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#QldFloods Trends On Twitter As Local Relief Groups Join in to Help; Northern NSW and Queensland Flood Water Updates

Brisbane in Queensland and Lismore in NSW are witnessing their worst floods in a hundred years. Citizens all across NSW and Queensland are being urged to move to higher ground as the rains show no sign of stopping.

Brisbane and Lismore are just one of the many cities facing a period of trial. Images and videos streaming in from the Brisbane river give a grim preview into the extent of damage done to properties and city infrastructure.

Scott Morrison’s government has initiated a GoFundMe page as a sort of a crowdfunding channel. Amidst some opposition, it is hard to ignore that the initiative does provide a means for people and local charities to donate directly to the cause.

Meanwhile, the State Emergency Services (SES) have their plates full with calls for help across the two states. The Australian Defense Forces are also on the scene, doing their best to take control of the situation.

People living along the Northern River have also been warned to stay alert and to move to higher ground and multi-storied buildings if possible. The SES has been realistic in saying that it cannot help everyone as the risk factor of this catastrophe is increasingly large. Wayne Swan, ALP national president tweeted, “These are the worst floods we’ve seen in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane since 1974.” He also posted images of uprooted trees along a stream.

The Wivenhoe Dam in Brisbane is operating far beyond its capacity. Graphs and analytics show that water storage capacity is at 97%. Also, the operating capacity is at 185%. Warning alerts have been sent out to all those in Brisbane and around the Wivenhoe Dam.

Similarly, Lismore’s Rocky Creek Dam faces a similar struggle and people living below the dam’s catchment have been warned to flee.

CBDs in cities such as Lismore have been shut down due to manholes flooding over toxic sewage water as well. ‘Rivers’ of distressing muddy waters can be seen along the business district – putting a halt to logistics and transport facilities across the city.

The Final Moving Day: What to Expect

It’s Moving Day- after prolonged planning and packing, also procrastinating, the event has finally arrived. Apart from that, meticulous planning and hard work have brought down to this outcome when it is just a day before moving to a new house. Now you must be having anxiety while thinking about what to do before moving house.

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There are many factors to consider that can go out of control, so it is better to have a moving day checklist to ensure all things are planned properly.

1. Thorough room checking

Before you lock the door of the house for the last time, visit your rooms and thoroughly examine all rooms. Make sure no family heirloom or other precious belonging is left inside the wardrobe or inside the chest of the closet. Do turn off electrical appliances if not required. Apart from that, do check that you have defrosted and dried your refrigerator. Do final checking of recycling and garbage containers to make them empty. To ensure the packing of items which you might require during the journey to a new home and for the first 2-3 days after moving things are packed separately.

2. Be Ready with everything

Once the major packing part is finished by the professional packers, later you have to be ready with a local moving checklist. As per the moving day checklist, you have to accumulate all the items in one place which need to be packed at the last minute. The complete house must have been cleaned by now and make sure all boxes are easily accessible so the movers don’t waste much time getting the items out of the house and putting them in the truck.

3. Check proper safety

You need to be cautious about safety during the critical 24 hours of the move. Take proper precautions to avoid injuries and accidents while moving things. Make the pathway from the door to the truck clean after removing obstacles and debris from there. If possible, lay down anti-slippery on the floors and stairs to protect property from damage and movers from accidents.

Special attention should be given to kids and pets because they can feel stressed and upset while observing the exhausting activities. Kids might feel panic also in the presence of unknown people in the house and kids are prone to get hurt also while running in the house, especially when items are scattered on the floor.

It is advised to ask your family or close friends to take care of your little ones and keep them occupied in a safe environment.

4. Classify the items that are not going with the Movers

There are specific personal belongings that should be moved by yourself. For instance, overnight bags, medicines, important documents, gadgets, and electronic devices. You need to classify these items and put them in a separate box and label it accordingly so, that they should not get mixed with other items. To avoid any confusion and insecurity of these items, you do mention in the checklist of ‘Things to do before moving house.’

