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What Are Some Tips For Moving Without Breaking Stuff?

When you’re moving your delicate items, the only thing constantly on your mind is what if something happens to them.  Remember, it is not only about the packing supplies. It is about your choice of boxes, removalists, packing equipment, a few practical tricks and moving tips, and a lot more that we are gonna talk about here. So let’s begin:

  1. Don’t Leave Any Open Spaces Within Your Boxes
Don't Leave Any Open Spaces Within Your Boxes

It is never advised to leave any open spaces within your moving boxes because that is only going to make the items inside them rattle and collide with one another. Make sure that you always stuff in a bit of crumpled packing paper and kitchen towels to fill in the space. Do not leave any wet newspapers or moisture inside the box. Make sure that all the items are completely dry before you stuff the box with crumpled paper and/or extra bubble wrap to give it more firmness and stability.

  1. Bubble Wrap With Care
Bubble Wrap With Care

You should always bubble wrap your items tightly. Ask your best friend or your neighbour to help you out with this. They can hold one end of the bubble wrap while you stretch the other around your boxes and expensive items. You will have to enclose all your fragile items with bubble wrap after you have carefully packed them with newspapers and/or packing paper. You can always use an extra layer of shrink wrap before you stack them into your boxes.

  1. When Choosing Boxes, Pick The Right Size

We talk a lot about boxes but we don’t talk about their sizes. It is highly essential that the boxes you choose are of the appropriate size. Do not go for boxes that are too small or too big for your items. For this, you will have to create an inventory of all your belongings. Measure some of the items you know for sure are going to cause confusion letter. Make sure that you pick the most appropriate size of boxes. 

  1. Do Not Overload Your Containers
Do Not Overload Your Containers

It is never a good idea to overstuff your boxes with either your items or any of the packing supplies you have bought. This happens especially when you are packing your china. You get reinforced china cartons in the market very easily. Do not use your regular boxes for your expensive kitchenware. It is better to go with a box that is a little oversized for your items because then you can always stuff it with wrapping paper. However, it is still not advised to stack your belongings into that box to fill up empty spaces. This will just lead to overloading which will eventually cause them to break.

  1. Invest In A Few Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are going to protect your expensive coffee tables, antique chairs, beautiful recliners, and also your new convertible bed that you bought last month. Moving blankets are also useful when it comes to protecting the edges and armrests of your furniture. You can also wrap your expensive office equipment in them to protect them from any damage or scratches.

  1. Do Not Rush The Packing Process

You might end up making a mess of your house and your belongings in the process. This is why rushing through the packing procedure is never advised. You might have to make special preparations for a few of your office items, especially your computers, printers, scanners, and other delicate office equipment. These are highly breakable and expensive. You do not want to rush the packing process when it comes to moving them to your new house. You have to come up with a strategy. Pack all your delicate and expensive items and set them aside so that nothing causes them any damage or breakage.

  1. Wrap All The Delicate Items Individually

There could be several delicate items across your home. Your mirrors, beautiful artwork, antique pieces, family heirlooms, precious mementos, picture frames, crystal show pieces, and a lot more. You want to ensure that they reach your new house in one piece. Always pack them individually with an extra layer of packing paper and bubble wrap. Do not forget them and it is always better to keep them in your own car rather than handing them over to the moving professionals. Unnecessary loading and unloading is only going to increase the risk of manhandling.

  1. Remember To Make A Sandwich Of Packing Material

As you start filling out your boxes, it is important to create a sandwich of some packing supplies and materials. This is going to cushion a lot of your delicate items. As you stack them one over the other, the extra layer of padding is going to prevent them from shaking, sliding, slipping, and moving from their place when they are in transit. It will keep them in place reducing any probable damage.

  1. Heavy Items Always Go In Small Boxes
Heavy Items Always Go In Small Boxes

This does not mean that you try to stuff your heavy items in smaller boxes. It only means that you choose the most appropriate size of boxes for your heavy items. This is because if you try to fit your heavy belongings in a large box, it becomes very difficult to handle. The item is going to slide from one end to the other which will make it impossible to balance the box. So choose a box that is nearly the size of the item and if there are any empty spaces, you can always fill them up with a bit of padding.

  1. Remember To Label Your Containers

Always label your containers and especially with fragile items. Place them right in the front of the moving truck so that they are accessible easily when you arrive at your new destination. Make sure to stabilize them with other heavy equipment that is kept close to them in the truck. Support them with other boxes containing your heavy items. And yes, always invest in a permanent marker.

In The End, A Few More Packing Tips For Moving

In The End, A Few More Packing Tips For Moving

Remember to pack all your decorative items in advance. You should do this before the moving and packing services provider arrives at your house. Also, remember to repurpose old clothing for packing and cushioning your delicate items inside your moving boxes. And last but not the least of these moving tips, research professional packers and movers in your city. These removalists are more than capable of packing and moving fragile items to your new destination without you a single scratch. Happy moving!

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9 Things You Should Look For In A Good Moving And Packing Services

Moving your house on your own is never a good idea. If you haven’t done it before, refrain from lifting any of your heavy furniture pieces by yourself. You could seriously injure your back. Instead, start looking for a dependable moving and packing services provider in the city. But you don’t know where to begin when hiring movers for packing. Well, this is something we can help with.

The following section talks about a few things to do that you should look for in good packing and moving service in your city. Always make sure that the moving company:

1. Prioritizes All The Items That Need To Be Moved

Prioritizes All The Items That Need To Be Moved

You need to make sure that the professionals are aware of what needs to be packed before anything else. They should also be aware of any special circumstances in which you might be moving in. Invite them for an assessment of your property so that they can get a better idea of where the moving truck is going to go when they finally start moving your stuff inside it. They should follow a chronological order when it comes to packing and shifting your stuff to the moving van. The heavier items are supposed to go to the far end of the truck. These are the ones that you won’t be needing right after you unpack at your new house. The second category of cargo will be your frequently used furniture items and equipment. The last will be the items that you have to unpack immediately after you have moved into your new houses such as your lightweight chairs, recliners, comforters, computers, modems and fittings, kitchen appliances, beddings, and mattresses.

