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Fremantle Dockers Striker Jesse Hogan Accused for Breaking Quarantine Rules in Western Australia

After Jesse Hogan allegedly allowed a woman to reach his home during a compulsory 14-day self-quarantine period, Fremantle Dockers submitted that he had been charged with violating WA’s strict coronavirus quarantine legislation. The Dockers said that Hogan had reported to the police that last Tuesday night, he had a female visitor come to his house.
A statement was released by WA Police that they accused a 25-year-old man from the Attadale of violating self-quarantine requirements. The man returned to WA on 21 September 2020 and was needed to self-quarantine at his home for 14 days under the Emergency Management Act, 2005, expiring at midnight on 5 October 2020, the statement said.
On 22 September 2020, it is alleged that he violated such conditions when he allowed a woman to access his home twice.
For the rest of his quarantine time, police said he had been transferred to a Perth hotel. He has been convicted of two counts of failure to comply with a direction and will be called before a judge to appear.
Only one day after the Dockers returned to Perth, the suspected violation took place. The WA Government made allowances for the quarantine of AFL players in their own homes, rather than in hotels.
They were, however, subject to strict guidelines, which included only engaging for 15 minutes a day with other members of the family, and only leaving their home to practice at the club.

Dockers suggest players are ‘well informed’ of the rules

Simon Garlick, chief executive of Dockers, said the violation was’ disappointing and extremely irritating.’ Our players and workers are all well aware of the limitations they are all expected to comply with whilst in quarantine and the greater responsibility the club has to the community to do so, he said.
Throughout the year, we partnered very closely and successfully with the WA Police, the State Government and the AFL, which gave us the chance to complete our AFL season.
We can not take for granted the support and understanding we have earned from both sides since the season. Which makes the failure even more disappointing and extremely stressful.
Before deciding the club-imposed punishment he will pay, we will wait for Jesse to complete his hotel quarantine.
In the meantime, we will reiterate the value of strict obedience to their quarantine procedures for all quarantined players and personnel.
Earlier this year, after a video emerged of them seemingly attending a house party, just hours before the WA Government raised the number of persons required at social events, police cleared Dockers trio Jason Carter, Luke Ryan, and Michael Frederick of breaking social distancing laws.
Carter and Ryan were fined by the club for the incident.

CBD Movers™ – COVID-19 Update Contactless Moving

We are open for business!
As we are considered an essential service under freight and logistics definition, we are still open for business during Australia’s current lockdown. Our dedicated team of specialists has been serving customers during the COVID-19-induced lockdown and will keep serving them with utmost dedication. We ensure that we take all safety measures to protect our team and valued customers from Covid-19.
If you have booked our services or thinking of moving in the future, our team can help you with storage and removal services. We can make a plan as per your schedule and needs.
We are committed to make your move to your new home or office in a hassle-free and stress-free manner.
We ensure that we remain well-informed about all relevant updates from government departments so that we can carry out our business without violating any State/Federal rules and regulations, keeping your safety and well being a priority.

We are moving with a Contactless service 

As per the government guidelines, during the extended lockdown, we will be offering only ‘contactless moves’. To follow this protocol, we need additional support from our esteemed customers who have trusted us for years, with their goods. Do read till the end to find out how CBD Movers™ is serving customers in these testing times of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.
We are urging our customers to assist us in doing our bit to decrease the risk of catching the virus. We will honour all services booked under the latest contactless rules.
Though the world is fighting a hard battle to contain the spread of Covid-19, we are contributing our bit with the commitment to act in a responsible manner with the support of our customers in keeping Australia moving without any risk. We have our focused eyes on government guidelines and restrictions.

We are committed to a Contactless moves 

As the present time demands, we are offering an adaptive contactless service to reduce the risk of spread of Covid-19.

What we need from our customers?

