to be extra careful when packing them. You have to be even more careful when you are in the process of moving them to your new home. This also means that you have to choose the most appropriate vehicle and also the smoothest route to your new destination.

But this is not all. You should only trust your moving company with all your fragile items if they are able to check all of the boxes given below. Let’s begin:

1. Adequate And Appropriate Materials

Adequate And Appropriate Materials

They must possess adequate and appropriate materials for packing all your delicate stuff. It means they should have enough cushioning, padding, styrofoam balls, loose fill paper, wrapping papers, bubble wraps, and a lot more.

Make sure that the packers and movers always use sturdy and durable boxes for your fragile items. They should remember that delicate items always need extra care. The trick here is to use all these materials in combination with one another to make sure that all your delicate items are safe and secure and do not get damaged when they are in transit.

2. Patience And Experience

The patience of the expert is always going to be a deciding factor when moving fragile items. When it comes to transporting your expensive and delicate belongings to your new home, the experience of the professional is going to dictate just how efficiently they are able to do that. If they haven’t had any experience of the same in the past, they will not even know where to begin. They should know how to carry delicate items and how to slowly place them on the floor of the vehicle so that they do not collide with other boxes. They should also be aware of how to secure them in place using moving straps, extra padding material, bubble wrap, and other stabilizing apparatus.

3. Always Cushion For Safety

Always Cushion For Safety

Yes, we did talk about cushioning and this is because it is very critical. There are several items such as your beautiful and expensive show pieces, crockery, utensils, accessories, and even jewelry items that need to be secured in distinct and heavily padded moving boxes and containers. If you do not have any such containers, it is a great idea to invest in padding materials such as styrofoam balls, soft wrapping paper, cotton padding, bubble wrap, and other options available in the market. These items can take the shape of your delicate belongings and mold according to their size and shape. As they contract and expand, they leave only enough space for your fingers to go in when you finally want to take the item out of the container. Your belongings rest firmly without the risk of any damage or abrasion. What does that mean? It means that you should always go for a moving company that knows all these little details and can ensure the safety and security of all your expensive and beautiful items.

4. Preparing To Unpack Your Items

Preparing To Unpack Your Items

As critical as the entire process of packing is going to be, you can never ignore the fact that unpacking them is also going to take a lot of toll on your mind. This is because when you remove your stuff from the moving truck, you tend to unpack a lot of your items hurriedly and with little to no patience. This is where your packing and moving professional should exercise a proper unpacking strategy. The placement of the boxes needs to be ideal. You will have to be present throughout the unpacking process and ensure that there is no clutter in the room. Make sure that the surface being used to unpack your delicate items is stable and does not have any toys, objects, or any other obstacles in between. When taking out a particular item, its padding and wrapping paper, and other covering should be removed very carefully and the same should be placed on the surface on which it is being unwrapped. The delicate object should be placed on that material instead of the surface directly.

5. Consider The Shape And Size

The shape and size of the item are going to dictate the amount of wrapping and packing material to be used. They are also going to dictate what type of box or container you must use to contain that item. For example, if the professionals are packing a ceramic vase, they will have to insert enough padding inside it to make it stable. They will also have to cover the entire body of the object with enough layers of wrapping paper or bubble wrap to protect it from any damage whatsoever.

6. Talk About Insurance

Talk About Insurance

This is also a very critical point that you should never forget. The insurance of the packing and moving company is going to play an important role because if they do not have adequate cover, you will not be able to safeguard your items, especially all the delicate ones that you have handed over to them for transport. There are a number of options available today in the market.

Look for the right type of insurance always. Ask your moving company about the insurance cover that it already has. You can always compliment the same with additional coverage. This is not going to protect your items from damage or prevent them from any mishap but it is definitely going to help you get reasonable compensation for your losses.

Final Thoughts

Remember, it is not a good idea to just hand over all your delicate stuff to the packing and moving company without even trying to find out how they intend to deal with all your expensive belongings. They must have the necessary equipment, packing materials, and adequate experience when it comes to transporting such items. It is better to call them for an interview or an initial conversation on how they will go about packing and finally moving your delicate items without causing them any harm. Choose them only when you are 100% satisfied with their responses.

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What’s The Best Way To Pack A Moving Truck?

There are several ways to pack your moving truck for the day you want to move out of your old home. You can hire a moving truck but you’ll also have to learn how to pack that automobile if you want to utilize the space within it more efficiently.

