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9 Amazing Packing Tips For Kitchen Appliances

You don’t just have a food processor or a blender to pack. You also have your silverware, your pots and pans, and your extensive dinnerware. What could be the best way to pack and move kitchen stuff like this? Let’s not dwell upon talking about it anymore.

Let’s just start packing: 

  • Beginning With Your Appliances

Beginning With Your Appliances

It is always better to start with your appliances, especially the ones that can be dismantled. You will need small-to-medium-sized boxes for all your electronic items such as blenders, blender jars, food processors, cutters, kneading bowls, and other stuff like that. You will have to segregate these items before you move on to your knives and spoons, etc.

  • Moving On To Your Dinnerware

Your dinnerware is one of the most critical items to pack. These include your wine glasses and your precious coffee mugs as well. You can also start by setting your plates first and then moving on to your glasses and beakers.

  • And Now Your Beautiful Silverware

Your silverware should be packed in butter paper if possible. If you can find soft paper towels to wrap your silverware in, nothing better than that. Make sure to use strong tape to secure these items inside the box.

  • Do Not Ignore Your Pots And Pans

Do Not Ignore Your Pots And Pans

Your pots and pans might be a little more prone to breaking. Therefore, it is advised to use extra padding and old newspapers inside the box when you are placing them against one another.

A Few Packing Supplies That You Will Need To Make Sure That All Your Kitchen Items Are Safe When In Transit

  • Packing Boxes

Packing Boxes

Using packing boxes is the best way to move your kitchen stuff. Grab a few of probably every size that you can get in the market. If you have any shoe boxes lying around, you can use them too. Ask your neighbors and friends to drop by a few unused boxes from their Amazon and eBay deliveries.

  • Packing Paper

Packing paper is a must. You can also use old newspapers for this. They are going to act as extra padding and will help you fill in the gaps in the boxes once you have placed all your kitchen appliances neatly against one another.

  • Packing Tape

Packing Tape

Packing tape is very useful because it helps put everything together, literally.

  • Twist Ties

Twist ties are great for securing all your boxes and items together. They prevent your appliances from moving around inside the box if you run out of any padding or packing material.

  • Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker

A permanent marker is going to be your lifesaver. It is going to help you differentiate between the boxes that contain your durable items and the ones that contain your super fragile air fryer.

Now Coming To The Actual Tips For Packing Your Kitchen And The Entire Procedure Of Moving Your Appliances And Items

1. Let The Sorting Begin

Let The Sorting Begin

As explained above, you must segregate the items according to their features and fragility. The items that can be shipped with your main cargo in your moving truck should be conveyed to the packers and movers immediately. The covers, lids, blades (always with safety on), and other items that are more fragile can go inside your own vehicle. You can make separate boxes for both of them and may decide to transport them to your new destination on your own.

2. Clean Up And More Clean Up

Clean Up And More Clean Up

Before you pack your appliances, it is important to clean them up nicely. For example, if you have a mixer grinder or a juicer, or a combination of the two, it is important to take out all the debris and pulp from these appliances before you pack them for the final move.

3. Dismantling Is The Key

This is one of the most crucial steps in packing kitchen appliances for moving and all your furniture pieces as well. This is because when you disassemble these products, it becomes easy to stack them over one another. This also prevents them from rattling when they are in transit and therefore, protects them from breaking. Disassembling kitchen appliances is a very practical way to transport them to your new location without any scratches or bumps.

4. Secure Your Items

Secure Your Items

As mentioned above, you are going to need that extra tape to secure all your items together. Whether you have kept them in a tightly packed box or just stuffed them with your bedsheets to give them extra cushioning, it is important to secure them with extra tape. This is the best way to pack kitchen appliances and you can also use nylon rope if you want extra protection. The whole idea is to keep them in place and prevent them some cracking or breaking.

5. Wrap Them Up Nice

Now it is time to wrap them up nicely. You have secured them in place and now it is important to cover them up with enough packing paper and other packing materials such as old paper towels, newspapers, or old bedsheets. This is going to protect them from colliding with any of the stuff that is being transported along with them to your new destination. 

6. Lining Of The Boxes

You have to prepare your boxes like a pro. The only thing needed right now is extra padding such as old clothes, paper towels, newspapers, and other packing material such as styrofoam to cover those hard edges of the boxes. Some of your items may be too fragile which means that you might have to line your boxes with at least one layer of protection to prevent them from any scratches or breakage.

7. Placing Them Just Right

It is important to neatly set your appliances and their disassembled parts over one another so that they do not shift or move or slide down. You will have to take care of their shape and size so that you can fit two pieces together and place them in the box in such a way that they do not move about or fall down causing unnecessary breakage.