2. Answers All Your Questions About The Contract

You need to ensure that the moving company has all the answers with them. If you have any queries about the movers’ liability for your expensive possessions, ask them all the pertinent questions before you sign any contract. Confirm the pick-up and delivery date and also any insurance-related questions that you might have in your mind. Ask them about a few references that can be verified. Always be clear about the cost that you might have to pay upfront. To be fair, there should be any.

3. Sticks To The Delivery Date Decided Upon Earlier

Sticks To The Delivery Date Decided Upon Earlier

Does the removalist have a reputation for sticking to his delivery date? Can they complete the move within the exact timeline that you have decided? Will they be able to provide you with an instant move if you decide to change your moving date? Remember to ask these questions before you hire them for the job. Also, it is going to work well in your favor if you know how flexible they are when it comes to providing you with an alternative date if due to any reason you have to postpone or prepone your plans.

4. Is 100% Legitimate

This is a very critical step that you will have to perform. You must check out their official website. You will also have to pay a visit to their physical office. Make sure that the company is 100% legit. Check for any online reviews and testimonials on their Facebook page. Log in to your LinkedIn account and find the business name they are registered with. Most companies do have a LinkedIn profile these days so yes that is a great way to find out about their legitimacy. Get in touch with some of their previous clients to understand how they function.

5. Gives You A Quotation For Per Room And Full Home Package

There is always a per room package and a full home package or any similar arrangement that several furniture removalists in the city have with them. You should look out for those packages before you agree to any of their terms. If you have a small studio apartment, you might benefit a lot from a full home package which can get heavily discounted depending upon the number of belongings and the amount of cargo that you have. Also, if the distance that you wish to travel is relatively less, it could turn out to be even more affordable. So make sure to ask about the various packages that they offer and also if it would make any difference if you book them one month or 2 months in advance.

6. Takes Care Of Your Expensive Art Pieces

Gives You A Quotation For Per Room And Full Home Package

So you are a creative soul. You have been collecting art pieces and beautiful antique items all your life. You should always hire removalist who isWhen Movers Are Packing capable of helping you with all those beautiful items and the intricate pieces that you have collected over such a long time. Make sure that they understand their value and take the necessary steps to protect them from any kind of damage whatsoever.

7. Brings In The Necessary Equipment

Brings In The Necessary Equipment

That brings us to a very important concern which is the right equipment. Unless they have the right packing materials such as packing tapes, adhesive bandages, garbage bags, moving blankets, paper towels, cutters, markers, bubble wraps, and all kinds of paraphernalia needed to pack your stuff safely, do not hire them. The bottom line is that they should know the drill. If the moving and packing services provider does not have the right equipment, how can you possibly imagine them packing and moving your furniture safely to its new destination?

8. Discloses Any Additional Costs Beforehand

Yes, there is always a possibility that the moving company is going to have some additional costs. Ask them upfront if they are going to charge you any additional fees or surcharges at a later stage. Trust me, you are not going to like any surprises that they throw at you once you have moved into your new home.

9. Does Not Charge You For Unpacking Services

Does Not Charge You For Unpacking Services

Is that so? Do packing and moving companies do that? Do they charge you extra for their unpacking services? Well, the two movers and a truck that you have hired might think that way. You don’t want any of that. You want the packing and unpacking services to be included in the overall package. You shouldn’t have to pay for the unpacking of your cargo separately.

And To Sum, It Up

These were a few things that you should definitely look out for in packing and moving service providers. If the professional can check all these boxes, do go for them. They will prove to be a reliable partner in your move.

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7 Things To Do When Movers Are Packing

What do you do when movers are packing? Make yourself useful, I’ll say. But how exactly do you do that? You are not a professional. Neither have you had any prior experience in packing your stuff and moving to a new location. You don’t know anything about packing materials or lifting heavy objects without damaging them or breaking your back. You couldn’t possibly come up with useful and practical ways to help the packing and moving professionals. But there is always something that you can do. Yes, you might not be professionally trained to pack your heavy equipment and drive a moving truck to your new location all by yourself but you are diligent, clever, savvy, and sensible.

So How Do You Begin?

1. Bring Them Some Refreshments

Bring Them Some Refreshments

Being a good host should also be on your moving house checklist. Get them something to drink. You can move beyond your regular lemonade. You can get them some snacks or maybe a cup of coffee for each one of the workers. You can also ask them what they would like to have before they begin packing and moving your stuff around. 

Some of them are likely to choose a hot coffee because that is going to fuel them up for the whole day of work. They are going to appreciate this little gesture of yours. It is very important to be a good host, especially when someone is going to be working throughout the day on your property without many breaks.

2. Refrain From Telling Them What To Do

It is advised not to tell them what to do. They are professionals, trained and qualified. They know what to do and how to handle even the most critical furniture pieces and components that you have had no chance of dismantling or reassembling ever in your life. They have the experience of moving large houses and various kinds of offices from one location to another. So yes, it is advised that you calm down a little and avoid telling them what to do and how to pack heavy items.

3. Keep Your Pets And Kids Occupied

Keep Your Pets And Kids Occupied

Wouldn’t this be a fantastic idea? Your kids and pets can create a lot of trouble for the house movers. They tend to get hyperactive around strangers. They also try to throw a lot of tantrums when you are occupied with guests. The best approach here is to ask your neighbors or your best friend to take them away for a day. This way you can keep them occupied while the packers and movers are doing their job. 

It is also going to prevent them from getting in their way and injuring themselves. Needless to mention you will not end up spending most of your time looking after them or keeping them busy if they are not loitering about in the house. Just make sure that you drop in their favorite toys in their backpack before your friend comes to pick them up.

4. Clean Your House Before They Come

This goes without saying because packing all your stuff and moving them to the van is not going to be possible unless you have cleaned your property well enough. You need to declutter your house before the packing begins. This is also going to ensure that all the stuff that you want to leave behind or perhaps put up for a garage sale doesn’t get transported to your new house. 