5. Show your availability

Show Your Availability

According to the moving day checklist, the most prominent thing which you need to do is to be available throughout. Keep your schedule free from any kind of task or obligation on the days of moving out and moving in. The team of movers might require your constant direction, so you should be ready to be in charge and coordinate the movers for a much more comfortable moving day.

If the movers have to search you or contact you rigorously then it will be wasting a lot of time and later it could cost you money as well. Making yourself available on moving day leaves the option of clear communication and assisting movers with the placement of boxes and furniture accordingly, which results in less stress.

6. Get familiar with the layout

That can be very awkward if your mover asks you about the placement of the furniture and you say that you have no idea about that. According to the local moving checklist, you need to know the layout of the house, which you can do maybe a week or a day before moving house. You have already imagined the designing of the house during your packing, but now you need to be certain about the placement of the furniture according to the planning and designing of the house.

7. Give control to the Movers

If you have chosen a professional team of movers and packers, then you need to yield your control and hand it over to the experts only. It is very obvious that you want your belongings to be packed efficiently, but you need to keep your suggestions and interference very minimal. Constant interruption can cause discomfort to the packers and as professionals, they have their way of doing things. You need to trust their ability and potential to pack your items in the best way and give them the freedom to do it with their efficiency and caliber.

8. Offer refreshments

Offer Refreshments

Movers do not expect any refreshments, but if you provide them water or lemonade on their accessibility, that represents mutual respect. The stress factor is common in the packers and you, offering snacks will keep them refreshed and energized for finishing the task on time. Make it available near to them, so they can have it when requires. If you are not ready to prepare anything, keep the cash handy to order it from any restaurant or any place around.

Now that you have followed the things according to the moving day checklist, we hope that you will be prepared properly for your moving day to avoid any kind of distress and discomfort.

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Flash Floods, Sewage Spillage, Train Derailment Wreak Havoc in Sunshine Coast Just 100 kms from Brisbane

A mere 100 kilometres away from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast as well as Gympie are suffering from torrential downpours and flash flooding. Amidst this, a sewage spill on the beach has also unravelled the residents.

South East Queensland has witnessed two deaths as the region has experienced heavy rain since Tuesday. The past few days have been brutal in the area – a motorcyclist, aged 54, was reported missing and then dead due to the weather conditions.

The water level rose from ankle to waist deep within a few minutes on Wednesday, according to local sources. People were stuck in their homes, their offices, and in hospitals.

The southern end of the South East Queensland coastline also reported a sewage spill on the beach. Cleaning work is underway but the event has put a huge dent in local’s plans to visit the area. The clean-ups are taking place as we write this and the beach has been closed down.

Roadways from Brisbane to Sunshine Coast have also been blocked or diversions have been made by the authorities. The local economy has also taken a giant hit as FMCG markets are reporting downward graphs.

The sewage spill was due to a manhole overflowing on Beerburrum Street. Analysis reports, however, show a positive side – 99% of the spillage is water i.e. the toxic waste is now diluted. The authorities have issued guidelines for the locals to avoid waterways. The area has been closed until the entire clean-up is concluded.

Diesel spill from train adds to woes

Another incident of diesel spillage from a train has also been reported from the area. A freight train derailed on Tuesday night. The incident occurred in Traveston, south of Gympie. Aurizon, the owner of the train, has been consulted to understand the extent of the damage inflicted by the spill. The degree of spillage is yet to be determined in its entirety.

Meanwhile, government authorities and rescue programs are also underway to help save animals suffering from the rising waters. Also, animal sanctuaries have reported losses in shelters and animal feed.

8 Most Cost-Effective Ways To Pack For Your Move

If you are trying to find a few cost-effective packing tips for moving, you have come to the right place. You don’t want to risk your expensive items getting damaged or broken while they are in transit. Therefore, the best way to pack your items is to do it yourself. This is one of the biggest rules to follow if you are trying to move on a very tight budget.

