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Facebook Blocks Australians From Sharing or Viewing The News

Facebook has arisen through its warning to ban Australians from posting or seeing news content on its site in reply to the federal government’s news media code.

Facebook on Wednesday said that Australia would no longer get news on the social media app. On Thursday, Australians find the Facebook pages of all global and local news sites were not available. Many emergencies, government health, and other pages were also blocked.

Australia’s government said the limitation endangered the “credibility” of Facebook.

People residing outside Australia cannot access or read any Australian news publications on the social media platform. This move of Facebook’s is in response to Australia’s recommended law, making tech giants spend on news content. This ban has caused an immediate backlash; many Australians are angry about their loss of access to authoritative and trusted sources.

Few people said that through Facebook, they used to receive emergency news updates about the national disaster and pandemic situations.

Managing director of The tech giant’s Australian and New Zealand, Will Easton, said this would block Australian publishers’ connections from being posted. In contrast, no Australian users would see or share any content from the news outlets, both international and Australian.

“The recommended law fundamentally confuses the connection between our platform and publishers who use it to deal with news content,” he stated on Thursday morning.

“It has left us suffering a stark option: try to comply with a law that neglects the facts of this link, or stop allowing news content on our assistance in Australia.”

“With a heavy heart, we are choosing the latter.”

On Thursday morning news sites, show no posts on their Facebook page. Australia’s treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, tweeted that on Thursday morning, he had a discussion with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chief executive.

“He put some remaining concerns with the government’s news media bargaining code, and we agreed to extend our discussion to try to find a pathway ahead.”

Australia’s communications minister, Paul Fletcher, stated the move raised questions of the credibility of knowledge now possible on Facebook.

Facebook’s move contrasts to the other major platform subject to the code, Google.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg Appreciated the Deal Between News Publishers and Google

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has announced negotiations between Google and Australia’s biggest publishers “a world first” for paying real journalism.

Deals between Google and publishers announced this week are good, even though Parliament has not yet passed a code forcing tech giants and media companies to the negotiating table.

To force firms like Facebook and Google to negotiate with media companies, the government has proposed the code. This code is specially designed to assure that media houses are paid for using their content on social media platforms and search engines.

Mr Frydenberg said agreements between Google and news creators “will help sustain public interest journalism in this country for years to come.”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg greet agreement this week, also reported agreements covering major players Seven West Media and Nine.

He said, “Things I have heard from parties in both the digital platforms and news media business is that these are real deals. They are good deals, and fair deals for Australian media businesses, agreements that they are making off their own bat with the digital giants.”

“Of course they are complex, they are of different lengths, are certainly going to be of another quantum, they are different, but as I know it they are good deals, and they are fair deals.”

Labours support government’s moves; it means the legislation will probably pass next week in Parliament. But Mr Frydenberg thinks a series of deals declared by Google gives the legislation’s threat is already working. He disclosed on Monday that he talked to Facebook and Google executives and Mark Zuckerberg, over the weekend. And on Tuesday, the government announced tweaks to the code.

However, when asked on Wednesday if he had watered down the legislation following these discussions, Mr Frydenberg said the government had “held the position and held it well.” Google has signed deals with big media players, and there are concerns that smaller players will be left behind.

“I expected announcement of more deals, which are involving smaller players, ” he said.

Mr Frydenberg said, “we have already made it clear to Google, having a default offer in place for some of those smaller players is important as well.”

He said, “I know they are working in good faith and constructively on that.”

And earlier the week, a deal was announced by Seven West Media having worth $30 million with Google. Nine newspapers still have to confirm the deal formally.

Reserve Bank Remains Quiet About House Prices

Australia’s economy is still in the recovering stage from the global pandemic. There are now two major factors bringing the economy to an unstuck phase.

Australia’s economy displays some signs of weak and risky progress, making it relatively difficult to get back on the track. On this, the central bank suggests some fair deals to make things better.

Further, the minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia meeting prepared and released on Tuesday showed a robust employment growth while welcoming a massive decline in the unemployment rate as well. With this, Australia’s success rate on the health front showed required monetary support which proves to be an important factor in need of the hour.

The statement by the central bank read, “An important near-term issue was how households and businesses would adjust to the tapering of some fiscal support measures and to what extent they would use their stronger balance sheets to support spending,”

“Members agreed that, while the recovery was expected to continue, the level of output remained noticeably below its pre-pandemic trajectory.” It continued.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has discussed and revealed its action policy so far, encompassing the bond purchases, financing cost for borrowers, and supporting the supply of credits. Now the board acknowledged all the risks involved in the investors who have been searching for yields in at low-interest-rate atmosphere. It includes the inevitable risks associated with higher asset rates, especially in the housing marketplace.

