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Two New Cases of Coronavirus in SA Linked To Parafield Cluster

South Australia has recorded two new COVID-19 infections linked to the state’s Parafield cluster. And it brought the total number of cases to 33.
Now there is a total of 19 active cases in South Australia.
Saturday’s figures bring the state’s total number of cases to 561 since the pandemic began.
South Australia’s Chief Public Health Officer, Nicola Spurrier, said both infected people were already in isolation.
The first one of the cases is a young child. He is a member of the family that gets hit by the coronavirus outbreak.
The child previously tested COVID-19 negative but subsequently returned a positive result.
And another case is a 30-year-old man. He is a student at the Flinders University and pursuing Intensive English Language Institute (IELI).
The man and his family members are asked to confirm if there were “any other locations of interest” to let the people about.
Health Minister Stephen Wade announced that remote Aboriginal communities in SA’s APY Lands would be re-opened “effective immediately”.
Current permit requirements would still apply.
IELI director Ben Rowley said in a statement that, the school had urged all students to quarantine after an earlier student tested positive on November 17.
He said the school was serving closely among SA Health to support contact tracing efforts.
Ben Rowley said, “We have reached out to South Australia Health to offer our help in contacting anyone from the IELI community to assist hurry up contact tracing works.”
Professor Spurrier said the Parafield cluster continued to matter and she was “a little disappointed” in the number of tests managed on Friday, which was 3840.
“I am sure some of the additions to this were it was very hot weather past (Friday) was challenging for somebody to get out,” she said.
Professor Spurrier said, “The COVID-19 testing rate was a bit below, and I need to see it higher. I had felt more convinced if we were examining further people of South Australia with respiratory symptoms.”
In South Australia, nineteen active cases of coronavirus remain, down from 36 earlier in the week as people are cleared of the virus.

Qantas Repatriation Flights To Return Home Some Australians Stranded in France and Germany

Qantas will fly to Europe in COVID-19 hotspots places to help bring stranded Australians back to home.
The Qantas planes will lead to Germany and France to pick up passengers in December.
Some Australians have already received an email from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). On flights, there will be limited seats available.
The new flights are on top of the current repatriation flights that have brought Australians home from London and India.
Marise Payne, Foreign Minister, did not provide further details but confirmed Qantas would fly to different countries very shortly.
Marise Payne said on Thursday that “There are more extra to follow over the following weeks from London, New Delhi, and other places.”
Few flights will be put on after or before Christmas from various locations. DFAT is in the last stages of concluding how many individuals will be able to return on the flights.
Near about 36,000 Australians have already said DFAT they want to return home. And out of this, 8,070 are classed as a vulnerable group.
Passengers over the age of 12 are expected to get a COVID-19 analysis no more than two days before leaving and can only board if their decision is negative.
The passengers on the flight have to wear a mask on the face and must change them every two hours.
In the information presented by Qantas, it helps people to bring their meals and water due to “limited onboard meals and containers or bottle of water.
This is the initial time repatriation flights have been organised from these two nations.
The flights will land in Darwin. The passengers will be required to spend 14 days in quarantine at the Howard Springs Facility.
South Australia and Victoria are required to restart hotel quarantine of next month while Tasmania will accept 3 flights before Christmas.

Telstra Admitted To Unconscionable Conduct, $50 Million Penalty

Australia’s biggest telecommunications provider, Telstra has admitted to unconscionable conduct during its deals of mobile phone plans to Indigenous consumers. Telstra will face court and a penalty of up to $50 million.
It would be the second-highest penalty imposed under Australian consumer law. The legal action against the biggest telecommunications company, Telstra was taken on Thursday.
The telecommunications giant agreed between 2016 and 2018 they breached consumer laws for poor sales practices that took place in five Telstra stores in South Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Territory.
The concession has advised Australia’s competition regulator to begin proceedings of federal court.
The court potential penalty and hearing follows a year-long investigation by the ACCC into potential breaches of consumer law by the Telstra.
The chairman of the ACCC, Rod Sims, said Telstra had aimed “extremely vulnerable customers”.
He said, “Telstra sold products to people who did not know, they did not need, and often they could not afford.”
“These were so low-income consumers. The team often manipulated the balance assessments, so they would match within or confer any ability to return the funds owed,” Rod Sims said.
Rod Sims continued “This is much adverser because of the exploitation of social, language, cultural, and literacy vulnerabilities. The anxiety and massive stress this caused for the individuals concerned. ”
“People were in great concern and 70 per cent of the cases, Telstra put the debts in support of debts collectors,” he said.
Teresa Corbin, chief executive of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, said the Telstra’s behaviour was really disappointing.
Thursday’s announcement came after the ACCC’s long 18-month investigation when financial counsellors raised serious concerns in remote and rural areas.
In 2019, financial counsellors told the customers were being sold unaffordable phone plans and were then aggressively hounded by debt collectors.
The ACCC said Telstra had admitted to permission orders that would support a sentence totalling $50 million, but eventually, it will be up to the court to judge how much Telstra should pay.