Make sure that everything is ready to be packed and moved to the truck before the packers arrive. You might want to buy a few new items before the move. Make a list of all those things. This is going to help you understand what exactly you need to discard and what new items you need to buy from the market before the packing begins.

5. Remember To Pack Your Valuable Items In Advance

Remember To Pack Your Valuable Items In Advance

This item on your moving house checklist will prove to be extremely helpful for the packers and movers. It is always a good idea to pack your valuable items including your jewelry, small electronics, important papers, perishable items, flammable liquids and containers, family heirlooms, expensive antiques, and other items before the packing and moving professionals arrive. It is better to just make a box of all these items and keep them in your car instead of just letting them be sprawled across your property.

6. Make Sure They Have Clear Pathways

Decluttering is important because it also helps you clear away all the stuff lying around including baby and pet toys, small pieces of furniture, cleaning supplies, jewelry pieces, medicines, boxes and containers, and other fragile items. This gives the house movers a clear path and simplifies the move. You should get rid of all the unwanted stuff long before the packers arrive. Now that the passageways and hallways are clear, the moving process can begin.

7. Give Them A Tour Of The House

Give Them A Tour Of The House

You can do this at any point in time. You can give them a tour of the house either on the very first day when they come for an initial assessment or you can do it on a moving day. Either way, it is going to help them come up with an instant moving plan that will speed up the entire process. 

Create a household moving inventory list and hand it over to the movers. It is going to give them more clarity as to what needs to be packed first, where the packing is going to take place and the exact location where all the packed boxes will be stored so that they can be accessed when finally the moving truck gets into position. It will also give them a better idea as to where and how to place the plank or the temporary staircase to move the boxes inside the truck.

And To Sum It Up

See? There is a lot that you can do to make it easier for the packers and movers to transport you to your new location. You do not have to be professionally trained or skilled for any of this. It just takes a little bit of common sense and a practical approach. Happy moving!

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How To Pack Heavy Items For Your Move

This task could be one of the most complicated and quite frankly something of herculean proportions for the most part. If you haven’t done it before, it could easily annoy and frustrate you at the same time. Moving your heavy cargo and critical appliances is never an easy thing. It is very tiring and highly demanding. Your heavy items could comprise your winter clothing, heavy shoes, critical kitchen appliances, complicated office equipment, old books, bulk bakery items, art supplies, and several of your furniture pieces. 

If you aim to transport all of these to your new house all by yourself or if you want to pack them according to your requirements you must be well prepared for it. You’re gonna need all the packing tips for moving you can possibly get. Let’s begin by giving you a few right now:

  • Start By Choosing Appropriate Packing Materials

1. Go For Stronger Boxes

Go For Stronger Boxes

It is always recommended that you go with stronger and thicker boxes. Some of them are double padded and come with double-ply fittings as well. These boxes are capable of withstanding a lot of pressure and weight. They are suitable for most of your complicated office equipment and highly appropriate for your delicate items as well. 

So if you have any modern kitchen appliances or any gadgets that you want to protect, these boxes will be perfect. They are also suitable for your expensive picture frames and crystal vases, costly jewellery, and some of your oddly-shaped and fragile belongings as well. But with them, you will have to invest in proper padding as well which we will talk about later.

Note: When choosing moving boxes for your heavy items, it is advised to go with the right size. This means that if the item is 6×12 inches, do not go with a medium-sized box. Go with something that is either 7×14 or 8×16. This way you will prevent the box from rattling when it is in transit. Also, you will require much less padding to give the container more stability and firmness.

2. The Wrapping Paper Should Be Thick

The Wrapping Paper Should Be Thick

The wrapping paper should be very thick. It has to be very sturdy and if you can get something stretchable, you are sorted for the entire move. You can also make use of moving blankets and those double-layered garbage bags to add more protection to your items. Thicker wrapping papers are easily available in the market and they are well within your budget too. They add a lot of protection to your expensive items and protect them from any unexpected bumps and collisions when moving heavy items.

3. Cushioning Must Be Sturdier

Cushioning Must Be Sturdier

Padding or cushioning is a very integral part of packing your critical items. There will be certain boxes and containers that might go almost empty even after you have put your heavy furniture pieces inside them only because of their peculiar shape and form. What are you going to do you? 

Add extra large bubble wraps and corrugated cardboard inside them to fill in the empty spaces and give them more stability and firmness. Foam padding is also very important, especially if you are carrying those odd-shaped items that we just talked about. So yes, these are a few things that are going to reinforce the entire structure of the container greatly and will ensure more protection for your heavy items.

  • Now Coming To Packing Heavy Appliances

Now Coming To Packing Heavy Appliances

Heavy appliances are usually the most difficult to pack and unpack. You can find these in your kitchen and your bathrooms as well. Your washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, induction cooktops, and pressure cookers are going to give you nightmares if you haven’t done your research on how to pack them like a professional. The following packing tips for moving your heavy and complicated appliances should help:

1. Unplug Them

You must unplug all your electrical appliances from any extensions, sockets, wires, or any additional plugs or other attachments before you pack them for the move. Their preinstalled wires and sockets can be separated as well if the appliance allows for it.

2. Empty Them Out

If they contain any food items or perhaps any pieces of clothing in the case of your washing machine, make sure that the appliance is first emptied.

3. Dismantle Them

Dismantle Them

The next step is to dismantle the various components that can be removed from the electronic appliance. There can be several compartments, shelves, and drawers, or maybe a few tubes, valves, panels, and other setups that can be dismantled and removed.

4. Invest In Shrink Wrap

Invest In Sharink Wrap

You will have to use a shrink wrap to protect every individual component of the appliance before you start putting them into your moving boxes.

5. Give Them Enough Padding

As you put them into your moving containers and boxes, make sure to stuff supportive padding and cushioning as well. Use bubble wrap, moving blankets, and old newspapers for the purpose.