8. Do Away With Those Gaps

Once you have stacked them nicely, it is always better to do away with those gaps that are in between those expensive electronic appliances. You can use paper towels, old cotton cloth, bed sheets, newspapers, and other packing material to fill in those gaps and secure the box tightly.

9. Seal, Pack, And Label

Seal, Pack, And Label

Now it is time to seal and pack the box. You can use a few newspapers and other packing paper to wrap the box nicely. Label it without fail. Also mentioned on the box that which side goes on top and which goes at the bottom. Make sure to write “fragile” or “durable” on the boxes in a very big and easily visible font.

So there you go! Weren’t these tips for packing your kitchen stuff so absolutely useful? This is a great way to pack your kitchen appliances all the while ensuring that none of these items break or get misplaced. Let’s start with your packing right away!

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8 Tips To Make Moving With A Toddler Easier

Did you think that moving house with children was going to be easy? Well, think again. If you have children or a toddler in your arms, it could get a lot more complicated than you could ever imagine. Just the thought of organizing the packing materials or comparing the different quotes given by moving companies from across the city can confuse and overwhelm you. You have your babies to take care of!

What do you do? You take a deep breath and follow the tips given below:

1. Get At Least One Full Day Off

Get At Least One Full Day Off

It is never going to be easy to move your house with a handful of children or even one toddler. You will need at least 7 to 8 hours at a stretch to manage the entire thing. If you are packing your stuff all by yourself, it is important to take at least one day off. You will also have to look for reliable childcare if you are not able to attend to your children for a few hours during the day. Arrange for a dependable babysitter when you are managing the packing and moving processes away from them or even in the next room. This will ensure that your babies are taken care of when you are busy organizing the move.

2. Do Not Pack Your Child’s Belongings First

Do Not Pack Your Child's Belongings First

It is never advised to pack the belongings and essential items of your children first when moving house with kids. If you’re about to create boxes for your children, make sure that none of the essential items such as their stuffed animals, baby gadgets, noisy toys, pacifiers, milk bottles, or any other favorite toys of your children get packed in any of those boxes. You will have to wait for your babies to fall asleep for the day and then quickly make their boxes and start with and complete the move so that they do not have to wake up to a house that does not have their favorite toys and stuff lying around.

3. Always Carry A Pack N Play Bag

Always Carry A Pack N Play Bag

This brings us to a very important point which is creating a pack n play bag. Instead of creating a sealed box for your children’s belongings, it is more practical to pick a backpack for those items. This is especially suitable for you if you are staying in a hotel temporarily and have to manage babies or toddlers day and night. You can just whip out their favorite toys whenever they start crying. The same backpack can hold their water bottles, milk bottles, pacifiers, bouncy seats, soft baby chairs, and other gadgets and soft toys that you use to keep them distracted and happy all the time.

4. Invest In A Few Spare Essentials For Your Baby

You might have to invest in a few essential items for your baby such as diapers, diaper genies, milk bottles, pacifiers, soft toys, and any other items that you think are going to keep them occupied. In the process of moving house with a toddler, some of their toys and items might get damaged or misplaced. Therefore investing in a few spare essentials for your baby is a very practical tip.

5. It Is Important To Maintain A Calm Mind

It Is Important To Maintain A Calm Mind

Of course, you have dealt with a lot up until now. You need to take a breath and a little bit of well-deserved break. Practice a bit of yoga and guided meditation. Turn on YouTube and look for a few meditation videos that can help you calm down and concentrate on your responsibilities for the day. With a peaceful and relaxed mind, it will be much easier for you to focus on what you have on your plate the next day. This is going to give you more energy to start the day and the packing and moving procedures.

6. Set Up The Bedroom First

Once you are done with all the packing and moving, it is important to set up the bedroom of the baby first. Whether it is your little toddler or five or six-year-old little devils, it is crucial to keep them occupied throughout this process. It also helps you to keep them away from any kinds of injuries and accidents while the packers and movers are unpacking all your heavy furniture and other cargo. So yes, the first thing that you should do when you move into your new house is unpacked your children’s bedroom and set up all the furniture pieces, fixtures, entertainment units, baby monitors, cribs, safety gates, and other peripherals that you have brought with you.

7. Quick Grocery Shopping

Quick Grocery Shopping

Now it is time to go for quick grocery shopping! This is because carrying the baby formula or the casserole your mum made on this trip didn’t seem practical. Locate a nearby departmental store and make a quick trip for all the essential items that you need to keep the kitchen running. Do not forget to grab a few extra diapers for your little one and a few new toys and games as well. Grocery shopping at this point in time should be kept very practical. You need to remember that you do not have your stove and gas connection ready at this moment. Grab as many ready-to-cook meals as possible. Go for tasty instant dinners and lunches, frozen yogurt, canned fruits, cereals, and milk, and stock your fridge intelligently.