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1. Begin By Assessing The Size Of The Truck

Begin By Assessing The Size Of The Truck

You will have to consider the size of the moving truck. Usually, moving trucks can be around 26 feet deep. Several moving rental companies, packers and movers will come up with a standard size that can be anywhere around 26 feet and 30 feet. You can get inside the truck and have a closer look at the expanse of the floor to understand how you will populate the entire space efficiently.

2. Gather All Your Packing Supplies

The next important step is to gather all your packing supplies. These include your moving boxes and cartons. Plastic wraps, packing tape, a durable furniture dolly, packing pads, nylon rope, styrofoam, and other padding materials will also go onto your shopping list. Do not forget to buy a few permanent markers and a label maker.

3. Don’t Forget To Use Moving Straps

Don't Forget To Use Moving Straps

When you are about to move your items to the loading ramp and onto the truck, make sure to use moving straps. They prove to be highly useful for all your heavy furniture pieces, especially the ones that are too heavy for a single person. Strap down all the four corners of furniture pieces as you lift them up. Moving straps can also be used to keep all your objects in place when they are in transit.

4. Disassemble Your Furniture Pieces

Disassemble Your Furniture Pieces

It is always advised to first disassemble your furniture pieces and then move them bit by bit onto the loading truck. Spread them out on the floor of the vehicle evenly. Several of your medium-sized couches and a lot of your chairs and recliners can go as they are without having to dismantle them and put their components in any moving boxes or containers. You should be able to unload them the first thing you move into your new house.

Now Let’s Move On To A Few Specific Truck Packing Tips

Specific Truck Packing Tips
  • Make sure that all your moving boxes are small to medium-sized and as compact as possible
  • It is better to distribute the weight of these boxes evenly and for that, you’ll have to spread them out on the floor of the truck
  • It is also a great idea to disassemble all your large furniture pieces and store their components in small and medium size boxes to achieve the same result 
  • Remember to stuff enough wrapping paper and protective material inside the boxes to give them more stability 
  • If you are packing and moving any of your expensive carpets and rugs, make sure to roll them nicely but not too tight and wrap them up with a clean plastic wrap
  • Get hold of older and original delivery boxes and cardboard cartons if you can 
  • Also, it is a good idea to group certain items of the same size and put them in the same box 
  • The same can be done with the contents of rooms where you can pack together all the items according to your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and store room

Now Coming To A Few Loading Tips For The Moving Truck

Now Coming To A Few Loading Tips For The Moving Truck
  • Ask a few of your friends and neighbors to help you out if you don’t have enough manpower 
  • Use your imagination to divide the floor of the truck in your mind so that you can populate every section with the right boxes
  • Place all the heavy boxes right at the back which can be unpacked at a later stage
  • Make sure that other items don’t get crushed while you are settling them against one another 
  • All your portable and lightweight furniture pieces should be kept right at the front so that they can be unloaded the first thing you reach your new home 
  • Reserve a section of the truck’s floor for all your fragile items such as expensive dishes, utensils, artwork, mirrors, and glassware
  • It is always advised to load all your lighter items at the last stage when you are about to lower the gate of the truck 
  • If you have any couches, headboards, and tables, it is advised to place them in the truck in an upright position only
  • You should cover all your mattresses and upholstered furniture pieces and other soft items with extra protective covering and plastic wrap to protect them from any dust and damage
  • If you are carrying any expensive artwork or probably a lot of delicate items and glassware, you must invest in specialty boxes and extra padding materials to protect them when they are in transit
  • When you are about to load them onto the truck, make use of moving straps and nylon rope to keep them steady
  • The last item that you load on the truck should be the one that you will need immediately after you have moved in such as your medicine box, essential items, baby care items, important documents and papers, and the like


Remember to be patient with your packing and moving process. If you find it difficult to do all of it on your own, you can always connect with a professional and hire a moving truck for the purpose. They are going to make the moving day a lot easier for you.

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How To Prepare My Home And Myself For The Move Day?

There is not much that you have to do to prepare yourself for the big move. You have already made up your mind and this is why you are thinking about hiring a professional packing and moving services provider at the moment. But there are a few things that you have to do to prepare your home for this big step in addition to creating a moving home checklist. These are:

1. Set Your Budget First

You need to set your budget for the entire packing and moving process. This is going to help you save a lot of money. There are a few things that you can do on your own such as packing some of your critical appliances and equipment, arranging for old boxes, getting your friends to help you out, segregating items that you need in your new home, and also performing a deep clean of your house before you move out.