  • Packing And Transporting Your Heavy Clothing

Packing And Transporting Your Heavy Clothing

As pointed out before, your winter clothes, leather boots, outerwear, formal clothes, and a lot of your other items can be pretty heavy. What are you going to do with them? You can pack all of these items individually and store them in a heavy box. If there are any items in those boxes that you do not intend to use for a long time, make sure to layer them up with a bar of deodorizer. This way you will be maintaining their freshness for at least the coming 6 months. If you have any leather boots and winter shoes, this tip is going to work wonders. Make sure to wrap your heavy winter clothing in wrinkle-free wraps only.

  • Do Not Forget Your Heavy Furniture

Do Not Forget Your Heavy Furniture

Packing all your heavy furniture pieces begins with dismantling their components and transporting them individually but within the same container. You can take apart your beds, cabinets, panels, wall units, sofas, recliners, tables, and chairs very easily. You must have the necessary equipment and the tools needed to do this. If there are any fragile parts of the furniture pieces that you are dismantling, make sure to pack them separately in a different box and preferably with a lot more padding and cushioning. 

If there are any screens or plastic components in addition to glass and crystal parts, make sure to transport them only in your own car instead of handing them over to the moving company. You might want to think about taking some of the components to the edges/walls of the box for extra protection. Stuff the empty spaces with adequate moving blankets and newspapers to give the box or container more stability.

So There You Have It

Now you know very well how to pack heavy items for moving to your new house. Remember, don’t go overboard with the size of the boxes. Don’t get too excited when purchasing cushioning and padding. Make a budget for all the materials and also size them up nicely before you shell out any money for them. Happy moving!

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What Should You Leave Behind When Moving Out Of Your House?

People usually say that you should declutter before moving house and even take your trash with you to wherever you are going. This is absolutely true. For the most part, you should never leave anything behind at all. But there are certain cases when the question is not about what you should leave behind but what you can or may leave behind. You have already prepared all your moving boxes and wrapped all your furniture pieces efficiently and are ready to get rid of all the unwanted stuff. But let’s have a look at the items that shouldn’t find a spot on your moving van at all:

1. Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manuals

If any instruction manuals are supposed to help the future tenant in this apartment such as those that come with microwaves, refrigerators, water softeners, water heaters, and other appliances already installed in the apartment, should be left as they are. You are not supposed to take them with you. Most of these appliances will be used by either the homeowner if he decides to keep the apartment to himself or the new tenant if he decides to rent it out. Regardless of the case, you are not supposed to take them with you.

2. Leftover Paint

If there is any leftover paint, it is very practical that you should leave it behind. Given that you had paid for them, you still won’t be able to load them into your moving truck anyway. It is not practical and let’s face it, the paint is going to make a mess out of your belongings. It is also going to pan out well for the homeowner and the future talent. They will have at least a bit of extra paint to fall back on if they want to take up a renovation project or want to paint the home or certain parts of it as per their liking.

3. Light Fixtures

This is also a no-brainer. What will you do after uprooting the light fixtures, light bulbs, and ceiling fans? In fact, you are not supposed to do that anyway. Regardless of their size, or whether they match your new home or not, you should let the light fixtures be. Also, they are the property of the homeowner and not the tenant. They came with the house so you are not supposed to take them. The homeowner or the new tenant might want to replace them repair or maybe take them off completely. It is entirely upon them. Needless to mention these light fixtures are very difficult to transport so even if you have paid for them, just let them be and do not try to uproot them.

4. Old Clothing

Old Clothing

This is actually one of the things to sell before moving from your house but in several cases, people don’t understand what to do with their old clothing. They have denims that are either a size too small or have gotten loose over time. They have misshape t-shirts and a lot of other blingy stuff that has probably gotten out of fashion. Some tenants are not in a position to get rid of them or find time to donate them. The only practical way to deal with all your old clothing is to just leave them behind. The day you leave you can drop a message to the owner to get rid of your bundle of clothes or probably donate them to the neighbourhood charity. Believe me; they will be happy to do this favour for you.

5. Kitchen Fixtures And Appliances

Several kitchen fixtures and appliances come with the apartment. You are not supposed to take them off and transport them to your new house. A lot of these fixtures are considered an inseparable part of the real estate that you have been living in for so long. The exclusion of those items is only going to decrease the overall value of the property. Therefore it is never advised to take out those appliances and bring them to your new house.

6. Outdoor Plants

Outdoor Plants

If you are moving a short distance, it will be more than practical for you to carry all your house plants with you. Also, if you have associated with a highly-skilled, efficient, and dependable packing and moving company in the city, moving your house plants will be very easy. But if none of these cases is true for you, you might just end up harming your house plants. This is not something you want because loading and unloading them is going to be a huge pain in your neck and back. Also, it is not a good idea to move all of your house plants to your new house at once. Instead, you can ask your neighbours or your friends to collect your plants while you are away. You can gradually transport them to your new house as you make trips in the future.

7. Alarm And Security Systems

Alarm And Security Systems

Have you ever heard anybody separating the alarm systems and also the security cameras, plucking out the wires and other fittings so that they can carry them to the new house?

Absolutely not! If you want to do that, you will first have to let the owner know that you are unplugging them. You will also have to inform the company that you are going to move those gadgets to your new properties. Also, you must discontinue the service and let the owner know that he would have to install a new security system in his own name before you do any such thing.

Now in the concluding section, let’s take a look at a few things that you should do before you move out of your old house

  • Forward All Your Mails

You must have all your emails, calls, letters, and other correspondence forwarded to your new address. Forgetting to do any of that is only going to create a hassle for the new tenant or the homeowner.

  • Disconnect All Your Utilities

Disconnect All Your Utilities

If you have any subscriptions or online services and internet facilities, you must get them transferred. All the water, electric, gas, garbage, and cable services should also be disconnected. Make sure to do this before you leave.

  • Cancel Your Homeowner’s Insurance

After you take out a new homeowners insurance policy, do remember to cancel the old one.