On this, CoreLogic released a data report on Monday recommending the introduction of HomeBuilder to rise the demand for homes. With this, the home and real estate sales in December quarter went 100% higher than in the same quarter of 2019.

The group says that an unexpected surge in the home property prices may pivot demands again back to the units.
Further, the central bank said, “The board does not expect these conditions to be met until 2024 at the earliest,”

Moving Day- 7 Ultimate Tips To Save Time & Money

Are you planning to move to a new destination? And all the moving stress is giving you a headache. Whether you are doing it by yourself or hiring professional removalists in Ormond, the emotions are the same.
For most of us, moving expenses leads to unnecessary stress when money is insufficient. Therefore everyone needs to strategize things for making their move budget-friendly and straightforward.

Here are 7 tips which can help you to save your money and make your move easy:

1. Always Plan Ahead:

Planning is the easiest way to save your money during moving. Avoid all the stress by planning everything ahead. If you do things at the last moment, you will have limited options which can make your move costly.

2. Make a Budget:

Any saving plan is started by making a budget. If you are looking for professionals removals in Ormond, then find a company according to your budget. Shortlist some companies as per your needs. It helps you to compare the prices easily so that you can choose the right one for you.

3. Declutter the Unnecessary Items:

To save your money while moving, it is essential to gather some unneeded items in your home and sell them. If these items are not valuable in your new home, then what’s the point of taking them to the new destination? Once you sell those items, you get rid of those pieces and also make money on them.

4. Don’t spend money on packing boxes:

Save your money by using old boxes to pack all your belongings. You can also use boxes from your workplace because offices are gold mines for boxes. Instead of paying for the boxes to pack your things, it is beneficial to save some of them earlier and use them on your big day to organize things properly.

5. Pick the Dates Properly:

Everyone prefers to move in the summer because it is the best time of the year. But if you want to save your time and money, then it is beneficial to move in the off-season. In the off-season, you are able to get the best deals and also negotiate with the company for a lower rate.

6. Always opt for insurance:

There is always a risk that your belongings can get damaged during the moving process. Therefore it is essential to find a moving company which provides full insurance. Reputed company policies cover damage during moving from fire, theft and other things. If unfortunately any of your valuable belongings get damaged, the moving company will take care of everything.

7. Get At least Three Estimates:

For saving your money on moving:

  • Get quotes from at least three reputed removalists in Ormond.
  • Check online to shortlist some companies. The company staff will come to your home for inspection and give you a free estimate of what your move will cost.
  • Ask them everything and then finalize the deal with the one which is suitable for you.

Crown CEO Ken Barton Resigns After Receiving Devastating Reports

Ken Barton has formally declared to step down as the CEO of Crown Resorts after the blistering report into the gambling giant.

As per the official statement, Crown Resorts said that it had to take some “significant steps” to enhance the place’s compliance, governance, and culture.

Henceforth, Helen Coonan will be taking charge as the executive chairman. Following the same, an investigation commissioned by the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority of NSW said that Crown Resorts was unable to operate a licence for its new casino in Sydney. As a result, the governing authorities imposed regulations and released a notice against Crown Resorts.

Further, Commissioner Patricia Bergin’s report claimed that there was no future in Crown Resorts for Mr. Barton anymore. Ken Barton released a statement and said that he was committed to supporting the leadership transition. He continued and added, “I am absolutely certain the business is now on the right path as it works to restore confidence in its operations,”

So far, Mr. Barton has given his more than three decades to building Crown Resorts. Before being the CEO of Crown Resorts, he served as the chief financial officer for Crown Resorts. While being an integral part of the Crown Resorts, he worked as the director of VIP bank accounts at the money laundering center. The commissioner Bergin found Mr. Ken Barton as “no match for what is needed at the helm of a casino licensee”.

Patricia Bergin continued and said, “His problems will not be cured by the appointment of people expert in the field who report to him”,

As per Begin’s statements, Mr. Barton should have launched a thorough investigation into the gambling and money laundering allegations.

Mr. Barton was accused of misleading the shareholders who attended the Annual General Meeting in 2019. Later, Ms. Coonan apologised for the company’s shortcomings and said that sheer criticism by the ruling authorities was warranted on a prior basis.