2. Create A DIY Move Plan

Create A DIY Move Plan

Make sure that you pick the right vehicle and the shortest route possible. Start saving up for fuel at least a month before. If you have any small-sized furniture, make room for the same in your personal vehicle. It is also advised to start packing for your DIY move at least a month in advance. You can also start transporting your belongings bit by bit 3 or 4 weeks before the actual moving day. This way you have enough time to set up some of your furniture in your new home by the time you have moved into it.

3. Declutter Your House

You will also have to learn how to declutter your house before the move. This helps you separate the items that you want to take to your new house from the ones that you might want to discard or sell in a garage sale. You might want to get rid of all your old crockery and utensils. The same applies to your old mattresses and some of your sofa chairs as well.

4. Get The Right Packing Supplies

Get The Right Packing Supplies

The next step is to get the light packing supplies for the big move. You will have to invest in durable packing boxes and containers in addition to the most useful and practical padding materials such as moving blankets, old newspapers, packing paper, styrofoam, and the like. You should also invest in nylon rope, packing tape, a permanent marker, and a label maker.

5. Begin With Packing Your Essentials

You should begin by preparing a box of all your essential items. These can be your mobile charger, toiletries, important documents, medications, prescriptions, change of clothes, food items, baby products, and a lot of other stuff that you might need more frequently. 

6. Interview The Movers

Interview The Movers

How can you forget this one important step? Interviewing the packers and movers is absolutely vital if you want to get the right packing and moving professionals for the big day. You must understand their pricing structure and also the entire plan that they will come up with for the final day. Talk to them about the route that they would be taking. Are they going to be constantly connected with you during the transit? What about their licenses and also a few referrals if they could provide you any?

7. Learn How To Work With Moving Professionals

Remember that packing and moving professionals work at a totally different pace. It might take a bit of effort on your part to match every step with them. They are highly skilled and much more experienced. You will have to stay connected with your move manager so that you can keep yourself updated about the entire process without skipping a beat.

8. Understand How Professional Moving Unfolds

You will also have to understand how the entire professional packing and moving process unfolds. For example, all your flammable items, chemicals, liquids, oils, and similar belongings will be contained in a particular section of the moving vehicle. They will make sure that they add an extra layer of protection to these boxes so that they do not cause any damage when in transit. All your heavy boxes will be stored at the front of the truck so that they can be moved immediately when you have reached your destination.

9. Invest In A Few Tools And Equipment

Invest In A Few Tools And Equipment

This is another way to prepare yourself for the big move. There are a few items that you should invest in right away:

  • A Push Cart

Whether you are moving to a new big house or a small apartment, it is important to invest in a push cart because that can help you move all your heavy items from one location to the other without much of a problem. You just have to load them on these carts and roll them across the floor all the way to the truck and then all the way to your new home’s entrance on a moving day.

  • Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are also very important because they give your items an extra layer of protection. They protect your expensive furniture and also your antique items including your ceramic statues, crystal lamps, décor items, and a lot more. These can be kept away from any potential damage with the help of these moving blankets.

  • Blank Labels

Blank Labels

This is probably the most useful tip that you will come across. You must remember to label everything. Your boxes must have detailed labeling on them and not just which side goes up or down. They must tell you what all items are contained in them so that you can decide upon their location inside the moving truck. This will also help you pick which boxes need to be unpacked first and which ones can be delayed for the time being.

  • Stackable Containers

Don’t underestimate the utility of stackable boxes and containers. These can help you save a lot of space. These are also easy to carry and their locking handles and latches protect all the items contained in them. Stackable containers also help you speed up the moving process greatly.

So There You Go!

Now you know how to prepare for a house move. It is time to call professional packing and moving experts and let them know the day and date of the move.

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How Much Do Packing And Moving Services Cost In Australia?

I am afraid there is no one objective or particular answer to this question. It is very subjective and it is going to depend on several factors that have been discussed in this blog. If you are looking to get a few quick quotes from several Australian moving companies, you can reach out to them and get a price range. Apart from the price range, you should also understand the various factors that go into calculating this cost.

What Determines The Cost Of Packing And Moving In Australia?

