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Revisiting 2021- How the Year Panned Out for Australia

2021 was surely an exciting ride. With ups and downs carved deep into this year’s fabric, we at CBD Movers considered taking a round-up of the year. Having a removalist staff of 325 with 150+ Trucks and more than 100000 moves within a year we just raised the benchmark within the Australian Packing and Moving Market by winning awards and accolades in terms of quality services. Highlighted below are some of the key events of 2021.

January: Words of the Australian National Anthem Changed to Become More Inclusive

In an attempt to make the national anthem, “Advance Australia Fair”, more inclusive of all people, Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the announcement that there will be a slight change of wording. The words, ‘for we are young and free’ were changed to ‘for we are one and free’.

Under scrutiny for several years prior, the change had been made to be more supportive of the indigenous people of Australia.

February: First Vaccinations from Pfizer Arrived in Australia. Vaccine Administrations Began

Around 142,000 Pfizer vaccines for COVID-19 reached the shores of Sydney on the 15th of February. The first administrations began from the 22nd of February. For a pandemic that ate up most of 2020 and impacted the global and Australian economy drastically, the events certainly changed the outlook of most major industries especially logistics, transport, and real estate.

Also, during this month, Facebook blocked all Australian news websites from sharing any news from the island country.

March: Major Floods, Protests, and Lockdowns

Heavy rainfall affected the country forcing urgent evacuations to be made. New South Wales was affected the most. Road blockages and transport delays resulted in quite a few monetary losses across the state.

In other news, thousands of people attended ‘Justice Rallies’ organised against gender-based violence and office harassment.

Three-day lockdowns were imposed in several cities as a UK variant of the COVID-19 was detected in Australia.

April: Victoria’s Notorious Belt and Road Agreement was Removed by the Australian Government

The deal was made between the Victorian government and China. Four agreements were signed that were targeted for better infrastructure and two of them dealt with projects in the Middle East. Saying that the agreement was not in line with the Australian foreign policy, the National Government scrapped the deal assuming power over the State Government. The move received a lot of negative actions from the Chinese government and scrapping the deal was criticized by some Australian economic experts as well.

CBD Movers Awards

CBD Movers was awarded the Customer Service award for 2021 for the 5th time in a row. Word of Mouth – an online portal providing unbiased reviews from customers recognized CBD Movers for its quality services and initiatives for customer satisfaction.

May: Tasmanian Elections 2021 Held as Peter Gutwein and His Troops Win For The Third Time

Peter Gutwein and his liberal party won the Tasmanian elections, roping in 13 out 25 seats. The labor party came in a close second with 9 seats led by Rebecca White. The third victory was a consecutive one as the liberal party performances seemed to find a steady course for years to come.

June: Delta Variant of the COVID-19 is Detected in Australia

Some of the first cases of the Delta variant of the COVID-19 were reported during June, 2021. Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, and other close vicinities were all closed down after the Delta variant scare. Lockdowns were imposed in order to curb any dangers from the new mutations.

Two lives were lost due to floods in Eastern Victoria as waters from Traralgon Creek caused havoc. Transport and road systems were put to a halt due to the unfortunate disaster.

July: Brisbane to Host 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics as no Rival Bids Were Posted

Brisbane 2032 Summer Olympics
Image Credit: deadline.com

Australia will host the global sporting event again after Brisbane won the race to host the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in 2032. The Olympics will be hosted by Australia after 2032, with the previous one being Melbourne’s 2000 memorable Olympics. The city said that its infrastructure is almost complete even though there is a lot of time remaining for the event.

August: NSW Becomes First Australian State to Cross Thousand COVID Cases in a Single Day

More than 1024 cases were reported from the state within a day, making it a first for Australia. Sky News Australia was also barred from YouTube for allegedly reporting false news about the pandemic.

August also witnessed a return to more normalcy after the lockdowns as economies returned with better and more positive numbers.