SA Medi-Hotel COVID-19 Patients To Be Placed Under Police Guard

South Australia has declared important plans to overhaul its medi-hotel system, among a coronavirus cluster that emerged from Peppers Waymouth Hotel in Adelaide.
The people who are tested positive to coronavirus shift into a separate medical facility. South Australia Police and security officers will manage it.
Premier Steven Marshall said the crew working at the medical centre would not be permitted to work at any other medi hotel or “other high-risk places, including correctional facilities, hospitals, or aged care facilities”.
He said, “We will now shift all positive coronavirus cases to a dedicated health facility from medi-hotels.”
Earlier a former golfer, US Open runner-up Stephen Leaney is locked down in an Adelaide medi-hotel.
He said, “We fears for our safety after it was revealed two other returned travellers were infected with coronavirus while in quarantine.”
“We are all locked in our rooms doing the right thing, and yet we’re getting infected. It’s clearly not safe for us, and it’s not safe for anyone.”
Now there is a total of 29 cases connected to South Australia’s Parafield cluster, which is believed to trace back to an infected security guard at Peppers.
On yesterday Adelaide’s medi-hotel system had gone under renewed scrutiny when it was announced two people before thought to have acquired Covid-19 overseas caught the virus while in quarantine.
Steven Marshall said he would discuss the designed changes with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) but would not wait for them to accept changes before executing them.
He will also demand the national cabinet to think preceding management for testing returning Australians before they leave their flights.
Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier said there were no new cases of coronavirus in the state today.
A woman in her 50s was in a stable condition in hospital.
Professor Spurrier praised South Australians for continuing to get tested, with 9403 tests conducted yesterday.

Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Available in March, But Not Mandatory

Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced that the vaccine of coronavirus will be available in March to Australians.
The older people and health workers will be given priority for the COVID-19 vaccine.
The Australian government has already buy tens of millions of doses of four different vaccines.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “Today’s news is going to begin further strength after Australia, and the globe have struggled such a tough year.”
“It’s my genuine hope that we are one more step closer to actually beating this deadly coronavirus.”
But the Federal Government will not make the vaccination mandatory.
Health Minister Greg Hunt said, “All the people of Australia who seek it will be given to a free vaccine access throughout 2021.”
He continued, “We are covered for the Australian people, and we have adequately to vaccinate the Australian three times over.”
“We would demand somebody coming to Australia to be isolated or vaccinated,” Mr. Hunt said.
The government is now examining whether to make a vaccine mandatory for somebody coming in from abroad.
Qantas stated on yesterday that it was considering asking passengers to be vaccinated to move aboard their international flights.
30 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine produced in the UK will be manufactured in Australia. And another 3.8 million doses are scheduled for shipment from overseas.
Health Minister Greg Hunt said, “We are more alike than ever to a COVID-19 vaccine, and we will be capable of vaccinating every Australian who wants to be vaccinated.”
“We will have a variety of choices, and we are on track to produce the most advanced vaccines in March.”
The most advanced AstraZeneca vaccine will give a pathway to a return to normal in Australia, Health Minister said.
The vaccine produced in the United Kingdom in connection with Oxford University has been shown to be useful in approx 70 per cent of cases.
The vaccine of Oxford covers 70 years and older people, which simply raises the risk of temporally connected with opposing results.
Meanwhile, a new Australian study has discovered immunity on coronavirus can remain up to eight months after contamination.