Again, how much a removalist is going to charge for its services will depend on the following three primary factors:

1. The Size Of Your Cargo

The Size Of Your Cargo

In many instances, the cost of the entire packing and moving service is going to depend directly on the size of your cargo. Your beds, sofas, television sets, chairs, tables, refrigerators, washing machines, and other equipment are going to determine what the removalist is going to charge for the entire move. If you have a clear idea about the cargo that needs to be moved, you will get a more accurate estimate of the entire expense that you will have to bear. It will also include the cost of the fuel and the truck that you will require to transport your belongings to your new house.

2. The Distance Of Your Move

Another very important factor that the removalist is going to consider is the distance that you want to travel. Usually, local moves are more affordable. Long-distance moves are obviously a little more expensive given the distance, the time is taken, fuel consumed, and highway taxes if any.

3. The Quality Of Service

The Quality Of Service

Now, this is very critical. You should never choose a cheap removalist because nothing good comes at a dirt-cheap price. This means that you always end up getting what you pay for. However, if you go with a minimal packing and moving service, you might have to pay significantly less as compared to other full-fledged and comprehensive services. But if you find an offer in the market that is irresistible or perhaps too good to believe, don’t believe it.

Calculating The Cost For Long-Distance Moves

1. Distance And Location

Distance And Location

The distance will be calculated in either miles or kilometers. The price of fuel is also factored in when calculating the cost of interstate moves. For example, a move from Melbourne to Sydney will be much more affordable compared to a move from Melbourne to Perth. The travel distance is going to impact the travel time directly, which will increase the overall moving cost as well.

2. Size Of Your Load

The inventory or the furniture pieces that need to be moved will directly impact the overall cost of the move. The more pieces you have, the larger the truck you will need to transport them. All in all, a bigger truck is always going to cost you more. The more inventory you have, the more manpower it will require to move all your boxes to the moving truck.

3. Additional Services

Additional Services

If there are any additional services such as storage, packing materials, special insurance, aquarium removal, antique removal, pool table shifting, packing and unpacking service, and other benefits, all of them are going to cost you more.

4. Flexibility

The flexibility of the packers and movers is also going to add to the overall pricing structure. For example, if you want to change the date or the timing of the move, you might have to pay a little extra for this feature.

5. Professional Packing Services

Professional Packing Services

High-quality packing services are usually included in the entire package. However, if you choose to include it at a later stage, it may cost you a little extra. Some packers and movers provide you with an instant quote for the entire service, while other packing and moving companies keep the costs of packing and moving separately.

Understanding The Per Hour System Used By Several Packers And Movers In Australia

Now, some families and homeowners find it much easier to wrap their heads around the per-hour system of cost calculation. The flat fee system is also quite popular, but then it is all a matter of their personal choice. The hourly charge system falls under the time-based pricing structure. This proves to be beneficial in many instances. However, you will have to make sure that you only choose a highly reputable company that has ample experience. Several companies in the country do have an instant cost calculator that allows you to determine the entire cost of the process within a matter of a few minutes. This helps you plan your budget wisely and keeps you within your financial limits.

Comparing Removal Costs To Get A Better Deal

Comparing Removal Costs To Get A Better Deal

Of course, you want to get a better idea of the entire moving cost. It is advised to get at least four or five quotes from multiple movers. 

  • Do not rely only on online cost estimators
  • Count all your boxes and heavy inventory as you make your moving checklist
  • Do not forget your beds and mattresses, and even your small boxes
  • You should also specify the kind of property that you will be moving to your new house
  • Write down in particular about the access points of the new building, such as elevators, stairs, ramps, and others

In The End, Don’t Forget To Read The Reviews

This is also a very important factor that will help you decide upon which removalist to choose according to your budget. Go through their official website. Visit their social media pages. Scan through their reviews and testimonials. Make sure that they are verifiable. You are bound to find a lot of useful information about the company and the way it conducts its business. And don’t forget to connect with their previous clients to understand whether their service was worth the money spent or not. Their response will help you make a decision faster.

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11 Best And Easiest Strategies To Unpack After Moving Into Your New Home

There is no one best or the easiest way for unpacking after a move. There are a few strategies that you can use in combination with one another to efficiently unpack and make the entire process smoother and simpler. But things are bound to get a little out of hand because you tend to lose patience and determination once you have moved into your new house. You want to unpack everything all at once and this is where mistakes happen. When you are unpacking after a move, you must remember to keep every room in focus. You must follow a system.