September: Violent Protests Against Mandatory Vaccines in Melbourne

Hundreds of people gathered in front of government buildings in Melbourne on 20th September and protested against mandatory vaccinations. The Union Building was also damaged during the protests and police had to use rubber bullets to curb the protests. Construction sites were shut down for two weeks after this in order to curb the number of infections rising due to mass gatherings.

October: Mandatory COVID Jab; Police Employees Lose Case

An attempt to make vaccinations a matter of choice was made by several police officers in Queensland. The defiance to their direct superior resulted in a case and court ruling that meant that 60 or more police officers and civilians had to either get suspended or get vaccinated. The attempts made by the police officers raised around $118,000 in donations for the ‘cause’. All the police officers will have to get vaccinated by January 23rd or get suspended without pay.

November: Verry Elleegant Wins Melbourne Cup

Verry Elleegant Melbourne Cup
Image Credit: abc.net.au

Verry Elleegant won her 10th Group One Win and only her first 2400+ meter win. The ‘very elegant’ participant broke records and was amongst one of the biggest sporting sensations in November. McDonald, her rider, recorded his first ever victory and praised his steed for a quality performance. A treat for the eyes of any equestrian sport fan!

December: Omicron Hit Australia Hard; Australia Sweep Ashes 3-0 With Two More Matches to go

Huge numbers were reported from Victoria, NSW, and Queensland of the Omicron COVID-19 variant. The highly infectious strain of the virus has led the government to take several measures to curb its effects. Mask rules were reviewed and small lockdowns were imposed again. Although a complete lockdown is not a feasible solution this time around as economies have suffered enough, restrictions were put in place for restaurants, interstate travels, hospitality, etc. The Omicron is said to surpass the doubly vaccinated and is certainly raising a concern for health authorities. Health workers and hospitals are overwhelmed as well.

Australia recorded a wonderful performance in the Ashes Cup leading 3-0 at the time of writing. Amidst Omicron scare, cricket has continued and has given us a rather amazing gift around New Year’s. Australia’s exuberating performance is set to continue into 2022.

Despite the frequent lockdowns due to COVID-19 and the new threat of Omicron, CBD Movers was able to add 30 additional trucks to its existing fleet. The additional trucks are already in operation. Around 100 removalists were trained by our process and technical trainers in order to maintain the quality of moves delivered by CBD Movers.

8 Useful Tips To Protect Your House Furniture When Moving Local

You have a few extremely expensive furniture pieces. Some of them are very delicate and quite precious to you. It will be absolutely devastating for you if any harm were to come to any of those items. Therefore, it is important to protect your house furniture and several of your possessions regardless of whether you are moving locally or outside the city.

Let’s begin with a few practical tips from the leading furniture movers that can prevent these mishaps from occurring:


  1. Inventory Preparation


You will begin by preparing the furniture for the big move. You will have to separate each furniture piece from the rest of the cargo. Arrange for enough space in and around your property so that they can be moved easily without bumping into any walls or passageways. Time your move. Get rid of any obstructions in the way. Take close-up shots of your critical furniture pieces so that you can identify if any of them have any scratches or dents after you have successfully moved them to their destination.

  1. Furniture Assessment


You will also have to work with your professional furniture movers to decide what pieces to move first and what fixtures can wait. Make sure whether moving a particular furniture piece on your own is going to be practical or not. Assess their weight and height before you start moving them across your property. Count the pieces that can be moved by a single person and separate them from the ones that require additional manpower.

  1. Proper Cleaning

Proper cleaning of both your cargo and your house is very important. You have to remove all the clutter away from the furniture and the passageways that you will be using to move it out. Use a soft cloth or a duster to get rid of any abrasive particles or harmful and coarse debris that can become a hurdle when moving your stuff around.

  1. Disassembling

Several of your expensive furniture pieces can be dismantled. You just have to read the instructions manual that comes with these pieces. You will find out that the legs and hinges can be disassembled very easily. Some of your chairs and their backs can be detached without any hassle and any external assistance. The fixtures that can be disassembled should be transported only after they have been dismantled. This doesn’t only lighten your burden but also saves a lot of space on the local furniture mover’s truck/vehicle.