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Other than this there are a few more tips that are going to come in handy. Let’s talk:

  1. First Things First, Pack It Yourself

First Things First, Pack It Yourself

The best way to pack for moving is to go for professional packers and movers in the city but if you are working on a tight budget, this is going to suit you more. If you think that packing your own items is going to be trouble, you are probably in for a surprise. Once you have made an inventory of your items and cargo, it will be very much uncomplicated to pack your items all by yourself. You know what materials are going to be suitable for packing most of your expensive items and possessions. 

You can go one room at a time and gradually you will notice that all your cargo in every room in your house has been neatly packed and stacked. Remember that the average cost of reputable packers and movers is going to be $60 per hour or maybe even less given the current situation of the competition in the market. You may leave the packing of your delicate and expensive items to the professionals. Yes, you may not hire them for the entire packing procedure but only the more valuable items.

  1. Do You Have Any Free Moving Boxes?

Every family who wonders how to pack for moving house should know that they already have help at hand. You too must have a few extra boxes, cardboard, cases, styrofoam, and some other packing materials already in your house. You can ask your friends or neighbors to help you out with those extra boxes in case they don’t need them. Look around your house and you will be able to find several such boxes stacked up either in your attic or your garage. If you have ordered any shipments in the past or any products were delivered to you, they must have come in some sort of packaging as well. You can use those containers to pack your cargo and household items safely to be shipped to your new destination.

  1. Containers And More Containers

Talking about containers, every house has some containers already lying around here and there. You have buckets, baskets, bins, plastic containers, glass containers, litter boxes, crates, and a lot more that can be used to store your valuable items as well as electronic appliances. When you talk about electronic appliances, it must remind you of those cardboard boxes in which those screens and computers were delivered in the first place. Those boxes can be used to efficiently pack and protect your cargo and expensive articles. These clever packing tips for moving will make the entire process very easy and totally within your budget.

  1. Protect Your Breakable Items

Protect Your Breakable Items

If you have done this before, you are the only person who is the most qualified to protect your breakable items. Make sure that you do not use any frugal packing options to pack and protect your jewelry pieces, accessories, expensive family heirlooms, or any antique pieces. You can use your old clothes, towels, linen, bedsheets, and also some of the old and worn out yet durable office supplies for the purpose. 

  1. Use Garbage Bags

Have you ever thought about using garbage bags to pack your cargo and furniture pieces? It is one of the best and most affordable ways to pack for moving. These can be used for all your unbreakable pieces. You can also use them to store your undergarments or perhaps some of the old clothes that you still want to keep. They are very cheap and easily available as well. They prove to be extremely cost-effective when you are trying to transport any household items that do not break that easily. They are a great way to accumulate them at one spot without running any risk of damage.

  1. Blankets And Bedsheets To The Rescue

Blankets And Bedsheets To The Rescue

Blankets, bed sheets, linens, and other old clothes are a great way to protect your valuable items. If you have any fragile objects in your house, you can combine several layers of bubble wrap, clothes, and towels to protect them nicely without breaking the bank. You also get those affordable airtight plastic bags in which you can store these already wrapped items for further protection. If you have any old bedsheets, sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shirts, or any other apparel that you want to use for packing your expensive items, do not hesitate from doing that.

  1. Alternate Wrapping Materials Anyone?

How would you begin to pack for moving from your old house to a new one without any alternate wrapping solutions? Old bubble wrap, packing paper, brown paper, plastic wraps, balloons, pillows, styrofoam peanuts, clean socks, newspapers, and many other similar wrapping items that can be easily found in your home can work as a very effective cushioning material for your household items. These can easily let you pack your items and move them to their new destination without getting out of your budget at all. You can also ask a few of your friends and neighbors to drop by a few such items. Life will be so much easier that way.