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The following section describes all of these points in detail. Let’s have a look at a few quick tips for unpacking after a move:

1. Understand How Long It Should Take

It is usually going to take you at least one day to unpack all your stuff. This is if you are efficient and move quickly but not hastily.

2. Decide Upon A Starting Point

Decide Upon A Starting Point

You will have to start at the beginning. It could be any of the rooms that you think you will be using the most or would want to use first. You can either begin with your bathroom or your kitchen depending upon your usage and needs.

3. Unpack Your Essentials First

Do you remember making an essentials box and keeping it in your car with you? The first thing that you should unpack is that box. It has all your medicines, prescriptions, important papers, hard cash for emergencies, a few sanitary items, baby care products, and a lot more.

4. Remember To Hire Someone To Help

Remember To Hire Someone To Help

If you don’t know how to unpack after moving, you can always hire a professional to do this for you. They will be responsible for the entire move. They know the best way to pack your stuff and move it to its new destination. They are also going to unpack and assemble all your furniture and belongings without you having to supervise any of the procedures.

5. Pack With Due Diligence

Now, this is something that you should have exercised right in the beginning. You should always pack your stuff keeping in mind your unpacking process. It is going to make the entire procedure very easy and will help you settle into your new home without any hiccups. People often store their toiletries, medicines, and other important documents in their moving boxes. This is not the right approach. If you have any shampoos and toothpaste and other daily-use items, make sure to pack them in a container that is easily accessible so that you will remember to unpack them the first thing you have moved into your new house. So yes, pack all your stuff keeping your unpacking in mind.

6. Get Familiar With Your New House

Get Familiar With Your New House

The best way to get familiar with your new space is to take a tour of the house with your family. This will make it easier for you to select a spot where all your heavy furniture pieces and big cargo can go. You can also select the spaces where you will be opening up your office and kitchen appliances for the time being. Once you have acquainted yourself with your new house, you can decide which boxes will go into which rooms and where exactly your clothes are going to find their temporary spot so that they are easily available whenever you want them. This way, unpacking all your boxes becomes very easy.

7. Assembling And Arranging Your Furniture

Now that you have acquainted yourself with your new house, it is time to choose a spot where all your heavy furniture pieces will be assembled and put back together. Your shoe racks, wall units, bookcases, heavy recliners, dining tables, center tables, sofas, and chairs will need to be reassembled. You must make sure that you assemble all these pieces in a wide space without any hindrances or chances of breakage.

8. Distributing All Your Boxes

Distributing All Your Boxes

A quick tour of the house also helps you choose rooms for every member of the family. It helps you decide which boxes go into which room so that unpacking all of them becomes simpler and faster. It helps you prevent any unnecessary mess and also, enables you to decentralize the entire process of packing. So this way you will not be opening all your stuff in one place and creating unnecessary clutter for yourself in your new home.

9. Clean Clean Clean

It is very important to start cleaning every room before you start unpacking its stuff. You can either clean the whole house all at once or you can do it room by room as you start unpacking all your stuff. Some homeowners believe that a deep cleaning process is necessary before they start moving their stuff into the new house. You can do that too.

10. Prioritize Your Rooms

Prioritize Your Rooms

You can start unpacking all your stuff room by room as well. If you think that your bedroom needs to be unpacked before anything else, find your bedroom containers and boxes the first thing you move into your new house. Once you are done with this, move on to your living room and then the guest bedroom. Just remember not to leave the unpacking process of any of your rooms in the middle. When you begin unpacking a room, make sure to complete it before you move on to the next space.

11. Unpacking Your Kitchen To Unpack Your Home

Unpacking Your Kitchen To Unpack Your Home

You must be wondering why this point is at the conclusion of the blog. This is because this is the step that puts everything in order. Unpacking your kitchen items and putting your kitchen in order should be your first priority. This puts everything in perspective. Once you have your critical appliances up and running and your kitchen completely functional, you will be able to think straight. Once food goes into your tummy, your brain starts functioning as it should. You can concentrate on unpacking the rest of your rooms one by one or as the need arises. So remember to unpack and settle your kitchen first and the rest of the things will just fall into place automatically. Happy unpacking!

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What Is The Best Way To Pack When Moving Out For The First Time?