  1. Packing Materials

choose what the leading furniture movers advise. Go for optimum packing materials to protect the surfaces and delicate corners and edges of your expensive possessions. You can also use old sofa covers and mattresses for this purpose. Always invest in high-quality packing tape along with dependable packaging and padding materials. Bubble wrap is a great option and can do the job in the majority of situations. You can also go with corrugated cardboard boxes and other cotton-based padding materials that are ideal for practically every furniture piece that you own.

  1. Packing Methods

Just investing in the right padding and wrapping material is not going to be enough. You also have to learn the right packing and wrapping methods. You want to shield all your expensive items from any kinds of sharp and jagged edges. You may have to construct certain barriers when protecting your delicate items such as vases, crystal ware, and expensive utensils. Various affordable local moving companies put up several tutorials online to teach you how to add a layer of extra protection when transporting such goods to your new home. Go through them for more assistance.

  1. Placement Of Furniture

Placement of furniture matters a lot when moving locally. This is especially true if you have a lot of pieces that are placed adjacent to one another in the moving vehicle. You want to make sure that there is enough padding between these pieces so that they don’t collide with one another and cause unexpected damage on the way. This includes your tables, glass pieces, dressers, sofa sets, lounge chairs, and a lot more.

  1. Waterproof Furniture Covers

You should also invest in the right waterproofing for your house furniture. If you are planning a long move and you are uncertain about the weather, investing in the right waterproof padding and wrapping materials is a very clever move. This will protect your furniture from moisture, rain, mould, and mildew, polish getting washed off, and fading, sun damage, and a lot more.

At The End Of The Day

Employ the right “lift and move” method to transfer your furniture from one place to another. If you are using an enclosed vehicle, make sure to use appropriate climate control techniques as well. And remember, all of this becomes a lot easier if you have the best furniture movers by your side.

Giant Boost For Logistics and Tourism as Queensland Says Goodbye to 72-Hours Testing Rule

Travellers from other states entering Queensland had to return a negative PCR test before but now a rapid antigen test will be enough. Here’s all you need to know and how the change affects Australia.

The testing system in Australia is already overwhelmed with the large number of incoming cases. The decision to scrap the 72-hour rule was instigated by other states for the aforementioned reason. Other states such as Victoria and NSW pushed the Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk to take the decision.

The decision was welcomed both by the tourism sector as well as logistics. As the Queensland Health Minister mentioned, the 72-hour test made “no scientific sense” and was putting added pressure on the already exhausted health system of the country. The decision came in just two days after SA removed the same rule.

Logistics welcome change

Interstate logistics entering Queensland as well as the tourism industry welcomed the change with open arms. Industries such as packers and movers, courier services, B2B food services, etc. received a boost to their declining operations during the Omicron crisis.

Queensland Tourism Chief Executive Daniel Gschwind said that the scrapping of the rule will bring back the “confidence of the consumers and the travellers”. He also mentioned that the virus is something we must learn to live with and prepare how to minimise its effects to our economy.

As aforementioned, the removal of the rule means that the economy can start recovering even as the Omicron surge continues. Testing is going on at a huge rate which is good for the country and Queensland. Rapid antigen tests are still available in large quantities as well which makes more sense to use seeing that the other tests aren’t as effective in determining the depth of the problem.

Finally, the five-day testing rule has also been removed from Queensland. Earlier there was a huge backlog and testing delays due to this; another blow to logistics and tourism. Thankfully, this has now been removed.

How to Move With Pets And Kids – 6 Tips To Help You Out

Caring for your kids and pets is a huge responsibility. The one thing that is common between both of them is that they resist any kind of change. They are not that welcoming of anything that threatens their comfort zone. Yes, your cats and dogs are as innocent and unaware as your little children and they all need to be handled with a lot of love and care, especially when you are about to move out of your old house to a new place.