  • Organise For The Moving Boxes

Organise For The Moving Boxes

In the end, let’s conclude with a very critical part which is organising moving boxes. Pick at least 3 sizes for all your belongings. Any reputable house movers in the city are going to recommend the same. So there you go. Now you know what to leave and what to take with you to your new house.

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How Many Boxes Are Needed To Pack Up A 4-Bedroom House?

When you finally decide that you have to move and pack up your 4 bedroom house, you’ll be hit with a wall of realization. There is just so much to do. The amount of things we tend to collect over the years, especially in a large house is astounding. Once you sit down and start planning the removal, you will be faced with various decisions to make – which packers and movers to hire, fixing the right moving date, getting the right boxes for moving, etc. Moving a large house means that you need the right number of boxes for moving and a professional setup.

Why are moving boxes so important for a removal

  • There is a lot of variety in moving boxes so that different types of items are moved safely and separately. There are also many moving box sizes that cater to items of different dimensions.
  • Moving boxes are great for ensuring the safety of your belongings. They are extremely effective for moving fragile items such as crockery, glassware, ceramics, etc. 
  • Moving boxes are also great for storing and moving electronics such as kitchen appliances and televisions. These electronics are moved in specially padded moving boxes that keep them safe and intact.
  • Moving boxes can help you keep things organized and categorized properly so that the unpacking becomes much easier. All you have to do is label them properly.
  • Moving boxes are easily available at the local stores and via online marketplaces as well.

Packing a 4-bedroom house

To move a 4-bedroom house, an average of around 75-100 boxes are ideally required. Let’s dive into more details to help you pack and move a 4-bedroom house efficiently:

Packing the bedrooms

Packing the bedrooms

To pack the four bedrooms, you’ll need to prepared with the following supplies:

  • Around 10-12 large moving boxes.
  • 15 medium and small moving boxes.
  • Bubble wrap and packing sheets.
  • Furniture blankets.
  • Foam corners.
  • Packing tape.
  • Packing peanuts.

All the above items are necessary to properly pack all your four bedrooms. In order to be efficient and quick about it, you can follow the tips belows:

  • Start by disassembling the beds if they can be. Call in a carpenter or a handyman to help you out. Once the beds are disassembled into planks, you can stack them like books on a shelf – side by side. Use a large moving box to store these parts. If they do not fit in these boxes, make sure that you tie them up together and then add a layer of bubble wrap.
  • Unplug electronic and electrical fitting such as table lamps and ceiling fans. Wrap them in bubble wrap as well to keep them safe.
  • Fill the empty spaces in the moving boxes with packing peanuts so that they don’t move during the transit.
  • For sofa-cum-beds, small couches, ottomans, etc., make sure that you cover them up with furniture blankets. If they have corners that can be chipped, cover them with foam wrappers.
  • For wardrobes and beds with storage spaces below them that slide in and out, tie them up with ropes so that they don’t open inside the truck. Empty these storages before packing them otherwise, they will get really heavy and things can break inside them.
  • Dressing tables and other furniture with mirrors or glass pieces should be covered with a double layer of bubble wrap. It is always better to stay on the safe side here. Not only does it ruin your beautiful furniture, but broken glass or mirrors can also be a safety hazard.
  • Reinforce each box with tape at the base.

Packing your kitchen

Packing your kitchen

The biggest thing to keep in mind while packing and moving your kitchen and your pantry is to ensure the safety of your electrical appliances. They are expensive, prone to physical damage, and hard to move around. Your fridge and your dishwasher are especially the trickiest. To move your kitchen efficiently, just make sure that you:

  • Have an ample number of packing supplies. For a kitchen and a pantry, around 15 medium-sized boxes would suffice. They are mainly used to keep small to medium items like crockery and cutlery.
  • To ensure that your drinking glasses are safe, separate each of them using cardboard rectangles. Fill the boxes with newspaper or peanuts to keep them still during the move.
  • Just like your wardrobe, tie the door of your fridge and wrap it with double and triple layers of packing sheets and bubble wrap. Coil the main wire and tape it to the back of the fridge before you wrap the entire appliance with plastic.
  • For smaller appliances such as microwaves, mixers, and juicers, you can simply use medium-sized boxes. Make sure that you fortify the base of these boxes with extra moving tape. Again, filling the empty spaces with packing peanuts is a good idea so get plenty of that.

The living room

The living room

The living room is the last one of the big and challenging rooms in your 4-bedroom house. Of course, packing your washroom and outdoors is tricky at times, but they usually don’t have heavy furniture in them. Also, living rooms tend to be the first rooms to be re-furnished at the new house. Questions like how to pack books for moving and how many boxes you need to pack your entire living room are answered below:

  • For books, use small boxes. They are more sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. Again, tape the base to make them stronger.
  • Make sure that the books are kept away from water and other items that can spoil them or ruin them.
  • For heavy furniture in the living room, follow the same rule as you did for your bed. Foam corners are a must for large sofas and coffee tables.
  • For tables that have glass tops, make sure that it is properly layered with plastic sheets so that no breakage occurs.

All in all, around 10 small boxes, 10 medium boxes, and 5 large boxes would be enough to move your living room. After all, you won’t be moving your heavy furniture in a moving box!

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What’s The Best Way To Move 1000+ Books When Moving House?

Are you a bibliophile on the move? Nothing can be worse than this. With thousands of books in your personal collection, moving is certainly a thorn in the side. Also, each and every book is precious to you and you have to ensure that they are moved safely. During the removal, books may:

  • Get damaged during packing – torn or their spines may get cracked.
  • Come in contact with water and get spoiled.
  • Go missing.
  • Get their leather bindings dehydrated in the wrong conditions.

To avoid all these unpleasant situations, we have listed down some of the best ways to pack books for moving. Let’s begin!