8. Unpack The Playroom

Unpack The Playroom

Now it is time to finally unpack the playroom. While the packers and movers are unpacking all the furniture pieces in your bedroom and living area, you can take up this responsibility on yourself. Make sure that the play area is well secured and safe for your children. Choose the most appropriate bedding and comforter for your children. Make sure that the hardwood floor is covered with a comfortable rug to keep the room cozy and welcoming for your little ones. Arrange their soft toys just the way they like them and you are done.


The biggest and the most practical tip for moving with kids here is to keep your mind calm. You should understand that this is doable. This is practical and easy. You have to keep a positive mindset if you want this entire move to be successful. Happy moving!

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12 Tools To Make Your Move Easier

If you are planning a move from your old home to your new property, you are going to look for any possible way to make it easier for yourself and your family members. You will never want them to lift any extra weight or stress themselves just because they are not able to dismantle that big sofa that you bought last month. Apart from the usual tricks and tips that you often come across, there are other very useful tools that you might not be aware of. Some of them are just taken for granted by most of us because we can’t really find a use for them until we have to move out of our old house.

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Let’s have a look at a few furniture moving tools that can make your life so much simpler and speed up your move tremendously.

1. Forklift

Do you know what a forklift can do for you? A forklift allows you to lift up nearly 66% of the weight of an object without much effort. You do not need any extra-large moving tools to lift, let’s say, a 500 lb object that you want to relocate to your new home. There might be a few items in your garage that you want to take to your new house and a forklift can do the job just right. Of course, you will have to buy a pair of sturdy straps with this equipment or if you want to rent the entire thing, even that is very much possible. It also proves to be a lot more practical and affordable.

2. Dolly Carts

Dolly Carts

This is going to prove to be another very useful addition to your equipment list. These are basically hand trucks that can be moved around with a lot of ease and no friction at all. If you have any heavys boxes to move around, they can be stacked upon one another on one of these carts and you can just roll them over to their destination.

3. Ramps

Yes, ramps are going to prove very helpful whether you are taking out your heavy cargo from your old home or transporting them to your new house. They are also useful when you are transferring any of your heavy objects to or from the truck. Ramps can make your move a lot easier and faster. The best part is that they are not even that expensive. Even the most reputable moving companies in the city would advise you to invest in a couple of these if you are trying to move all your stuff by yourself.

4. Floor Sliders

Floor Sliders

Floor sliders are a great addition to your furniture moving tools because they are perfect when you want to move any heavy pieces of furniture or any other objects across your rooms. They do not cause any friction and allow you to slide all your heavy equipment across the floor without any hassle. You will need a lot less arm strength to maneuver floor sliders.

5. Various Kinds Of Tapes

Always invest in a few pieces of extra tape such as packing tape, low tack tape, duct tape, and the like. They are useful when you are trying to secure your cargo and pack your stuff to be moved to your new house. If you are transporting any expensive items and you intend to transport them to your new home in your own vehicle, you are going to need a little extra tape to secure them. 

6. Bungee Cords

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are again very helpful house moving tools especially if you are trying to prevent any of your heavy equipment from falling off the cart or dolly. These are going to help you lift heavy objects as well. They allow you to get a grip on your heavy objects without any problem and because they are stretchable, they can be used to secure some of the trickiest furniture pieces that you own.

7. Cargo Straps

Cargo straps are very easy to tie down and because they are retractable, they are a fantastic and a very practical way to secure your moving boxes. They can be wrapped around your furniture pieces making them a lot more secure than you can imagine. You can protect your smaller items from colliding with one another and all your smaller boxes from sliding left and right when they are in transit. Cargo straps can keep all your boxes stacked neatly against one another in a snug fit.

8. Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are going to prove to be very practical house moving tools, especially if you want to transport any extra clothing, bedding, towels, bedsheets, and other stuff. They can also be used to wrap your expensive electronic items. You can stuff soft padding inside these bags and because they are stark black in colour, you will find it easier to differentiate them from the rest of your stuff.

9. Cutters And Scissors

You are going to need cutters and scissors to pack and re-pack some of your boxes. All the bubble wrap and other packing materials such as bedsheets, old towels, newspapers, and many other materials will require a lot of cutting and trimming around the edges. Box cutters are also very practical because you might need to mold a few pieces together to create a container for smaller objects.

10. Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are very essential if you are moving your home belongings all by yourself. These are useful to wrap your appliances, electronic items, costly furniture, and all those expensive possessions that you want to protect from any dust, dirt, moisture, and breakage.

11. Step Ladder

You are definitely going to want a step ladder in your house. This is going to simplify your entire move by multiples. There will be several instances when you will have to reach out to places at a height to get a hold of those old boxes and packing materials that you have been storing up for so long.