If you are thinking, “How do I move my pet without causing him any emotional stress?”, you are not the only one. If you wonder how difficult it is going to be for your little kids to adapt to the new environment, you are not alone. This transition is going to be a little more difficult for your kids and pets than it is for you. However, you can make it a little easy on them by doing the following on time:

  1. Talk About The Move

You have to be a little more vocal when it comes to moving to a new place, especially with your kids and pets. Talk to them both. Encourage them to participate in this process. This is an important step for your entire family and you should break this news to them gradually so that they have enough time to process this information. This way, you can prepare them for a big change without any hiccups.

  1. Be Optimistic About The Process

You know that every change happens for a reason. Even moving interstate with your pets and little ones should be thought of as a positive change. Being optimistic about the whole transition becomes even more important when you are moving abroad with your pets and kids. Don’t let negativity creep into your thoughts under any circumstances. You want to keep the atmosphere of your house lively and perky so that the final moving day is easy for everyone.

  1. Involve Your Kids And Pets


When moving house with pets and kids, you will have to involve them equally. You have to get them excited about the new place. Allow them to help you with your cargo. Let them fetch different boxes and arrange for padding material for your different furniture pieces.

  1. Learn About The New Place

As a family, this could be one of the best approaches to take. You can help your children and pets get rid of all their anxiety and nervousness when you learn about the new city or your destination together. Try to…

  • Discover the several exciting places and activities that you all can enjoy in the new city
  • Make frequent road trips to the destination over the weekend
  • Get to know the local people and especially your new neighborhood
  • Explore the local cuisine and hangout spots
  1. Don’t Let The Moving Day Madness Creep In

The final moving day could be a lot more stressful than you may have imagined. So…

  • Start your day early
  • Get your cup of coffee without hurrying for breakfast
  • Keep your mind focused and calm at all times
  • Create a proper plan when moving house with your kids
  • Come up with a checklist of different items to be packed and moved on a priority basis
  1. Settling Into The New House

The first few days are going to be a little difficult for everyone. It is going to take a while before you are able to make your new home as cozy as your old one. Relocating to a new house and making it your own takes time.


  • Focus on making new friends
  • Establish new connections
  • Look for recreational areas, shopping complexes, new gardens, and parks
  • Look for reasons to surprise your family with spontaneous drives and picnics
  • Throw a housewarming party

Let’s make this move fun for you and your family. Happy moving!

Australia Reacts to COVID Surge as States Take Precautions for New Year

As Queensland records 784 new cases and SA records 774 new cases out of which 81% are thought to be Omicron, businesses have come to a halt. Small businesses are scared and SA’s business body has raised the need for financial aid.

In a huge blow to the Australian economy which blossoms during Christmas and New Year’s, COVID restrictions are causing a scary situation for small businesses and retailers. A strict ruling has been issued for New Year celebrations and large gatherings amidst that. The hospitality sector has to face the harshest brunt of the storm.

In SA, from now onwards, cafes, restaurants, and eateries cannot have more than one person per square meter. Meanwhile, in Queensland, the state has started issuing vaccines for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The Premier said that everyone has to make sure that the children are protected from the pandemic as they are also known to show symptoms and can be dangerous careers.

Pathology clinics and healthcare workers are again overwhelmed by the highly infectious Omicron. Priority is being given to the elderly and those under high risk from other ailments. Healthcare workers have been working overnight all through Christmas as well. If we consider the ‘per head of population’ count, Queensland has the same number of infections as NSW or Victoria.

Ashes almost came to a halt after the English Omicron scare

In other news, the second day at the MCG was delayed due to a statement by the English Cricket Team stating that one of the player’s family members has tested positive.

Since the initial scare, 2 staff members and 2 family members from the English side have returned with positive tests. They are in isolation. Only Joe Root could participate in the usual warmups. The entire English side will have PCR tests later in the day.

The delay in day 2 was mostly because the Australian and English teams, both, had to undergo rapid antigen tests this morning.