  1. Reuse Old Packing Materials

Reuse Old Packing Materials

Every household has some of the other reusable old packing materials lying around. When you’re about to relocate, you will also spend a few hours decluttering your home. You are bound to come across a lot of packing supplies that you probably thought you had used up. You can put them to use and also use the materials mentioned above to ensure that your entire move is quite affordable.

Final Thoughts

Moving from one place to another on a budget is not difficult at all. You just have to be clever in your approach. You just have to find cheap packing materials but for that, you’ll have to be a little more alert as compared to how you usually are. These packing tips for moving are there to help you out. Happy moving!

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Good News For NSW Teachers, Transport Staff, Retail and Hospitality Workers as Efforts Finally Lead to Pay Rise

NSW staff workers have protested for higher paychecks for a few weeks now and finally, the efforts are bearing fruits. A 2.3% increase in base pay has been reported across the state as compared to the previous year.

Transport workers and staff members of other sectors such as hospitality, teaching, and retail have reported a positive increase in the base pay over last year to December. The increase in wages and salaries is a positive indication after the pandemic recovery has started across the country, especially in states such as NSW and Victoria.

This 2.3% figure is the fastest growth reported after 2019’s second quarter – a rising light of hope that the economy is finally recovering from the damage inflicted by the global crisis. After industrial action was taken by the aforementioned workers of the different sectors, pay rise has also been reported from states other than NSW.

The December quarter also reported a 0.7 growth in sectors both private and public. Specialized skilled workers, for example, licensed truck drivers and forklift operators, have mounted pressure on various authorities for a higher and a better paycheck value.

Experience and quality in staff is the major factor that has led to the growth in pay. Companies across sectors value this experience and employee retention is a paramount strategy for the long game. The biggest numbers were reported from the food sector and retail trade.

It was especially an amazing quarter for retail workers who saw the highest rate of increase in an astounding six years. A 2.6% increase for retail staff meant that it was only second to the accommodation and food sector which reported a growth rate of around 3.5% in the December quarter.

Another reason for this high rate of increase is the shortage of labour. As expected, the highest numbers have been reported by sectors that were hit the hardest by the coronavirus. Employers are willing to do anything to keep their businesses running. They are willing to shell out large pay increases just to keep their employees coming in to work.

8 Tips To Prepare & Secure Your Refrigerator For Your Move

You have to be careful with it. You have to be a little more clever than usual. If you are planning on moving a refrigerator, you have to have your necessary supplies ready but before that, you must measure your doorways and defrost the fridge, in addition to packing the appliance carefully and also arranging for a dependable moving van. 

Confusing, isn’t it? Let’s do it all but in a specific order.

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Here are a few useful tips for moving a refrigerator from your old home to your new house to make it easier for you.

  1. Let’s Begin With A Plan

The first thing that you will do is prepare for the big move. Measure your refrigerator and also the passageways before you start packing and moving the rest of your stuff. Decide upon a date and also a packing and moving company that you want to give the responsibility of moving your fridge to its new destination. Choose a comfortable time slot and also decide on the vehicle that you think will be perfect for this kind of move.

  1. Preventing Food Wastage

Preventing Food Wastage

Preventing food wastage is also a major step that you will have to take. Empty out all the food items from your refrigerator. You can donate the items that you may not need and consume the rest before you move out. You can pack any extra or leftover food for the day of the commute. 

  1. Defrosting Your Refrigerator

Defrosting Your Refrigerator

Now that you have emptied your refrigerator, it is time to defrost it. This should be done as you’re packing the rest of your stuff and cargo to be boarded on the truck. Unplug the refrigerator and open the door. If you want to speed up this process, you can keep a pot of hot water inside the refrigerator. The warm air is going to circulate all across your refrigerator and speed up the defrost process. You can place another bowl of hot water inside the freezer as well and see how everything just melts away.