12. Label Maker

Label Maker

In the end, you can never do without a label maker. When it comes to categorizing and segregating all your stuff, a label maker can keep you on track. You can easily differentiate between the durable and fragile items that you own. It is also going to tell you what items you need to unpack before anything else once you have completed your move.


So there you go. Wasn’t that a handy list of some of the most incredible tools to make moving easier and faster? Now let’s get you moving.

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7 Easy Tips To Get To Know Your New Neighbours

New to the neighbourhood and looking to socialize and get to know your next doors better? It can be hard to settle down in a new place, your new job, and start over again. New friends are hard to come by, especially once we cross a certain age, and moving into a new house is a stressful affair. However, interacting and finding a trustworthy bond with new neighbours is no rocket science.

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Introduce Yourself

So simple? Well, yes. First impressions last forever and it is important to be your best self when meeting new people. Greeting your new neighbours and introducing yourself nicely is the first step in forming that ‘barbeque on the weekends’ kind of friendship. If you are naturally a shy person, you can leave a happy and welcoming note at their doorstep inviting them for a small housewarming get-together. There are so many conversation starters that you can use as well – you can also ask for help with some of your boxes while you are moving in. Kids and pets are also great gateways into a nice relationship. Maybe your kids go to the same school or maybe you can ask them about the best veterinarian in the neighbourhood.

Spending Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors

You can meet your new neighbours on a frequent basis if you spend more time on outdoor activities. Beware! Taking a walk every day or mowing the garden once a week can lead to some serious friendships! Anyway, meeting your new neighbours isn’t all that hard. Once you see them occasionally, you can strike up a conversation. It is important to be a giving and caring member of the society you live in and while you spend time outside the house, you can pick up volunteering jobs like taking care of young plants on the pavements and compost your trash using separate bins.

Keep Your House Clean

Keep your house clean

A few days after moving into your new house, you can finally start managing everything and organising things the way you want them to be. Soon your life will fall back into place. Make sure that you don’t prove to be an inconvenience. Keep your driveway clean and your lawns mowed. If you have pets, keep them well-groomed and free of diseases. Meeting your neighbours when you move into your new house depends a lot on how you present yourself. It is important to be considerate, civic-minded, and generally aware. These are just basic things such as taking out the trash on time, donating to a neighbourhood fund (if any), participating in neighbourhood watches – taking care that your actions do not hurt those who live around you.

Host A Party

Host a party

What’s a better way to meet new people and get to know them better than a party? It doesn’t have to be grand – you are not showing off your money here. It’s just a genuine attempt to grow a supportive community around your new house. Once you’re done moving into your new house, you can start planning this party. It can be a game night or simply a housewarming kind of deal. Get snacks and beverages that fall within your budget and let the good times roll! It is important to note here that partying in the neighbourhood should not create a ruckus around the block. Make sure that you celebrate moving into your new house without hurting others. Meet new neighbours through a housewarming party and maybe invite them for a more friendly dinner after a few weeks.

Carpool To Work

You’ll certainly find someone among your new neighbours who travel to the same area you work. A very nice approach would be to invite them to carpool with you. Not only will it help you save money, it is also a great way to meet and know your new neighbours better. Carpooling is also good for the environment so it is a win-win for everyone. You can also carpool with your new neighbours when dropping your kids off at school or going to the nearby supermarket.

Organise A Garage Sale

Organize A Garage Sale

When you move into a new house, you end up with a lot of things you don’t want, especially if you are downscaling to a smaller place. Organising a garage sale is a genius way to meet new people along with getting rid of things you no longer want. You can also put out snacks and beverages for people who attend the sale. You end up making a few bucks out of it and also get to meet your new neighbours. Some of the things that you sell in the garage sale can prove to be super important for some of the new people you meet. A garage sale is just a simple and genuine way to introduce yourself to your neighbours and let them know all about you and what you do.

Ask Them For Advice

Ask them for advice

Back when Google wasn’t around, everyone would consult the yellow pages or just pop into their neighbours and ask them for directions. Moving into a new house these days is much simpler with good quality facilities available easily. However, you can ask your neighbours about stuff you don’t know about the area. Maybe you need a new plumber and Google can only give you a list. Your neighbours will give you some genuine advice because they have been staying in the area for some time now. It is also a great way to help you get started in your new house. Hire a new electrician or maybe get your driveway cleaned with the help of your awesome new neighbours.


Moving into a new house is stressful but having people around you who care about your well-being can make it all much better. Meeting your new neighbours or meeting new people, in general, might not be something that is in your comfort zone so it is okay to just take baby steps. It is a good life when you share it with those who live around you.