Omicron Forcing NSW Businesses to Shut & Travellers Left Frustrated As Flights Get Cancelled and Rescheduled During Christmas

Staff members in quarantine are forcing small businesses and stores in NSW to fall short of manpower, hence closing them down during the busy Christmas season. Two of Australia’s major airlines, Virgin and Jetstar, are also cancelling or rescheduling most of their flights. And just as we thought that things are getting normal…

In a hard blow to Christmas shoppers and businesses profiting from the festive season, COVID is negatively impacting the economy of NSW, yet again. Small businesses are looking for the government to send financial compensation and tax exemptions during the crisis. This is crucial to retain employees as well as in keeping the businesses afloat in many cases. Just as NSW was recovering from the previous restrictions such as mask rules and QR codes (which were removed just a few days ago), the new wave has forced the government to implement these boundations again.

Although masks and QR code rules seem to be the sensible way forward, businesses that rely specifically on the festive season, especially basement kitchens and open space restaurants, face the toughest challenges. The rules are in place till the 27th of January. David Harding, Director of Policy, Business NSW spoke to reporters saying that businesses in the state will depend on government savings and he hopes that the Omicron does not result in mass hospitalisations.

Virgin and Jetstar cancel flights

In other news, both Virgin and Jetstar have cancelled multiple flights in and out of NSW. Other states facing the brunt are Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. Of course, this was unexpected for the travellers who are left frustrated. Christmas eve flights were cancelled much to the disappointment of the passengers.

More than 20 flights have been affected by this change of plans. The airlines have, no doubt, apologised to their customers. The circumstances are such that strict measures are necessary for Australia. The airlines have also offered replacement flights to some customers that fly via other less-affected cities.

The main reason behind the cancellations is that the airlines are both short on staff due to isolation and quarantine cases. Of course, the official stance of Virgin and Jetstar remains apologetic.

The Best Time To Move House In Australia – 7 Rules To Help You Decide

Should you arrive at your new destination in the afternoon or would it be ok to reach there in the evening? Will the roads be too packed if you leave a little late? Is this even the right whether to be moving your house at all? These and many other questions trouble your mind when you are packing and moving your house across Australia. You don’t know what day to choose or what season to pick for the big move. You haven’t even prepared a house moving checklist yet. You haven’t calculated how many hours it is going to take to reach your destination or whether you will be moving your house on a truck or some other vehicle. Let’s not get more confused than we already are. First, let’s sort out what time of the year, month, or day you should choose to move your house across Melbourne.

  1. Moving House During Weekdays Or Weekends?

Everybody has either school, work, or some other commitment. Decide whether you want to move in the middle of the week or at the end of it. People usually choose Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for this purpose because this way, they have one weekday and two weekends. They have the convenience of all the services being available on Friday and lesser traffic on the roads on Saturdays and Sundays.

  1. School Holidays Are Ideal For Moving Into A New House

School Holidays Are Ideal For Moving Into A New House

You can choose a long school holiday for packing and moving your house because this way, your children will not miss school. There is also a high probability that you will get much less traffic on these days which makes the entire moving process a lot faster. However, you must book the packing and moving services in advance because the major removalists that you might be counting on may not be available at the last moment.

  1. What Month Should You Pick?

This is also a primary consideration and you should think about it in advance. The majority of people prefer to move from their old home to their new home close to Autumn. If you can manage this move during the winter, even better, because there will be less demand for house moving companies throughout Melbourne. However, it is always a reasonable practice to book their services in advance.

  1. The Right Season For Moving Your House

The Right Season For Moving Your House

Usually, families go with the summer months because the days are longer and you get more time to pack and move your stuff around. The sunny weather also allows you a lot of freedom in terms of commuting and you don’t have to protect yourself or your kids from the harsh cold winds. You tend to remain more active but again, the leading packers and movers in Australia might be too much in demand during this season. So, you will have to consider this aspect as well.