It could be very complicated and intimidating at the same time for you if you are moving out for the first time. Remember, the usual house packing tips might not be able to fit the bill. You will have to take extra measures to make sure that this move is successful. Let’s begin with a few suggestions that even the leading house movers in the city would give you.

A Few Basic Moving Tips To Get You Started

1. Keep Similar Items Together

This applies to a lot of your belongings. You can keep all your similar items neatly packed and stacked together. This is going to simplify your move tremendously. For example, you can keep all your utensils, plates, and bowls in one box. If they happen to be made from the same material, it will be very easy for you to carry them and move them to your new house. Because there will be no variation in the degree of care that you have to exercise, there will be much less stress.

2. Invest In Enough Padding Material

Invest In Enough Padding Material

It is always a good idea to invest in enough adding materials such as: 

  1. Bubble wrap 
  2. Wrapping paper 
  3. Old newspapers 
  4. Plastic wrap 
  5. Trash bags 
  6. Nylon rope 
  7. Packing tape 
  8. Permanent markers 
  9. Moving boxes 
  10. Containers 
  11. Screwdrivers 
  12. Scissors 

3. Always Label Your Boxes

Always Label Your Boxes

When you are done making boxes, remember to label them correctly and also write on them which side goes up and which goes down. You should also list all the items included in the box so that you don’t have to open up every container just to find the item that you’re looking for. Make sure that you have the permanent marker for that.

4. Separate Your Box Of Essentials Before You Move Out

You will have to create a separate box for your essential items and all the things that you will need either during transit or immediately after you have moved into your new home. These could be your baby products, medicines, important documents and papers, repair kit, tools, and sanitary items as well.

5. Hire A Professional Moving Company

Hire A Professional Moving Company

If you haven’t considered going for packing and moving company, maybe you should think about that as well. They can help you move from your old home to your new house seamlessly and very efficiently. They will also come up with a customized moving plan for the big day. All you have to do is give them your preferred date of moving and tell them your budget and distance. You can also ask them to come to your property to have a look at the cargo that needs to be moved.

6. Ask Your Parents For Help

If you still face any problems segregating your stuff or getting them into the boxes and containers that you have already bought, maybe you need a bit more help. You could always use a little more muscle power. Remember, two hands are always better than one. Do not forget to ask your parents or your best friends for help. After all, what are your loved ones for? They will be more than happy to help you out with this move.

House Packing Tips For Every Room 

1. Kitchen

  • The best way to pack for moving your kitchen is to defrost your refrigerator at least 48 hours before the packers and movers arrive 
  • The next step is to organize your dishes 
  • Choose different boxes for your expensive and delicate glassware 
  • Pack small appliances together and tie them up with nylon rope 
  • Separate the dry goods from the wet goods that you want to transport 
  • If you have any refrigerated items, you might want to invest in an ice box

2. Dining Room

  • The beautiful carpet that adorns your dining room can be rolled up neatly and tied with a nylon rope 
  • Pack your décor items and chairs and then stack them up one over the other 
  • Dismantle your coffee table just the way it is supposed to be 
  • Pack all your decor items neatly and make sure that you use extra padding to protect them from any damage

3. Living Room

Living Room
  • All your heavy furniture pieces should be dismantled before you transport them 
  • Your artwork and beautiful mirror work must be protected with extra padding and bubble wrap as you put them into your moving boxes 
  • Separate and dismantle all your electronic components in an organized fashion 
  • Prepare your expensive coffee table for transport by removing its legs and then adding an extra layer of protection onto its glass top

4. Bedroom

  • Make sure to organize all your jewelry pieces and stack them up in small boxes neatly 
  • Pack your mattresses and send them out with the movers 
  • Your beddings and pillowcases should be separate from the heavy boxes 
  • Pack your casual clothing in a different bag and keep it accessible throughout the trip

5. Bathroom

  • Most of your toiletries can be packed together in a separate duffle bag 
  • Organize your towels before you move out 
  • Take off the bathroom mirror and put it in a durable box with enough padding materials 

6. Laundry

  • Your essential electronic items and appliances such as your dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, and their cords and wires should be packed separately
  • If they have any removable components, make sure to take them out and fill them in a separate box

7. Storage Or Garage

Storage Or Garage
  • Your storage room or garage may have a lot of items such as your old furniture pieces, a few cans of spray paints, fertilizers, weed killers, and similar solutions
  • It may also have some tools such as your screwdrivers, pliers, lawn mowers, nails, screws, and grass cutters
  • Your pool toys, your dad’s bike, and a few spare tires
  • Separate all these items and arrange for a different mode of transportation for these at a later stage

There You Go

You have finally created a practical checklist of all the items that you need to move to your new house. Your first move is going to be a lot of fun and much easier than you ever thought.