  1. Buying The Right Supplies

Buying The Right Supplies

The next step to moving a refrigerator is to invest in the right supplies. This is very important especially if you are trying to move your refrigerator all by yourself. You are not a professional weightlifter which means that you will need all the assistance that you can get. Invest in a set of:

  • Straps or cords 
  • Moving blankets 
  • Packing tape 
  • Appliance dolly
  • Bubble wrap

Another thing that you are going to need is an extra set of hands. Therefore, if you can invite a few of your friends or one or two neighbors on the final moving day, you are going to be successful at it without a second thought.

  1. Measuring Your Doorways

Now comes the fun part. You should measure all your doors and passageways before you start packing your refrigerator and moving it from one spot to another. Remember that the extra layer of packaging is also going to increase the size of the entire cargo, which is your refrigerator. You will also have to place the appliance on a movable trolley which means that it may add a little extra to the overall width of the appliance. 

  1. Let’s Pack That Refrigerator

Let's Pack That Refrigerator

Now that you have measured the dimensions of the doorways and passageways, it is time to start packing your refrigerator. You will begin by sealing the door of the fridge shut. You can either use its inbuilt lock or you can use the straps to seal the refrigerator shut. The ideal way is to do both of these things to make sure that the fridge does not open or get entangled when you are finally moving it into the new house. 

These cords are going to help you to keep the fridge balanced and stable when you are actually lifting and moving it across the property. Make sure to wrap the blankets around the refrigerator and then place another pair of straps onto the whole thing. This is going to give you enough grip whenever trying to balance the fridge as you bring it out of your house and load it up on the truck. This is how you’re supposed to move a refrigerator with straps.

  1. Invest In A Solid Moving Trolley

Depending upon the weight of the appliance and how you wish to transport a refrigerator, you will have to invest in the right moving trolley. Get an idea about its weight and also measure its height before buying a trolley. Once you have packed and secured your refrigerator, the next step will be to transfer it onto the trolley. The strap is going to help you fix the refrigerator in its place while you move it across. 

The trolley is going to help you slide the refrigerator out of the property and onto the truck very easily. You will need two people for this process as one will be pulling the fridge and the other will be pushing it out. Both these people will have to coordinate their movements along with their speed as they roll out the refrigerator from the house.

  1. Let’s Move The Fridge Slowly And Carefully

Now that you have your fridge out of your house, the next step to moving a refrigerator is to gradually and very carefully mount it onto the truck along with the trolley. The fridge should always be kept in an upright position. The truck should be equipped with a proper and solid plank so that the fridge can be mounted on it without risking its balance or any chance of it toppling over. Once the refrigerator is placed inside the truck, it should be secured again with a pair of straps. Place it in between 2 heavy pieces of furniture. This is going to prevent any probable damage to the internal mechanism of the fridge while in transit.

You Have Done It

You never thought how easy it could be to transport a refrigerator without hurting or breaking it. Well, you have finally done it. Your refrigerator is in the truck. Now it is safe and secure. The only thing that you have to do is give the packing and moving company the address of your new destination. Reach your new house before they do. Make sure that there are no obstacles when you are dismounting your fridge before moving it inside your house.

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Australian Borders Reopens But How Long Will it Take to Recover the Losses?

The Australian national borders have opened to tourists and other industries as the country looks forwards to a new ‘era’ of growth and business. Border restrictions imposed in March 2020 have now relaxed after 23 long gruelling months.

More than 2,00,000 arrivals were reported in January, a record-breaking number after the COVID pandemic. This number is, however, just 10% of the international arrivals before the virus made its way into this large island. Travel, tourism, and logistics have all suffered their fair share of troubles along the 23-month stretch with all hopes of revivals being quashed in the December lockdowns.

The 2.26 million inbounds to the country in January is a ray of hope though. The travel and tourism industry in Australia have reported losses of around a staggering $4bn per month over the course of the pandemic. This number is not reflective of the entire reality though. The growth prospects during the period have also been ignored and any scope for expansion was also halted.