  1. Pick The Right Time

If you are an early riser, this could pan out really well for you. This is because if you are ready the previous night with all the cargo that you want to move from your old home to your new destination, you can start driving the next day as early as 6 am. But again, this will also depend on the availability of the house moving service at that time. If you require to make multiple trips in a single day, starting early would work out for you very well. There will be fewer cars on the road and even if you forget to pack anything, you can always make a quick trip back and forth without much of a hassle.

  1. Be A Little Flexible 

Yes, moving your house is a big deal but an even bigger deal is when you fuss about it for no reason. The entire packing and moving process can be a lot of fun if you are positive. Even if you arrive at your destination a few hours late, be happy that you were able to pull it off successfully. Be easy with your kids and a little more lenient with your timing. Show and inspire a laid-back attitude but without compromising on your target and timeline.

  1. In The End, Prepare Well For The Move

  • Timely and careful disassembly of your furniture pieces is a must
  • Ensure adequate padding before the heavy cargo is lifted
  • Buy Safety gear to protect your expensive pieces
  • Make an Advance booking of the removalist
  • Invest in the right containers and boxes for moving your house
  • Choose the right vehicle for the conveyance of your critical possessions such as your family heirlooms and piano

Hire the services of a dependable and highly recommended removalist only. Be more vigilant of your choices and the entire task of moving your house will be done in the blink of an eye.

Sports and COVID: How Sydney Swans are battling the worst outbreak that has ever hit any sporting outfit in Australia

With a drastically rising number of cases in Victoria and New South Wales, the pandemic has made no exceptions when it comes to who it is affecting. The Sydney Swans have reported a large number of positive cases in their main ranks as well as the staff members.

Tuesday witnessed a record-breaking 3057 new cases in NSW as it outran national numbers during this phase of the pandemic. The Sydney Swans who play in the AFL or the Australian Football League have had many members of staff tested positive while away on leaves of absence.

All the players and the staff members who have been tested positive were doubly vaccinated. No surprises there though, as the Omicron variant is known for surpassing the vaccines. Although less severe in nature, the new variant is the most infectious one out there. The official club statement by the Sydney Swans states that the club values the health and well-being of all its members and holds it above everything else.

All the players who are now quarantined were negative after a test on the 15th of December. This fortifies the fact that the Omicron is a wildly infectious variant with a high rate of success. With the season in its initial stages, however, the effect on the ranking of the club will not be affected that much.

Not only this, but the ongoing Ashes Test Series is also considering a change in its COVID protocols. Both sets of players, Australia and England, are under strict supervision in Melbourne and Sydney. The boxing day test match will go on as planned though.

Cricket and AFL are not the only two sports suffering from the Omicron. NRL clubs Canberra, Newcastle, South Sydney, and more, have had interruptions in their training as well. Perth Glory is also quarantined in Brisbane at the moment.

The Omicron is affecting sports all around the world. The English Premier League has had many matches postponed with Manchester United being one on the suffering side of things. A strict change in policy and proper supervision is called for in such a situation so that things can go back to normalcy as soon as possible.

All You Need To Know About The Omicron As Infections Rise Drastically in Australia

With Victoria and NSW recording cases at an alarming rate, states like Queensland are also set to witness a large number of cases as we reach New Year’s. Here’s what we currently know about the Omicron variant in bite-sized packages:

How is it any different from the older versions of COVID-19?

The Omicron variant is reported to be more infectious than the delta variant and several others. Countries such as South Africa, the UK, and Denmark, have Omicron cases doubling themselves in just two days. This level of contagiousness was not witnessed with any previous variant.

What are the symptoms?

Apart from the loss of taste and smell which were the most ‘popular’ identifiers of the disease, data from South Africa shows that the Omicron variant is less severe but has all the notoriety of the previous variants. Some patients have reported itchy eyes and severe headaches. Although the symptoms are manageable and not as bad as the second wave, the high level of infections may be overwhelming for the health system.

What is Australia’s status with the Omicron?

The cases tally is ever increasing and the health system is repping itself for the predicted record number of cases in the coming days. NSW recorded 2,500 new cases yesterday and Victoria came in second with 1,300 new cases. Australia is currently alert to the dangers of the variant but is still in the preliminary stages where it cannot comment on the severity and the extent of the Omicron variant.