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Things to Consider When Downsizing Before Moving Your Home

Downsizing your house is important before you move – for several reasons. It reduces the stress of moving and also minimizes the effort you have to put in. It is also a wonderful way to keep things organized. Did you know that a whopping 104,800 people moved interstate in Australia within just three months? The country does witness a lot of people moving around with a third of its population living in rented places and renters tend to move more often than homeowners, for obvious reasons. Downsizing your home before your move is the wise thing to do – after millions of Australians do it.

Well, it is always convenient to have a word of advice before anything and moving is no exception. So, we went ahead and did it for you – we curated a list of downsizing tips for moving homes. This is a ‘downsizing your home checklist before moving’ at your disposal. So let’s dive in!

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Tips For Downsizing Your Home

Following is a listicle that may help you to downsize your home if you ever plan to move. For people who are going to move in the near future, these tips are a must!

An inventory eases home downsizing

An inventory eases home downsizing

Having a list of all your belongings is a very easy and convenient way to go about downsizing your home. It keeps you aware of everything you own and hence, what is needed and what isn’t. Whenever you plan to move, an inventory is absolutely necessary – not only because of its help in downsizing but as a checklist of sorts.

Downsizing to a smaller home might actually be a step in the right direction to make you more organized. Clutter is a big no-no and if you come across something in your inventory-making that you haven’t used in a while, maybe it’s time to say goodbye!

You can divide this task by making a checklist or home inventory list to make it easier for you. A great tip before you downsize to a smaller home is to divide your inventory into categories. You can do it ‘room-wise’ or ‘utility-wise’ or simply based on their size and weights.

Minimize duplicates

Minimize duplicates

While you are shifting through your stuff, make a note of the things that are more in number than they should be. Maybe you have too many pillows and since you’re downsizing to a smaller home, you won’t need them anymore. An extra shelf, a shoe rack you don’t need anymore, water containers, the list can go on. 

This was all about extra stuff though – but what about duplicates? Well, the same rule goes. Also, you can also sell your extra belongings online or maybe just host an old-fashioned garage sale.

A plan to downsize

A plan to downsize

Planning everything before you actually begin the downsizing process can also prove to be very helpful. We’ve already touched on this before wherein we suggested that we divide the inventory checklist into smaller tasks. Making a roadmap before you downsize for moving can help you get done with it quicker and more efficiently.

After you’re done with downsizing, you can choose to give some of your possessions to loved ones or maybe just give them as freebies if they don’t hold any emotional value.

A digital you in a digital world

A digital you in a digital world

One of the most effective downsizing tips for moving is to go digital wherever possible. Say goodbye to messy and cluttered drawers full of files and documents and adopt a more eco-friendly and cheaper alternative. Going digital mostly just has its pros without any cons – but make sure you keep a backup of the most important documents.

You can also convert old photo albums, movie and music CDs, magnetic tapes, etc. into a digital format and simply upload it to a cloud. Job done!

Optimize your storage

Optimize your storage

Have you seen that Japanese bed that fits right underneath the staircase and even has a set of drawers under it? Well, we’re not going that extreme but you get the vibe. Optimizing the storage spaces you have available to you can help to downsize your home a lot easier. Multifunctional storage furniture such as couches and beds with built-in shelves can save you a lot of clutter and believe it or not, money!

Another great way of saving space and keeping things organized is to use wall shelves, also called floating shelves. One of the best tips we can give you for downsizing your home before moving though is to make the most of hidden storage spaces. Crawl spaces, closets, under the stairs – you name it! And Harry Potter can vouch for this too!

Wait before investing

Wait before investing

We understand that moving can be rather expensive but many people tend to add more expenses just because they are into this mode of spending. People moving into a new house are more likely to buy new furniture and other stuff. Well, it is not wise if you already have a decent collection. Downsizing your home is all about making it less stressful and making it easier to manage. Think before investing in purchasing anything new. Settle into your new house and then make a commitment.

Downsizing your home is easy – take time

Downsizing your home is easy – take time

Last but not the least, it is crucial to allow yourself the time and space to think about how you are going to go about actually downsizing. Planning ahead is the way forward, we believe. Give yourself lots of time to think and go through this checklist before moving. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your loved ones. You can also choose to go forward with hiring a house moving company to do the job for you. The latter is undoubtedly an expensive option but it will save you tons of time and pressure.


Thousands of Australians move every year, both interstate as well as intrastate. For long-distance moves that may require going into a smaller home, it is paramount to follow a proper series of actions to make sure everything goes according to plan. Downsizing before moving homes, interstate is a superb idea and can help you save yourself from a lot of stress and tension.

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Top 7 Places Where People Are Moving To In 2022

When you look at the Australian subcontinent as a whole entity, you come to understand just how diverse every city and state can be. It contributes to the country’s exquisite character in its own way. Every area, neighborhood, and locality in each of these cities has its unique charm and beauty.