The tourism industry is still not back on its feet, as it were. Labour shortages and scaling issues have resulted in a slow rate of growth even after the lockdowns have ended. Measures are being taken to ensure that recovery is made in a sustainable way and that the industry attracts more people.

The travel industry also witnessed giants like Virgin Australia going into administration and Qantas laying off thousands of employees. The aviation industry in January 2020 compared to what it is today has resulted in a loss of around 20 years of growth.

Both airlines have plans to restore normal service by the end of this year. However, growth will be slow as the airlines are still recovering from labour losses and Omicron regulations.

Australia is in the midst of recovery but it would take some time. Aviation veteran Geoffrey Thomas said that the COVID pandemic hit differently than other situations such as 9/11 or the SARS. He stated that the latter two were geographically less influential than the coronavirus.

9 Tips To Host A Profitable Pre-Move Garage Sale

If you have decided to organize a quick garage sale, you are probably having hiccups already. You are a little confused and nervous as well because you haven’t done it before. This is your first time leaving your old house and moving into a new property. You don’t know where to begin, let alone make this pre-move garage sale profitable. But we’re here to help you out.

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The following section talks about a few very easy tips that are going to make your garage sale a big success. Let’s see what they are:

  1. Sort Out All Your Stuff

You will first begin by decluttering your house. You will have to sort out all the stuff that you want to give away as charity and the things that you will sell at your garage sale. You might also come across a few things that you can put to reuse. Once you are certain about the items that you want to sell, grab a box and put them inside it. 

  1. Make A List Of Your Inventory

Make A List Of Your Inventory

Now that you have segregated all the items that you want to put up for your garage sale, it is time to make an inventory of all the offerings. This is going to help you stay organized and get things rolling in the right direction. You can organize the items based on categories such as home use, office use, electronics, kids’ toys, kitchen appliances, utensils, and the like. You can also set up different tables for displaying these items separately.

  1. Set A Date And Time

Set A Date And Time

You must decide upon a date and time. Make sure that you set up your garage sale on a weekend, especially a Saturday because this is when people are looking for thrifty places to shop. This is exactly the opportunity that can make your garage sale a big hit. Be sure to check with your local authorities about any rules and regulations regarding any such sales before you put out a sign. Ask around among your neighbors whether they have carried out a garage sale in the past or not and how they made it successful if they did. Come up with a date and time that is suitable for most of your friends and neighbors. You can also organize a lemonade stand which might just encourage them to make a purchase with you after all.

  1. Invite Your Friends And Neighbors

If you haven’t had any experience in organizing a garage sale in the past, you can always ask your friends and neighbors for help. Not just this, they can also lift your heavy furniture pieces around to make space for the lemonade stand. If you have any electronic items that you want to sell off, they can probably help you decide on a spot for the same. You can get more customers through their networks and common friends that they might have across the city. It is always a fun idea to invite as many people as you can. You will be surprised by the overwhelming response you receive for your pre-move garage sale.

  1. Advertise Your Garage Sale

Advertise Your Garage Sale

Have you ever thought about advertising for this little event on your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? If you haven’t done that, maybe it is time to do it right now. You can also place an ad in the local newspaper to build a little excited about it. You can promote your sale on WhatsApp and text messages as well. Do not forget to send out emails to your colleagues and associates at work. Ask them to forward these to their friends and anyone who is looking to shop for any vintage or affordable pieces. This is definitely going to get you more buyers for your used items.

  1. Come Up With Attractive Signages

When talking about advertising and promoting your garage sale, how can you forget the impact of attractive signages? You can create cute signs at home using a few cardboard pieces and wooden placards. You can paint them yourself with big black bold letters and place the signs in front of your house. Do not forget to decorate them with colorful accessories and tiny handicrafts. Make sure that the sign is either bright yellow or green or orange and the font is dark in color so that it is visible even from a distance. You can also tie a soft toy at the base of the signage right on the ground to attract your neighbors.