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What’s The Best Way For Last Minute House Packing To Move?

You have come to the right place if you are looking for packing tips for moving house at the last moment. Remember, last-minute packing and moving are never going to be easy for you. It is going to invite a lot of stress, panic, and several palpitations per minute. But all of that can be managed very easily.

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Let’s begin with a few very practical and easy tips to help you out pack your stuff on very short notice without missing out on even the smallest critical detail:

1. Get All The Help You Will Need


Get All The Help You Will Need

The only way to speed up the packing and moving process is to get as much help as you can from your friends and neighbors. You will also have to look for a dependable house removals company in your city to make this move successful. Ask your relatives or perhaps your colleagues to drop by for a few hours during any of the days leading up to your move. They will be more than happy to help you out with your packing and moving.

2. Create A Moving Checklist

Another very effective last-minute moving tip is to create a moving checklist. While your friends are helping you out, you can take out a few minutes and create or checklist of all the things that need to be moved to your new house and the items that you can sell off at a garage sale. This will also help you narrow down the items that you need to pack and will save you a lot more time.

3. Schedule The Moving Service


Schedule The Moving Service

The next step is to schedule the moving service. It is a great idea to hire two movers and a truck if you want to speed up the moving process. Let them come in for an assessment of your cargo and all the furniture pieces that need to be moved to your new destination. They will come in and look at your items and talk to you about the distance to be traveled, and the dates that suit you the best. They will then recommend the right vehicle for your belongings depending upon your budget and needs. There you have it. You have successfully booked the moving service and now you can relax a little.

4. Clean Out Your Home

This is something that you will have to do on your own but of course with a little help from your neighbors. So yes, if you haven’t been friendly with them up until now, this is the right time to offer them a few cookies and a great-tasting frappe. So don’t hesitate to invite your neighbors over and ask them for a little bit of assistance with your furniture pieces and the items that you want to disassemble.

5. Get The Right Supplies


Get The Right Supplies

Inviting your neighbors and friends over for a coffee did turn out to be a great idea. A lot of them brought with them some of the most useful packing supplies. You had been thinking about running to the nearest store to buy cardboard and moving boxes. But you already got them from your neighbors. Other packing supplies that you might need include wrapping paper, old newspapers, bubble wrap, a few more containers, boxes if you run out, nylon rope, packing tape, permanent markers, Styrofoam balls, and a label maker. These are a few supplies that will be easily available at your local hardware store and if you want to save more time, you can always ask your friends to pool in whatever they can from the list of supplies that you have created.

6. Pack Room By Room

Packing your stuff room by room is a great idea. It will help you move all your stuff easily without any delays. Once you are done with one room, you can move to the next. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed by this responsibility. You can streamline your move easily by going one room at a time. It is going to increase your efficiency and you will be able to categorize your moving boxes according to the room and their belongings. Make sure to label every box accordingly and also include the names of the items contained in the box in the label itself.

7. Use Your Trash Bags


Use Your Trash Bags

Have you ever thought about using your trash bags for your move? They are not only stretchable but they also give you a lot of privacy. Needless to say, you can stuff a lot of your items in them. They are especially useful if you are not traveling long distances. You can stick labels on them quite easily. Just make sure not to put your delicate and expensive items in these bags. They are mainly suitable for your last-minute items that usually get left behind such as your kids’ toys, plastic items, small kitchen utensils, and clothes.

8. Leave The Clothes As They Are


Leave The Clothes As They Are

Now, this brings us to a very interesting point. It is always better to just pick up your clothes along with their hangers and toss them into your travel bag as they are. It is never a good idea to take them off the hangers and then wrap them neatly and separately. We are trying to save you valuable time. So it is better to just take them off along with the hanger and place them strategically inside your suitcases. This may, when you have finally moved into your new house, you can take them out and hang them in your cupboard right away.


Wasn’t this amazing? Now you know how to pack and move quickly and that too without any stress. Who thought that it will be this easy to pull off a move even when you are on a time crunch? But then as we said before, there is a solution to every problem. This is how you move from your old home to your new house at the last minute. Happy moving!

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