Packing advice for moving

Getting the right supplies

The $900 billion packaging supplies industry is flourishing for a reason. Safety of cargo is of utmost importance in any logistics scenario. To pack your books safely, it is necessary that you get the right kind of packing supplies. Here’s some packing advice for moving when it comes to getting the right stuff:

  • Get small and sturdy boxes for they are the best boxes to move books. Large cardboard boxes are not as sturdy as the small ones and can come apart under heavy weight. Small and sturdy cardboard boxes can be purchased online or can be procured from any general store in your area.
  • Get lots of sticky tape and ensure that they stay put on the cardboard surfaces. Lots of tape available in the market doesn’t go well with cardboard.
  • Get packing paper or tissue paper to line the base and the walls of the box. It might seem unnecessary but it saves the book from environmental damage as well as from common issues such as ripped pages, bent spines, dog ears, etc. Packing paper makes the boxes retain their shape during transit.
  • Get packing peanuts to fill the empty spaces in the boxes so that the contents do not move during the journey.
  • Get towels, bubble wraps, or newspapers to pack old books that are more likely to get damaged.

How to pack books for moving

How to pack books for moving

After you have all the supplies in place, it is time to start packing. Follow these packing tips to get the job done quickly and efficiently:

  • Put the largest books at the bottom of the box and then move down in size as you stack them on top of each other.
  • Line the walls and the base of the boxes with packing paper especially if you are moving books with hardback covers or books with dust jackets.
  • Pack the books flat instead of on their sides. Packing books by their spine can result in some damage.
  • Use lots of packing tape to make the boxes more sturdy. Add an extra line of tape on the bottom of the boxes to make them even more sturdy. Even the best boxes to move books available in the market can fall apart under the weight.
  • Label the boxes properly. You categorize the books based on which room they will unpack into in your new house.
  • One of the best ways to pack books for moving is to avoid overfilling the box. Use lots of boxes – it will be worth the investment.

Packing old books for moving

Packing old books for moving

Old books hold so much sentimental value and you wouldn’t want them to face any kind of damage during their removal. Some packing advice for moving old books are given below:

  • Wrap individual books with towels or packing paper.
  • You can also use cling wrap to further fortify the packaging.
  • Put a piece of cardboard between each book to save the boom spines from bending or breaking.
  • Contrary to new books, you can actually put thick old books on their sides so that there is less strain on the spine.
  • Fill the empty spaces in the box with crushed newspaper to ensure that the books do not move around the box. 

Moving advice for books

Plan your move

Plan your move

Before you even begin packing, it is crucial that you at least have a rough idea about how the process would unfold. Certain decisions such as choosing the moving date and whether you’d prefer to move with removalists or on your own need to be made in the initial stages of the plan. You’ll also need to decide where you’d get your packaging supplies from. Your budget is also a topic of discussion. All in all, these few points have to be covered once you decide that you have to move.

Moving on your own

If you decide that you will move on your own, here are a few things that you’ll need to do:

  • Firstly, choose a specific moving date and plan towards it.
  • Buy your packing supplies from a local store or online.
  • Declutter your belongings. In case of books that you don’t want anymore, you can donate them or sell them in a garage sale.
  • You might require a trolley or a dolly to move the books around. It will save you some time. Ask your contacts if they can arrange it for you.
  • Contact your friends and family and ask them if they are available to help you move the books.
  • Arrange for a moving truck or van.

Moving with professional movers

Moving with professional movers

Things get a lot easier here. Professional packers and movers know how to pack books for moving. They are experienced and have the appropriate equipment and vehicles to help you move efficiently over long distances. For interstate removals, it is better to call in for help. The only downside of moving with packers and movers is that they are expensive. They will also use their own packing supplies that will add up to the final cost. You can, however, only opt for the moving service and pack the books on your own. You can use this article as a ‘how to pack books for moving’ guide and follow the tips to do the job better. At the end of the day, whether you pack and move on your own or otherwise, the main thing is that your books are moved safely and securely.

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Why Do We Need Packing And Moving Services?

Outsourcing your packing and moving to a professional company comes with certain benefits. The biggest advantage is obviously the hassle-free moving. With more than 76,000 people moving interstate in just a quarter of a year (reports from 2020), packing and moving services are always in demand in such a dynamic place.

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Whether you are moving within the same city or across state lines, you’ll end up needing some sort of professional assistance. It just makes things simpler and easier to deal with.

It allows for stress and hassle-free moving

Stress and hassle-free moving

Moving with a professional setup allows you to focus on other things while the removalists take care of the moving business. You wouldn’t have to worry about much. Just a little bit of supervision and some communication with the company will do. Moving is not just about picking up your stuff and taking it elsewhere. It requires planning, arranging supplies, renting or borrowing moving vans, packing, and so much more. Doing it all by yourself is just too taxing on your physical as well as your mental health. Also, if you are moving from a rented space, you’ll also have to take care of cleaning the entire apartment before handing it back.

Therefore, hassle-free moving is one of the biggest benefits of hiring professional movers. It allows you more time to focus on other important things as well. As soon as you hire packers and movers, they’ll ask you about the size of your house and a rough number of belongings that need to be moved. They’ll also ask you about heavy items such as furniture, wardrobes, pool tables, etc. After this, they’ll share an estimate that will give you an idea about how much it will all cost.

Professional movers are well equipped

Professional movers are well equipped

If you have moved before, you’d know that moving requires certain equipment that makes the job easier. Things like ramps, slides, ropes, dollies, etc. are used to quickly load and unload heavy furniture and other items. Normal people generally don’t have these things for two obvious reasons – they are not frequently used and they are expensive. Professional packing and moving services have this equipment ready to go. They also have a good network in the industry and generally have their own fleet of moving vehicles and a trained workforce to help you relocate.

Packers and movers are trained

Getting the right packing supplies

Carrying their own equipment isn’t enough though. Professional packing and moving companies have a workforce that is qualified and skilled to use this equipment. Loading a heavy king-size bed onto a moving van is no joke. Also, if your moving involves stairways, it becomes even more complicated for an untrained person to do the job. Therefore, it is wise to simply outsource all of this heavy lifting to people who know their job well. There are certain things that you can’t just do as well as the professionals and that is why you need them.