I would rest than travel during the pandemic, said Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is ready for the next extended work on the sidelines, stating he would not force himself to go overseas and perform under strict restrictions this year as the pandemic goes on.

The 25-year-old player returned at the Australian Open after more than a year out of the competition and showed he can still fight with the top in a tough five-set, third-round loss to US Open champion Dominic Thiem. He enjoyed the opportunity to play in front of electric crowds on the large stage, but he is set he will not miss tennis if he remains out again.

Kyrgios, who has been strongly critical of Novak Djokovic and another star performing at specific events throughout the pandemic, is uncertain what his sporting future stays.

Kyrgios said soon after his loss to world number three Thiem on Friday night, “I do not understand, man, I can grow like the wind. I’m not too assured.” He said, “I am not forcing myself to go to restricted places and isolate or quarantine for a week and perform with no person; that is simply not me.”

Kyrgios said, “I do not think it is correct. I am not forcing myself to play.”

“I believe in myself, and I am right there,” Nick Kyrgios said, noting he still is not at his peak fitness and form levels after so long out of the game.

“I understood now I had an absolute fight chance.”

“I walked in there awaiting to win; that is how I regularly go into a match, but he steadied the ship well, and that is why he is excellent.”

The immensely skilled Kyrgios has frequently been accused of not caring enough of the sport and giving up too easily during a career under an intense spotlight.

Kyrgios said, “I have got a big heart. I am very happy with how I played.”

Kyrgios said, “I lost that match, but I was not upset or sad; I was happy and smiling. I am not a jealous person, so I live on tomorrow. “

Cathay Pacific Cancelling All Flights To Australia, Excluding Sydney

Cathay Pacific Airways is cancelling all flights to Australia except Sydney as the Hong Kong carrier closes with new government pandemic limitations.

From February 20, Saturday, the carrier will suspend all its flights to Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne until the end of the month at least.

The airline said it is examining staffing figures for March after officials in Hong Kong declared plans to make local flight crews experience two weeks quarantine.

Cathay Pacific said in a statement that, “according to the latest announcement of the Hong Kong SAR Government, from Saturday (February 20 2021), our Hong Kong-based cabin crew and pilots are needed to go for two weeks hotel quarantine. Additionally, seven days of medical examination when they return to Hong Kong after being on duty.”

“We are actively maintaining our crew resources to prepare for our flight services for March 2021.”

In the last week, Hong Kong officials said that cabin crew and city-based pilots must go for two weeks quarantine in a designated hotel. They can’t re-enter the community before an extra seven days of medical monitoring. The global airline has made the latest decision that has thrown travel plans into confusion for Australians stuck abroad. Cathay Pacific will also cut other international routes, including Vancouver, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and San Francisco.

From Hong Kong to Tel Aviv a one-way flight will run once in the prior two-week flight reduction period, on February 23. Last month, hundreds of permanent residents and citizens overseas were left stranded after Emirates abruptly cut flights within Sydney and Melbourne, Dubai and Brisbane. The Dubai airline provided no information on when flights would restart before it quickly restarted the flights less than a week later.

And from February 15 flight caps will be increased, meaning more places on rooms in hotels and plane will be available to returning Australians.

The pandemic has hit Cathay Pacific, like other airlines. Last October they declared that they are cutting 24 per cent of its workforce or 8500 jobs.

Melbourne Outbreak Grows, Two Tested Positive

Quarantine hotel cluster linked two more people have tested positive for coronavirus in Melbourne. The Victorian Government ramps up testing efforts across the city.

Victoria’s Department of Health declared the two new infections have come out and both are the primary household contacts of cases linked to the Holiday Inn hotel at Melbourne Airport. The department said on Twitter “Interviews are started, and associated exposure sites will be announced online as quickly as possible.”

There are now 10 COVID positive cases linked to the Holiday Inn outbreak. Experts consider it has come by a COVID-positive citizen who used a particular nebuliser when living at the hotel. Health officials think vapour from the nebuliser (medical equipment that evaporates medicine) may have begun to an “exposure situation” which affected other people staying in the hotel.

Since authorities identified the nebuliser, two returned travellers, and three workers have tested positive to the virus last Friday, including two more positive cases on Wednesday. The latest coronavirus cases announced this afternoon would appear tomorrow morning in the department’s official numbers.

The positive COVID cases reported yesterday afternoon were a worker at the Holiday Inn Melbourne airport, and another one was an international traveller who completed hotel quarantine there. And there were no new international acquired cases were published yesterday.