If you are putting up a sign throughout your neighborhood or maybe a little further down the block, do not forget to scribble down your address and phone number. Paint the time and date of the garage sale as well.

  1. Make Your Sale Happening

Make Your Sale Happening

What is the best way to make your garage sale peppy and happening on the big day? You can invest in a cloth rack, for example, for all your old jackets, raincoats, sweatshirts, and other apparel that you want to get rid of. You can also buy a plastic shelf for all the small accessories and jewelry pieces that you own. Make sure to put out a Bluetooth speaker attached to your smartphone. Create a fun and welcoming playlist for your visitors. Make sure that you have some of the electronic items playing already such as your computer monitors or television screens that you want to sell-off. Ensure that there are extension cords and sockets nearby for anyone to test any of the electronics that they spot in your garage sale.

  1. Keep Everything Affordable

Remember, you are not here to do business. You must keep all the items affordable. This is a practical way to make your pre-move garage sale a big hit among your neighbors. Price the items reasonably because they are after all used. 

  1. What About The Payments?

Create an account on a digital payment platform. Use Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or any other payment method that might be common among your friends and neighbors. Be more willing to accept cash, cheques, and other modes of online payments. This will help you speed up the sale of all your items.


You have done it! You have made your pre-move garage sale a huge success. Now you are officially prepared to make this move. Have a happy journey!

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Business Dips As Desolate Perth Witnesses Empty Streets, Markets After COVID Boom Predictions

The pandemic is still having its last laugh with the Omicron variant raising panic bells in Perth. Businesses are preparing for an ‘inevitable’ closure as experts suggest a COVID wave is due to strike on the city. The city’s Central Business District wears a desolate look as we dive into this situation deeper.

After witnessing the pandemic outbreaks in Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is bracing itself for the same. Perth started reporting triple digits just this week however, the mood around the city is almost the same as it was in Sydney or Melbourne a month back. Google reports show the retail customers in January and February are almost half of what they were during the same period in 2020.

Perth has already seen businesses laying off their workers, especially in the hospitality sector. The news is grim that the situation is yet to face its final hurdle – with, as aforementioned, cases hitting triple digits.

Perth or let’s say West Australia is yet to open its borders to domestic as well as international travel. Also, Perth reported strong economic numbers when the other big cities were struggling with their economies. However, the current situation may be different. After taking an understanding of what happened in the other states, Perth’s damage control may be a negative factor for the city’s business here.

Offices have already switched to remote work and people have already started isolating themselves in order to avoid an outbreak. For these two reasons, Perth’s CBD and other markets are reporting weak numbers even when the number of cases aren’t that scary.

The aura around the disease and the brutality of the second wave, not only in Australia but also in the rest of the world is ‘fascinating’. It is reported that 64% of the offices in most sectors (which can afford it) have switched to remote work, be it IT, real estate, or finance.

The struggling sectors, as usual, are hospitality, tourism, and logistics. Because of remote work, businesses such as cafes, restaurants, and bars that rely on office-goers are going down.

Hospitality operators suggest that the most annoying thing about the drop in business is that there is no exact way to predict when it will all end. They have further stated that the hospitality sector especially and other businesses in general would need a cash infusion from the government to stay afloat.

Help from the government can also come in the form of rent reliefs or grants.

7 Secret Techniques to Save Money During Relocation

Everybody wants to save a little bit more when they are about to move from their old house to a new one. The saving tips and tricks that they are already employing while moving perhaps just don’t seem enough. And this is quite fair given that we have all been through a very rough time in the past two years.