You don’t have to do the heavy work

Moving heavy furniture through sets of stairways isn’t for everyone – we’ve agreed upon that. But surely you can move small stuff like a side table or a box full of books, right? But why should you? Moving requires too much planning and executing for anyone’s liking. Hiring professional packing and moving services can help you avoid all of this physical labor. Just sit back and relax while others do the heavy lifting for you!

Getting the right packing supplies

Getting the right packing supplies

 Probably one of the reasons that you wouldn’t find as effective as the other but this is important nonetheless. Professional removalists are not just loaders and unloaders. They will help you pack everything from scratch and even unpack it wherever you want at the new place. But the big question is not about who’ll do the packing. It is about the right packing supplies and how much you’ll require to suffice for your belongings.

Again, this calls for planning and sitting down, and making an inventory before coming up with a number. Then there are specialized boxes for moving everything – clothes, televisions, books, appliances, etc. All of these problems are solved by hiring a removalist.

Also, you’ll get a better price on these packing supplies since you’re already working with the packers and movers. The only alternative is that you already have good quality packing supplies from your previous move and can reuse them.

Experience counts – always

Experience counts – always

One of the biggest reasons why people hire packers and movers especially in large cities and for interstate removals is that there is always a chance of things going out of plan. Without exaggerating too much, a move can end up damaging your belongings while you are loading them or moving them to a new place. This is where you need experienced help. They’ve done it so many times that it is all about a game of numbers now! It is hard to go wrong with professional help! They know the industry inside out as well as the biggest areas where there is a risk. This implies that professional packers and movers know their way around them as well.

Getting professional help for packing and moving helps you relocate safely – that’s what we mean. Secondly, efficiency is another added benefit. Not only will your relocation be safe but it will also be quick and smooth.

Finally, experienced movers know how to handle the queries of the customer – you. This will keep you free of stress and always aware of the situation.

Professional movers can help you with additional services

Coming to the last point, during the move, you might need some additional services like a temporary storage facility or cleaning services. Some removalists can help you with this as well. With their years of experience and a good network in the industry, your packing and moving company can help you with these additional requirements as well. All you have to do is ask! They can also help you with specialized services such as moving with pets, antique removals, valet services, and more.

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Where To Find Boxes For Moving And What To Look For In Their Quality

Moving boxes play a very critical role in helping you pack for your big move. You can not imagine yourself shifting out of your old house successfully without enough packing material of which cardboard boxes and other containers are a very integral part. 

Having enough containers and boxes beforehand gives you more clarity as to how you are going to segregate your stuff and what the whole order of your cargo is going to be. The following section talks about where to buy moving boxes and then how to choose them depending upon their use, durability, quality, and functionality. Let’s begin:

1. Departmental Stores  

Departmental Stores

Departmental stores are one of the easiest sources to find packing boxes. They store large items both edible and non-edible in a wide variety of moving boxes. You can pick a few from them and they won’t even mind.

2. Liquor Stores

Liquor Stores

Liquor stores get their deliveries probably every day. Some of them keep their sturdy boxes in their basements. It is a great idea to raid them, of course, after seeking their permission. You can find boxes of probably every size imaginable in these local liquor stores.

3. Craigslist  

Craigslist is also a very apt place where you can find packing boxes for moving quite easily. You can go online and post a demand over there for moving boxes. You can easily find such containers on their posts by conducting a local search within the portal.

4. Grocery Stores  

Grocery Stores

Your local grocery stores get multiple deliveries throughout the week. Talk to them and they will be more than willing to send a few boxes right to your doorstep. The best part is that these containers tend to be a lot more durable than any other product in the market.

5. Book Shops  

Book Shops

Book vendors and shops also keep a lot of containers and boxes. They are meant to store and safeguard those heavy and thick books which means that you are in for a good deal. These might be some of the most durable and good-quality moving boxes that you will ever come across.

6. Bars And Restaurants

Bars And Restaurants

Bars and restaurants are always fun to raid because they don’t have the time to get rid of the trash. If you ask them for a few boxes, they will happily let you in. You can contact the manager for easy access to their store room. Wait a minute! Didn’t you become friendly with their pastry chef behind that second counter? Get in touch with him and he will get you all the boxes you want.

7. Recycling Centres&nbsp

You can easily buy moving boxes at local recycling centres. In fact, you can’t make the entire moving process a success with just boxes. They can also provide you with packing tape, plastic wrap, and bubble wraps as well. They have a lot of stuff with them.

8. Your New Neighbors

Your New Neighbors

Has any new family moved into your neighborhood lately? They must have a lot of boxes in their house. Why don’t you invite them over for lemonade and then ask to accompany them to their place to sort through their boxes and pick the ones you want?

Wasn’t this interesting? But this is not it. You also have to look for certain qualities in the moving boxes that you buy to pack your stuff in. Let’s begin with that checklist:

  • The Strength Of The Box

The first thing that you will have to notice is the strength and durability of the boxes. Make sure that they are not worn out or broken in between. They should be upright and not weighed down like a deflated balloon. The walls of the boxes must be completely vertical and erect. Never choose fragile boxes even for your soft or delicate items.

  • The Size Of The Box

The Size Of The Box

The size of the box is also going to matter a lot. Make sure that you have enough space in your moving van for a big box if you could only find one large container for the move. Otherwise, choosing two medium-sized boxes is always a safer option. There are double-walled boxes as well that offer more durability but take up a little bit more space. For clothing, it is better to choose medium-sized wardrobe boxes instead of those big bulky containers that are ideal for hardware and other equipment. Make sure that the boxes do not get creased during transport. Also, if you are choosing a large box, it is important to fill it up with adequate padding if the item contained in it is unable to fill it completely. This is going to prevent the box from drooping down and twisting and bending at all angles when it is in transit.

  • Are The Boxes Affordable?