Australian Share Exchange On A High As Border Restrictions Drop

Australian investors are feeling optimistic because the Australian share market is reaching a nine-month high. It happened when the border restrictions between New South Wales and Victoria lift.
The two biggest states of Australia have been reunited officially after being apart for four months.
Day’s trading by Qantas has already started with the announcement of plans by adding more flights between Melbourne and Sydney and boosting passenger capacity.
The airline declared that their capacity would rise from 30 per cent of pre-COVID levels to 40 per cent.
Qantas said more easing between other states of Australia might see its domestic capacity rise to approximately 60 per cent by Christmas.
Its shares were up 1.7 per cent to $5.36 by 12:30 PM, which was the highest since its shares crashed in March to just $2.03 when entire Australia was shut down by Federal Government and restricted the state’s borders due to COVID-19.
The benchmark Australian Stock Exchange was up 0.5 per cent to 6,572, its highest level since shutdowns in the month of March.
Technology and Energy stocks were trading up on the announcement of restrictions easing.
Resources companies Fortescue Metals jumped to 5.6 per cent, and BHP jumped to3.7 per cent.
Village Roadshow rose 16.7 per cent after the theme park operator received a sweetened takeover proposal from a suitor, BGH Capital.
However, a superior insurance corporation is becoming a hit.
Meanwhile, Insurance Australia Group shares on Monday dropped from 5.9 per cent to $5.14.
The business went into a trading halt the last Wednesday when a test case about COVID-19 payouts by insurance groups delivered a wonder result in favour of small companies who have lost income because of the lockdowns.
That result has shaken the insurance business and could mean insurers face hundreds of millions of dollars in extra payouts.
Also, on Monday, IAG resumed trade by issuing new shares on the market at a discount.
IAG sold 128.7m original shares for $5.05, a 7.5 per cent premium discount to its closing share cost before it becomes a trading halt.

No Change For Queensland Hotspot Call After Adelaide Pizza Shop Case

Queensland will continue off-limits for passengers from Adelaide as the Northern Territory raises its own hotspot statement on the back of further information provided to the southern state health authorities.
A Queensland Health spokesperson confirmed that by “several situations of community transmission,” border limitation would continue in place while inquiries into the increasing cluster in Adelaide north last.
The Chief Health Officer is in regular touch with her South Australian counterpart and is evaluating the condition,” said the Queensland Health department spokesperson in a statement.
On Saturday South Australia recorded just one new case of COVID-19, and two found in Queensland hotel quarantine.
The Northern Territory was set to reduce restrictions aimed at stopping any spread across its own border from 9:00 AM after South Australian authorities announced on Friday a COVID-positive pizza shop worker had misled them.
Earlier he claimed to have been a buyer of the store but later revealed he was, in fact, a staff member who served alongside an infected quarantine hotel guard and had been a kitchen help at another place.
The state is going to end now its tough lockdown three-days advanced than intended on Saturday night.
Queensland Health Department spokeswoman said, “Until we have further information possible, the Queensland boundary remains restricted to South Australian hotspots, and the quarantine conditions for citizens traveling from these hotspots continue to apply.
The other three jurisdictions (Tasmania, Western Australia, and Northern Territory) have declared that they will impose limitations on people traveling from South Australia.
Victoria and Greater Sydney also remain on Queensland’s list of declared hotspots, barring those who have moved within them from entering Queensland without two weeks of necessary hotel quarantine.
Dr Young had signalled the judgment by NSW to keep travel free with SA could affect hopes to completely reopen the Queensland border by Christmas, if COVID-19 cases started to increase between them.

Telstra Ordered To Pay Costs After Payphone Battle in Court

Telstra will be required to pay legal charges after losing a “David and Goliath” Federal Court fight on super-sized payphones.
The tech giant has remained entangled in a long-running battle into the cities of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne over proposals of installing 1800 new payphones. And it is emphasizing large LCD screens, which is capable of screening at least four advertisements in one minute.
In May 2019 in Federal court, Telstra filed proceedings to explain the law after the City of Melbourne denied its petition for permission to operate commercial advertising on 81 proposed new payphone billboards.
Telstra is allowed to install “low-impact” public payphone booths or cabinets without a preparation license if several other conditions are met; it gets permitted under Commonwealth law.
Then, Telstra clarified the new payphones existed were “low-impact” because payphones were not practised to promote commercial advertising “when they are getting installed”, and plan permission would be needed for them to do so.
But the councils said that the payphones were not “low impact” because they can display third-party advertisement, and should accordingly be subjected to the usual council planning permission process.
In March 2020, David O’Callaghan, the Justice of Federal Court said, Telstra’s new payphone cabinets with 75-inch LCD screens were “low-impact facilities” while the digital screens were practised only to improve the regular telephone service.
He declared that the councils have to pay Telstra’s charges.
The cities of Brisbane and Melbourne appealed this decision, in the Federal Court on Friday.
Justices Michael O’Bryan, Natalie Charlesworth, and Jacqueline Gleeson set aside of Justice O’Callaghan’s ruling.
Telstra gets ordered to pay costs to Brisbane and Melbourne city councils.
Telstra will recognise appealing the newest ruling. A spokesman said, “Telstra respects the decision of the Full Federal Court and is currently considering its options.”
On Friday, Deputy lord mayor Nicholas Reece welcomed the decision of Federal Court. He said, “public space should be protected.”
“We don’t want somebody to be bombarded with intrusive and oversized commercial advertising on public infrastructure.”