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If you are planning a move away from your city or to any of the cities mentioned in this blog, you should be aware of a few characteristics of each of them. Let’s begin:

  1. Adelaide


Adelaide can be called the food and drinks capital of the country. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It has been the capital of South Australia for a long time and is one of the best places to move in on this list. The best part about this city is its friendly people. Also, it has one of the most affordable real estate options. The job opportunities are very good with close to 5,000 skilled migrants moving into the city almost every year. You will find a lot of expat families living in Adelaide for obvious reasons such as its overall area which is quite big as compared to other cities. It also has a lot of green spaces that you are going to love including Mount Lofty and the Botanical Garden. Needless to mention it is one of the best regions in Australia where you can find superb quality wine.

  1. Brisbane


Brisbane is a lovely city and it is known for its beautiful rural landscapes. It has all the excitement that you can probably find under the sky. It is way more affordable as compared to the biggest cities in the country such as Melbourne and Sydney. One of the most amazing characteristics of Brisbane is its booming economy. The hospitality and the health sector in particular are growing at a very rapid speed. The tourism sector is also quite lucrative with thousands of job opportunities sprouting up almost every 6 months. Another very attractive characteristic of this city is the very popular Gold Coast. You will find that the inner suburbs of Brisbane are highly affordable and the overall living cost in the city is also quite low.

  1. Canberra


Moving from one place to another across Australia? This city is an awesome place for you if you are looking for beauty and tranquility. It is a great city to move to with your family. It has a very sophisticated atmosphere and you can get a decent house in this city for a price that is well below the national average. The people here love to go to picnics, enjoy bike rides, and their most favorite pastime is fishing and sailing. There is a lot that you can do in and around Canberra. The city is specifically family-friendly with its great suburban plan and a long list of adventure activities that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Canberra is one of the very few cities in the world that have still been able to retain their small-town charm without any trouble. Living here is like living the Australian dream.

  1. Melbourne


Melbourne is a beautiful amalgamation of cultures from all over the world. It is also called the cultural capital of Australia. The best part about this city is its long list of bars, cafes, restaurants, eateries, and never-ending festivals throughout the year. Melbourne is popular for its unpredictable weather. The nightlife here, especially that you find around the Central Business District is exemplary and is going to leave you breathless. If you are a fan of sports, you will never be disappointed with this city with all the year-round events that keep you occupied and active. This is a culturally diverse city with a booming industry comprising automotive, financial services, technology, aviation, construction, engineering, and a lot more. Melbourne also has some of the most elite expat crowds that you will ever come across.

  1. Sydney


Sydney is the city of opportunities. It is also the home of some of the most popular and awe-inspiring sights. Sydney is iconic. You can find American expats roaming around the northern beaches with their families and loved ones. It is a great place to live in, especially if you are looking for a career change. The city offers access to over 100 beaches which is absolutely unhindered. It also has one of the most beautiful skylines that you will ever see throughout the country. The booming sectors that make Melbourne the city of opportunities are financial services, communication, technology, manufacturing, and many more. It also has a thriving art and music sector for the creative souls looking to settle down here.

  1. Perth


Perth is known for its amazing weather. It has various nature reserves and if you are a nature and wildlife lover, your haven is right here. It also has a thriving economy with technology, health care, tourism, mining industry, and manufacturing taking the lead. The residents of this city are rather laid back and very fond of the life that this place has to offer. It is a fast-growing economy and has beautiful islands, beaches, and other recreational areas for practically everyone belonging to all age groups.

  1. Darwin


Thinking of moving to a new place? Darwin is another city to consider. It has a very fast working life as well as a great cultural heritage that makes it a fantastic combination of both worlds. This city has some of the most unique natural landscapes and sceneries surrounding it. The nightlife is also quite impressive with warm and welcoming weather all year round. It is one of the very few cities in Australia that the majority of youngsters are drawn to. So yes, it is not Sydney or Melbourne but Darwin that has become the hub for the young generation. Right from accommodation to retail, construction, food services, or health care, everything is affordable and very well in reach, putting the ease of living index of this city among the best in the country.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of which city you move into across Australia, you are going to find more than one reason to love it deeply. Every city has a different character to it. Every state is known for its unique history, heritage, and culture. Living in any one of these cities can be an enriching and life-changing experience.

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Sydney Bus Drivers Strike For Better Conditions And Pay – Commuters Expect Delays

Hundreds of bus drivers in Sydney have gone on strike to protest against low wages and bad working conditions. The protest rally is expected to be held in the morning hours as multitudes of drivers strike for better wages, capped shifts, and standardised breaks.

The dispute between the state government and transport union has sparked a rally of protests in Sydney. Commuters are expected to face delays throughout the day as bus transport services will be ‘minimal’ across Sydney. The 24-hour strike will continue till the 12th of April.