Some boxes and containers tend to be very costly. Packing boxes for moving interstate are typically more durable and therefore the cost that you have to pay for them is slightly higher than any other conventional containers. But make sure that they are worth the money you want to spend on them. If you are going with any secondhand boxes or used containers, do not overpay for them at all.

  • Can It Hold Under The Backing Tape?

A lot of your boxes might seem to hold nicely under pressure but when you bring them home and start packing your stuff in them, it turns out to be a totally different story. Some boxes and their flaps might give away under the pressure of the tape that you want to apply on them to seal them up nicely. This is another reason that it is very important for you to fill them up to the top so that their lids do not hang in midair when you finally close and seal them up.

  • Space For Adequate Padding

Space For Adequate Padding

This is where padding and cushioning come into play. You will have to get the right amount of bubble wraps, old newspapers, and packing paper as well. If you have any old bed sheets or worn-out towels and other linen, you can use them as padding materials to make your boxes firmer and more solid. 

And To Wrap It Up

It is very easy for you to find moving boxes. There are plenty of sources where you can get them. The one thing that you have to take care of is that you do not overstuff them with padding. If you have a feeling that it might break or collapse, do not put any extra weight inside it. The rest, you will figure it out.

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How To Buy The Right Moving Boxes & Pack Them Properly?

It is not really about how many boxes or what brand of cardboard boxes you choose. Frankly, they just have to be durable and of the right size. The brand is not going to matter if they do not serve the purpose. When you are about to move out of your old home, the one thing that is going to help you pack all your stuff efficiently and smoothly is your boxes and containers. If you don’t make the right choice with them, you are probably in for quite a messy move.

But let’s get this question out of the way. Where do you find the most dependable and useful boxes anyway? You can check online for a few options, for example, you can look at craigslist. Perhaps some of your Facebook friends have a few boxes and containers that they might be willing to give you. You can also look on Amazon and eBay if you want a particular brand or a certain style. 

You can also visit your local grocery store and your favorite liquor store. Some departmental stores and home improvement shops also have these cardboard boxes. Some retailers will be more than willing to give them to you for free. Now, you must learn how to pack those boxes for moving your home. But before you begin packing them, you will have to choose the right product. 

As You Buy Moving Boxes For Your House, You Must Do The Following Without Fail

  • Inspect Them Carefully

Inspect Them Carefully

The moment you receive your delivery or if you visit the local store to grab a few boxes, make sure to inspect them thoroughly. You should not invest in any containers that are broken or chipped or torn from anywhere. Also, make sure that they are stable and durable. Go for only those products that are highly recommended and come with at least a 4.5-star rating.

  • Think About Buying A Few New Ones

So if you were able to collect a few boxes from your nearest departmental store or any retail shop owners for free, you must think that you are sorted. This might not necessarily be the case because some of those boxes might turn out a little fragile or worn out. What do you do? You purchase a few new ones and make sure to perform the inspection again.

  • Always Go For A Wide Variety Of Sizes

Always Go For A Wide Variety Of Sizes

You are already at the local store, so you might as well have a look at a few size options that they have with them. Remember to invest in at least 4 or 5 boxes of each size. 

Small Boxes

These are perfect for your books, figurines, small collectibles, and also your small jewelry pieces and accessories that you are so fond of.

Medium Boxes

These containers are usually suitable for your gadgets and expensive electronic items. Even your kitchen appliances and a lot of stuff from your bathroom and kitchen drawers can go into them.

Large Boxes

These are ideal for your big items. You can carry all your bulky equipment and hardware stuff in these boxes as well. They are usually much more durable than the small ones. However, these tips for packing your stuff with boxes are just a yardstick. Do not overload them or you’ll damage them for good.

  • Divide Your Boxes

Divide Your Boxes

You will have to divide your boxes among your cargo. This means that all your glasses and delicate items should be kept in a particular box preferably a medium-sized one. Make sure to invest in ample cushioning material for them (more on that later). 

Here Are Some Useful Packing Tips For Moving With Boxes: Grabbing The Right Supplies

  1. Packing Tape

Packing Tape

Remember to purchase packing tape right after you buy moving boxes for the big day. It will make sure that the containers are properly sealed once you have inserted enough padding and cushioning inside them to stabilize all the items contained within. The packing tape has to be high-quality and preferably stretchable as well.

  1. Label Maker

Your label maker has to be fast. It must be able to dispense labels at a fast pace. Make sure to invest in a digital variety that is more lightweight and portable.

  1. Permanent Markers

Permanent Markers

You will also need permanent markers to write down the contents of the box on the outside of them. This helps you separate the delicate items from the durable ones easily. This will also help you spot the boxes that you need to unpack right after you have moved into your new home.

  1. Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps are useful in creating an extra cushioning area for your expensive items and breakable belongings. They can be stuffed inside your crystal vases to give them more stability. If you are carrying any electronic items in these cardboard boxes, bubble wraps can prevent them from colliding with one another and keep them stable when they are in transit.

  1. Plastic Wraps

Plastic Wraps

Never forget to wrap your boxes with plastic wraps. When you are done providing enough cushioning and padding inside the boxes, it is time to wrap them up nicely with a plastic wrap to secure them. 

  1. Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are very useful, especially when you have to move your heavy cargo from one location to another. They can climb up the ramp to your moving vehicle very easily. Handcarts are very lightweight yet highly durable. They prove to be a very solid investment. You can also rent them for a day or two and return them when you are done packing and moving.

  1. Stretchable Straps

Stretchable Straps

This is also a very important investment. Stretchable straps give you the ability to lift your heavy boxes and convey them from your upper floor to your ground floor. It will take only two people to lift the heaviest of boxes if you have your stretchable straps with you. They can help you grip some of the bulkiest equipment and place them in the moving truck with ease.

Did You Just Move All Your Stuff Onto The Truck?

You did not even realize it, did you? Your packing is done. You have successfully secured all your belongings and stacked them neatly in the moving van. Now all you have to do is drive. Have a safe and wonderful journey. Here’s to your new life in your brand new home.

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