No Coronavirus Case On 12th Day, NSW Eases Restrictions For New Years Eve

Premier of NSW Gladys Berejiklian says they will issue a new public health order for New Year’s Eve, as our state records zero COVID cases on its 12th consecutive day.
There are only five cases of COVID in the state’s hotel quarantine, and 20,000 approx people were tested to 8 PM on Wednesday.
NSW Premier said the public health authority would establish an order for December 31.
Ms Gladys Berejiklian says a swathe of rules will be relaxed so people can arrange and enjoy their Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.
“This can only run if all of us unite and do the best thing,” she told reporters on Thursday.
She spoke as NSW Health announced a 12th straight day of no local coronavirus cases in the state.
Ms Berejiklian said, “We do not want people to roam around the city because of COVID-19. If someone is visiting a friend who is living in the CBD, then they need to apply for a permit.”
“Even though we are easing these restrictions as one-offs, it doesn’t lessen how deadly the virus is or how concerned we might be if suddenly an outbreak exhausted people in a particular location,” Ms Berejiklian said.
Ms Berejiklian stressed that numbers allowed in the CBD would be tightly controlled, and no one would be able to roam freely around the city.
NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the public health order would also be amended to allow up to 3000 people to gather in outdoor spaces to safely allow councils and local government areas to manage New Year’s Eve events.
Anyone who wants to go to the CBD on New Year’s Eve to attend an event or visiting their family in designated zones around Circular Quay and North Sydney will need a permit from Service NSW.
Outdoor church services will also increase capacity from 300 people to 500 people.
Up to 30 people will be allowed in a choir for carols, but participants must wear a mask.
Funerals will also be permitted to have 300 people from December 1.

Six Days Lockdown in South Australia

The South Australian government has announced six-day lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak.
South Australia will introduce a six-day lockdown from midnight tonight to stay ahead of an increasing COVID-19 outbreak endangering the entire state.
The lockdown will perform a number of wide-ranging limitations including the restricted movement of citizens.
It will start at midnight tonight, i.e. November 18 and will continue for six days.
South Australian officials declared a list of extreme measures to control a coronavirus cluster in the state, with Premier Steven Marshall describing the measures as a “circuit-breaker”.
All schools will shut down, except for students of essential workers.
Food courts, Universities, cafes and pubs will also be closed.
Petrol stations and supermarkets will remain open.
Masks will be necessary for everyone in South Australia going outside the home.
Weddings, funerals, and regional travel will be banned, and disability residential care and aged care will go toward lockdown.
The announcement came after 22 cases of coronavirus were detected in Adelaide’s north.
Premier Steven Marshall said, “No attempt is being spared to mark out this virus in our state. We are going strong, and we are going ahead,”
He said, “I have long said that coronavirus has challenged us, but it did not beat us.”
“We remain to face our biggest test to date. We must rise to this challenge and rise we are stopping every one of us associated with a common purpose to beat this silent enemy,” said Premier Steven Marshall.
Explanation of South Australia’s six days lockdown


  • All schools and universities
  • Takeaway food
  • Pubs, cafes, food courts
  • Elective surgery
  • Open inspections/auctions
  • Outdoor sport/physical activity
  • FIFO work – regional travel
  • Aged care and disability residential care in lockdown
  • Factories
  • Construction industry
  • Weddings and funerals
  • Exercise not permitted outside of the house


  • Critical infrastructure
  • Supermarkets
  • Specific access to vulnerable members of the community
  • Medical including mental health
  • Airport and freight services
  • Petrol stations
  • Post offices and financial institutions
  • Mining

Federal authorities are keeping an eye on the resident of SA and people travelling to South Australia.

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