Inner West, Hills district, and other areas in south, west, and north Sydney are all expected to fall under the effect. People commuting to and from their work via buses might face delays as long as 2 hours. A trip from Castle Hill into the main city takes around an hour, for example, but might take up to two today.

Commuters at large are, however, in support of the bus drivers and say that they are okay with the inconvenience as long as the drivers get their rightful demands. Another important facet of the strike is that bus drivers are demanding self-defence training and violence training. Working through nights and driving across crime-ridden neighbourhoods make up for the importance of this demand on its own.

More than a thousand bus drivers will be taking leave from work today – demanding better wages and working conditions from private owners. The NSW government has urged private companies to take positive actions in a direction that is a win-win for all.

NSW Transport Workers Union secretary Richard Olsen has stated that it is up to the NSW government to enforce the change. It is the responsibility of the government to standardise wages and working conditions. Private bus owners claimed that the bus drivers have already signed contracts for the current pay scale.

Mr Olsen also said that bus drivers suffer from bad facilities at interchanges. It is up to the government to fix this.

Bus routes are facing complete closure or are running on a reduced timetable. Commuters are expected to suffer delays and are urged to adapt to the circumstances on a temporary basis.

Cost Of Living Will Decrease After Last Week’s Budget But Not For Everyone

The highlight of Australia’s federal budget which was released the previous week was that it would tackle the issue of high costs of living. However, there is a certain chunk of the population, including the unemployed, who will miss out on the chance to benefit from it.

The Australian government rolled out its highly advertised federal budget for the year in the last week of March. The federal budget, although containing lots of other details, was picked up by everyone (mainly due to how the government talked about it) for reducing the cost of living. First time home buyers as well as current home owners will benefit from the new budget.

The federal budget also slashed the excise duty on fuel prices as well as plans to give away a one-time cash handout to pensioners. Also, there are more plans to roll out tax relief programs. However, a third of the Australian population who live in rented spaces may not receive any benefits. The cost of living will remain the same, if not increase, for more than 2.6million Australians households.

Rental stress is quite a real thing here in Australia with more than 14% renters reported to suffer from it. A whopping 30% of their income goes towards rent. Expert economics from various places suggested that renters should have been included in the federal budget.

It is true that the renters have been ‘ignored’ by the budget but they may fall under other benefits that the budget will allow for them. Tax relief programs may just be one of them.

The Prime Minister made an insightful point on the situation though. Mr. Morrison commented that the target of the budget was to help renters be able to buy their own place. This makes more sense if we take the average income of the renting population into consideration. How ‘close’ a renter is to buying a new house is what will decide how effective the budget is.

Places such as Melbourne have a high rate of rental stress, where areas such as Chisholm report a 1 out of 5 household under rental stress.

This is only one side of the coin though – the government has put aside $5billion for people renting a house. This is, however, for people who fall under other programs (not because they are renters). This includes pensioners, the unemployed, and people receiving youth allowance.

Guide To Avoiding Moving Scams

Moving scams are very common these days. The biggest reason is that homeowners have grown quite impatient. They want instant gratification and often forget to inquire enough about the moving company in the first place. This careless nature of ours has resulted in a breeding ground for every kind of moving company fraud. But it is time to become a little more diligent. It is time to exercise a lot more caution.

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The following section talks about a few warning signs indicative of such companies and a few tips to stay away from such frauds. Let’s begin:

Look For An Obvious Red Flag – Dirt-Cheap Prices

If you come across a deal that is practically impossible to resist, it is without a doubt a moving scam. This goes for any product or service that is available at a dirt-cheap price in the market when every other vendor is sticking to a reasonably high quote. Remember, anything that comes too cheap is not going to be worth your money. This is a general rule of thumb that you should apply to packers and movers as well.

What Are The Signs Of A Reputable Moving Company?

  • Clear cut communication 
  • Well defined business name 
  • Verifiable physical address 
  • Positive and negative (mixed) reviews 
  • Fully functional social media profiles 
  • Returning customers 
  • Availability over a phone call 
  • Instant responses to emails 
  • No persuasive marketing gimmicks 
  • No excessive discounts and offers

Identifying A Moving Scam Or A Fraud Packing And Moving Company – 9 Signs To Look Out For

  1. Stay Away From Cheap Quotes

Stay Away From Cheap Quotes

If the moving company offers cheap quotes or if their prices are just too low, it is definitely a red flag. Remember that good service is always going to come at a cost. 

  1. A Big Deposit Is A No

If a company asks you to deposit a huge amount as an initial deposit, stay away from them. Any reputable company would ask you to pay up only 20% of the total estimated cost upfront. Anything more or less than that means a moving fraud is brewing.