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If you too are trying to save a few extra bucks as you relocate to your new home, the following section should be able to help you out. Let’s begin:

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Overbuying

What is this mistake that so many people talk about? This is one of the most common errors that you might end up making when you are about to move to your new home. The trick is to create a budget in your mind and stick to it without fail. Do not overbuy for your new home. Whether it is new electronic items or OTT subscriptions or any food supplies, you might end up making excessive purchases at the last moment. Refrain from doing that at all costs if you want to save money during relocation. There is also a thing called emotional spending which means that a lot of the women out there are prone to making this mistake. Instead, just remember to do the following:

  1. Categorize all the items in your Shopping Cart as essential and avoidable
  2. Do not start decorating your new space until you have moved into it
  3. Stay away from any impulsive purchases that promise discounts and cashback offers
  4. The less you buy the more money you will end up saving on a moving day

Donate All Your Bulky Items

Donate All Your Bulky Items

If you don’t know what to do with your bulky items, the best approach is to donate them or sell them off. Selling off some of the items that you probably won’t need in your new home is a great way to make extra pocket money before you move out of your old house. You can also organize a garage sale and sell off all the items that you will not need in your new house. If you have decided to donate any of these items, you may even be able to get income tax rebates provided that you record all the details. Make sure that you have an itemized receipt for every item that you donate. 

Reuse Free Packing Materials

Reuse Free Packing Materials

What are free packing materials? The packing materials that are readily available in your house are the free ones that you could be using right now. For example, you can use your old socks to wrap your glassware. You can use old bubble wrap to protect some of your most intricate decorative pieces. Look around and you will come across a lot of bedsheets and old towels that you can use to protect and cushion your expensive electronic items as well. This is going to save you hundreds of dollars when you finally begin your packing. You can also ask a few of your friends and neighbors to drop a few cardboard boxes and bubble wrap that they might have to lie around in their house. This does not just give you an opportunity to reconnect with them but also to ask for their help and a little extra muscle power when moving about heavy cargo and luggage or furniture pieces.

Avoid The Busy Season

Avoid The Busy Season

A lot of homeowners and probably some of your friends and relatives will advise you to stay put during the busy season. This situation can get out of control very easily. It is simply because, during the peak season, the prices are unreasonably high. Usually, the peak seasons are from May to September. Off-season rates are usually very low and you are going to have a very comfortable move when you are not in a hurry to avoid traffic jams and rush hours.

Compare Prices From Numerous Packers And Movers

Let’s just imagine that you want to give away this responsibility to a packing and moving professional. You should always look to partner with a dependable moving company. The best approach is to invite several quotes from some of the most reputable packers and movers in the city. Be wary of suspicious deals that drive you to make outlandish moving company expenses. These offers are just too good to be true. Don’t be too excited to sign on the dotted line when you hear “50% off”. Don’t be swayed by 30% cashback offers. Consider their insurance, warranty, punctuality, online reviews, recommendations, experience, professionalism, and conduct. You must compare offers from at least 4 or 5 moving and packing companies before you decide upon one removalist.

Pack Electronics In Their Original Packing

Pack Electronics In Their Original Packing

Are you one of those clever homeowners who save their original electronic packaging materials? Cardboard boxes, styrofoam, bubble wrap, brown papers, foam padding, and a lot of other materials that come with your electronic items such as televisions and computers can be repurposed very easily. The less you spend on these packaging materials the better it is for you. This move doesn’t have to be expensive at all if you are careful while packing your electronic items in their original containers.

Pay A Visit To Your Dollar Store

Remember to purchase your cleaning supplies at your local dollar store. Just as the name suggests, you can never go wrong when making a purchase with these guys. You can also pick up a lot of your grocery items at the same store and can save a ton of money. Do not take these money saving tricks lightly.

Take It Easy With These Saving Tips And Tricks On The Big Day

When you are in the middle of relocating, things do tend to get a little out of control. You might become a little more prone to mood swings, which is alright. You have had a tough time dealing with so many things during the last couple of yours. It is ok to be a little agitated. But you can ease this move on yourself and your family members. Just make sure to call the right removalists at the right time. They will help you out with every bit of the packing and moving procedure. They will make sure that transitioning from your old home to your new house becomes a breeze.

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