On Wednesday authorities got 22,570 test results, a small drop from the 22,849 treated on Tuesday. A different drive-through testing site has been fixed up in Sunbury, north-west of Melbourne, in the former Masters car park over the road from Woolworths.

The health department has asked anyone who toured a “Tier 1” exposure site through the listed exposure period to get tested immediately and isolate or quarantine for two weeks. And the list of sites comprises shops in Glen Waverly, Sunbury, Melbourne suburbs, and other Springvale.

On February 5 people who visited the Square Shopping Centre Sunbury between 3:40 pm and 4:30 pm has been ordered to get coronavirus tested and self isolate till they found COVID negative.

Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said, “a person who tested coronavirus positive yesterday had been in a wastewater surveillance catchment zone that identified the virus’s fragments.”

African Swine Fever Raises Concern, Biosecurity Standards Set To Be Placed in Order

A pig-killing disease is setting new variants; it has killed approx a billion pigs worldwide.

Australia’s chief vet Mark Schipp stated the new variant could have been set using an illegal vaccine. He said, “As with any virus, we suppose that there will be evolution and mutations of the virus in new surroundings, and it may be that this is a common change.”

“The deletions are being used to develop vaccines are the same deletions that we see in this virus.”

Swine Fever of Africa still does not have any vaccine. Dr Schipp said, “To form a vaccine, they have been removing specific genes, and these particular gene deletions are some of those we see in the new variant, so it may be that this is coming from the illicit use of vaccines.”

After the Chinese New Year celebrations, the Federal Government calls for raised biosecurity to assure African swine fever (ASF), does not enter Australia. It is a virus that would destroy the pork industry. Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said, “Variants are confirming less apparent symptoms of the disease, increasing the possibility of it going uncontrolled and undetected.”

He said, “the new variant is creating fewer fatality.”

“ASF is a disease of slow growth, reduced fertility, and chronic fatigue. So if we are relying on viewing many of dead pigs as the primary sign, we are not going to see that sign.”

Mr Littleproud said, “the following few weeks could be crucial for preventing the deadly disease out.”

According to a study funded by Australian Pork Limited, more than 11,600 outbreaks of ASF have been detected in Asia since 2018, and incursion in Australia could cost the domestic economy up to $2 billion over five years. ASF is a viral disease that affects wild and domestic pigs but not humans. There are presently more than 3,000 continuing outbreaks of ASF in Asia.

In addition to high fever, signs carry haemorrhages on the skin and internal bleeding and the virus is expected to have hit 800 million pigs globally.

EU Will Not Block & Pfizer & Vaccine Doses Fixed For Australia, Confirmed By The Ambassador

A million doses of the Pfizer (COVID vaccine) fixed for Australia will be permitted to leave the European Union (EU), its ambassador has verified.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison already said that we aim to vaccinate 80,000 people a week until February. Also, PM said earlier that Australia had secured 20 million doses of the vaccine.

Australia’s concern was to get its order after introducing new rules by the EU on exports of coronavirus vaccine produced within the bloc, comprising Pfizer.

The measure could be used to block shipments to many non-EU countries and make sure any exporting company based in the EU would first submit their plans to national authorities. However, on Tuesday, Dr Michael Pulch, the EU’s ambassador to Australia, confirmed that the first Pfizer doses would not be restricted.

He said, “Australia can surely rely on shipments of vaccine from Europe.”

“My colleagues in Brussels have ensured the Australian side that they will operate with them on a smooth authorisation manner.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Health Minister Greg Hunt said the vaccine’s local rollout would be subjected to the AstraZeneca and Pfizer doses entering Australia on time. Mr Hunt said yesterday, “We will fix a date when we get the shipping confirmation from, but we were in contact with Pfizer Australia yesterday, and they remain on track.”

Dr Pulch stated that the EU’s new laws increased “transparency,” not banning the export.He said, “as a conclusion of statements by pharmaceutical companies that they would decrease the delivery of vaccines to Europe, we realised that we required to get a hold on the circumstances.”

He said, “we had 2 firms that declared this, one was AstraZeneca and second is Pfizer-BioNTech, who out of the blue claimed they would only produce 40 per cent of what they had agreed.”

“The companies would now have to reveal strategies to send vaccine doses outside of the EU and have these plans authorised.”

The government’s goal is to have all Australians who want to receive a vaccine offered a jab by the end of October.

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