  1. False Business Names

Some companies do not have any registration information at all. They are established with different name and the name on their business cards is different. This means that the company you are dealing with is a fraud.

  1. No Physical Address

Can a company be established without a physical address? Should you sign any agreement or contract without visiting their physical office? The answer is no. If you haven’t visited the office of the company, do it right now. If you haven’t spoken to any of their representatives in person, do it right now.

  1. Non-Disclosure Of Fees

Non-Disclosure Of Fees

What kind of a company does not disclose its fee structure? A fraud company. The fee structure should be completely transparent and made flexible depending upon your needs. The company should be able to make changes in their offers depending upon the extent of their service you need in the first place. And of course, if there is any hidden fee, that is also a red flag.

  1. Insurance Covering A Lot

Insurance Covering Too Little

At times it happens that the insurance of the moving company covers a lot of your belongings. This means that any probable damage that you can think of will be covered by their insurance policy. This is highly unusual. If it covers everything, getting a little skeptical won’t exactly be the worst thing.

  1. Insurance Covering Too Little

The same applies if the information related to their insurance cover is obscured or shady. The details regarding their insurance should be clear-cut and precise. There should not be many terms and conditions applicable or any aspects of the insurance that contradict each other. If you find this information difficult to wrap your head around, say no to them because this sounds like a moving company scam.

  1. Only Phone Estimates

Are they offering only phone estimates? Do they not wish to come to your house and have a closer look at your property and your belongings? This is another red flag to be aware of. If they insist on providing you with just phone call estimates, do not move forward with them. Any reliable moving company such as CBD Movers would be more than willing to visit you and assess your needs before they give you an all-inclusive quote.

  1. Trucks With No Markings

Trucks With No Markings

This is a very clear sign that you should not associate with the packers and movers you have selected. If they do not have a truck with a valid license plate or any signage on it, do not give them a second thought.

Protecting Yourself From Moving Frauds

  • Keep a list and a descriptive inventory of all your possessions with you always 
  • If you have associated with a company and are skeptical of them, make all your payments with credit cards 
  • Do check their license and verify their physical address before signing any agreements 
  • Read their reviews and get in touch with the people who have taken their services in the past 
  • Do not sign on a blank or a partially written contract 
  • Ask around about the reputation and the conduct of the company 
  • Think about moving insurance

Choosing The Right Packers And Movers – Making A Sound Decision

Choosing The Right Packers And Movers - Making A Sound Decision
  • The best way to do this is to first get several estimates from at least 4 or 5 moving companies. You must compare the prices that market leaders are offering their services.
  • Look for the registration information of the company. This is going to help you determine whether they are legitimate or not. 
  • Do not fall for the lowest offer because this is never going to turn out favorable for you. Choosing the lowest bidder is never recommended.

In the end, don’t just go with your intuition alone. Your research abilities are going to help you too. Let your inquisitive nature lead you to find the right packers and movers for your needs. 

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Boxing Phenomenon Justis Huni is Ready To Hit The Ring Again After Olympic Misery

Australia’s upcoming talent in boxing, Justis Huni missed out on last year’s Olympics due to an injury in his knuckle. The 23-year-old missed the Tokyo Olympics and had to get surgery to fix the problem. However, he is now back, stronger, and ready to knock out his opponents.

Justis Huni is a 23-year-old boxer from Brisbane and has been grabbing eyeballs ever since the start of his professional career. The heavyweight boxer is a pragmatic athlete who may be intimidating in the ring but is a real treat to talk to outside the ring. His injury was a heart-wrenching event that forced him to fall out of the Tokyo Olympics which were held last year.

A ‘boxer’s knuckle’ injury turned the youngster’s career upside down but he is an optimistic lad. He suffered the injury while fighting Paul Gallen in June 2021. He could have gone forward and participated with the injury but it could have worsened the issue, ending the lad’s career forever. The decision to take a step back and undergo surgery was a wise one.

Huni’s return from injury

The heartbreaking days are in the past now as Justis is ready to hit the rings again. He will make his return against New Zealand’s Kiki Leutele in May. The fight will take place on Gold Coast. His coach and dad praised him and said that he is driven to perform in the upcoming tournaments and fights.

As of now, Justis Huni is undefeated with five victories to his name. Four of these wins came from direct knockouts – a commendable feat indeed. He won an Australian title on his debut as well, the only professional to do so.

Justis said that he derives his strength from his family. They help him keep himself grounded. Huni’s promoter Dean Lonergan has planned a series of bouts in the upcoming months. It is absolutely necessary for the 23-year old to get as much experience as he can. Of course, the dream of becoming a world champion is a realistic one for such a talented individual.

Justis Huni’s remarks on the upcoming bout show his hunger for success. He is taking it one fight at a time. Justis recognizes his lack of experience and wants to add to his five victories.

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