What about vaccines?

Yes, getting a vaccine was all that the public could do during the small break that we got from the COVID-19 to prepare ourselves for the future. However, there have been some records of the Omicron skipping the vaccine. The high number of vaccinations in Australia is a positive sign though. In South Africa, a meagre 38% have been vaccinated with the two doses and this may have been one of the factors for the alarming rates. Also, boosters have proven to be very effective against the new variant.

What’s next?

Let’s wait and see. The Chief Health Minister of Queensland, for example, has only commented on the high infections and what kind of numbers we might be seeing in the next week or so. Apart from that, Australia, albeit well-prepared, is still much in the dark with the predictions.

How to Calculate The Cost of House Removals in Australia?

Knowing how much a house removal would cost you is a subject confusing to many. Oftentimes, people completely botch up the estimations and get surprised when the removalist quotes them a hefty sum. Moving is hectic on its own; you don’t want an added headache on the day of the move.

Here are the factors taken into consideration when calculating the cost of house removal in Australia.

Factors affecting house removal costs in Australia

Your removalist may follow different pricing models but the most common one is an hour-based pricing plan. Removalists may also charge in half-hour or 15-minutes iterations or they may just quote a flat rate after surveying your requirements. This totally depends on the removalist. There are some common points that affect the cost of the house movers though.

Factors affecting house removal costs in Australia

Size of your house

House movers in large cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, consider this the most important factor. The logic is simple though. A large residence is more likely to hold more items such as furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, etc. Also, heavy furniture and antiques may incur an additional charge on the customer. In case you require an extra truck, again, an additional charge will be applied. All in all, in a city such as Sydney, house movers would charge you around $125 per hour (a truck and two guys) for a typical one-bedroom apartment but the numbers can vary based on other factors. One such example is when you hire more than two guys to help you with the move.

The Distance Factor

House movers have to come to your pickup spot and deliver everything to the destination and then go back. These make up four distinct trips. If the distance is large, so is the transportation and moving cost. House removals depend on distances more if the number of round trips is multiple. For two movers and a truck, a single trip is sufficient for a one-bedroom apartment. However, this may vary.

Unique Instances

House movers will conduct a survey before the house removal. If your apartment has narrow stairways, small doorways, elevators, etc, they may quote an additional charge. Also, the distance between the street and your main entrance also matters. Requesting a quotation after the survey is done will give you a good idea about what the final invoice would look like.

Additional Services

House movers are usually not one-trick ponies. They offer services such as packing and unpacking, providing temporary storage spaces, pet removals, and more. CBD Movers, for example, also provides antique removals and valet services in addition to the aforementioned. If you plan to delegate stuff like packing and unpacking to the house removals experts, you will pay for the packaging supplies, and the service itself. In most cases, this is recommended. House movers know the ins and outs of how removals are done. Their expertise will help you ensure that your items are safe and sound during transit.

Night or day?

Do you want to move during the night so that the removal does not mess up with your work schedule? Well, the bad news is that house movers usually charge extra for overnight shifts. Also, house removal charges tend to go up at the end of the month for some reason. Therefore, moving during the middle of the month is recommended. Consider these points when scheduling your move.

Saving the big buck in House Removals

Saving the big buck in house removals

Budgets are already stretched when you are moving. The house removal charges may as well tip the cup and you don’t want that. We decided to help you with a few tips that can help you cut down house removal costs:
● Buy your own packing material.
● Packing and unpacking everything yourself.
● Moving small items beforehand.
● Moving pets and antiques beforehand.
● Making an inventory and labeling things so that the removalists spend less time moving.
● Moving during times when house removal charges are low.
● Requesting multiple quotes and comparing them.

House removals can be tricky if you don’t do your end of the research. The cost would go up without you realizing it. The goal is to have a stress-free house removal without worrying about things that you shouldn’t typically worry about. Have a safe and speedy move!!!

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