  • We ask our customers if it is essential for you to move in present times. If it is not, we advise our customers to book the relocation for future dates, after the lockdown ends.
  • We also ask our customers for a list of items they want to move to ensure that all items can be safely moved.
  • We will need clear instructions for access to the You need to leave a key out for us if you will not be present at the time of the move. You must provide us the access instructions one day prior to the scheduled move.
  • You need to put proper labels on all goods and boxes. You should label directions on your goods so that our team knows where to keep them at your new address.
  • We request you to clean all high-touch areas, such as door handles and doorknobs, with disinfectant or soap before the movers arrive.
  • We request you to be off-site or isolated in the adjoining room when our movers arrive. In case, you want to give any additional instructions to our team while they are carrying out work, call the movers over the phone. You should avoid speaking to them in person. Our specialist will call you before the arrival of the movers so that you have the contact details of the movers.

Coronavirus Outbreak in Patricia Oldendorff off the Port of Hedland has Raised Concerns About Cargo Ship Rules

The Western Australian government says stricter rules are needed around the entry of international ship crews into Australian waters after a serious outbreak of the disease aboard the manganese tanker Patricia Oldendorff off the coast of Pilbara.
A total of 17 out of 21 Patricia Oldendorff crew members tested positive for COVID-19, with nine remaining on the vessel and the other 12 in Port Hedland’s quickly assembled hotel quarantine arrangement. The 8 cases confirmed yesterday by the virus from the ship meant that WA had more new COVID-19 cases than Victoria on the day that the unwelcome mark was hit in almost four months. Of those with the infection, doctors said none were severely unwell and most were asymptomatic.
They have also consistently insisted that there was no threat to the broader world, saying the ship and hotel quarantine had prevented the epidemic.
Health Minister Roger Cook, however, claimed that the incident raised significant questions about the management of ship crews entering Australia, calling for further monitoring. To ensure that these international guidelines are a little stronger, we need to continue collaborating with the shipping companies, with other governments and with the Commonwealth.
I’m concerned that these [members] of the crew were on the vessel from the Philippines and that one or more of them were unwell.
But the government’s call for stricter regulation arrives in the face of industry calls for more assistance to assist seafarers who have been stranded on boats because of COVID-19 constraints for months on end.
Maritime Business Australia, the industry body, said that the sector was now going to great lengths to avoid outbreaks on freight ships.
There are very very tight controls in place and the vessels have in place the COVID management plans [are] extremely good, said Teresa Lloyd, chief executive of the company.
There are so few instances that we encounter onboard boats.
Ms. Lloyd said that as crew changes took place, the industry was trying to limit “gaps in the system,” with procedures also requiring 14-day pre-departure quarantine and two rounds of testing.
The epidemic of Patricia Oldendorff is not the first of its kind in WA, with the transmission of coronavirus to live export vessels in Al Kuwait subsequently leading to more than 20 confirmed cases. Any of those crew members were rescued and put into quarantine in Perth from the ships.

Victorian Coronavirus Hotel Quarantine Investigation Findings

The Victorian Coronavirus hotel Quarantine investigation revealed that a decision or a single person cannot be held responsible for the failure of the system established to control the growing cases of Coronavirus.
The counsel helping to investigate the hotel’s quarantine program in Victoria concluded that no single decision or person caused the “catastrophic” failure of the scheme.
Tony Neal QC addressed the investigation for the last time on Monday, citing the complexity and “unenviable” task facing politicians and bureaucrats who were tasked with preparing the program in less than two days in late March.
There was simply no time to translate policy into a plan and then implement that plan, Neil told the commission of inquiry.
An enormous, immediate and unenviable burden has been placed on public service workers to establish not one, but rather a series of infection control facilities in buildings that are clearly not designed for quarantine purposes said, Neil.
Mr. Neil told Investigative Chief Jennifer Coate that the Department of Employment and Territories picked 29 hotels as quarantine facilities, but that only 20 hotels were eventually used.
He said that the Department of Health and Human Services later identified the hotels that would be used, adding that the program had “catastrophically failed two of those hotels.”
There will be no suggestion from those who are helping that those involved in preparing this program have worked only with the best of intentions or the best of their abilities, he told the investigation.
It will not be suggested that a single decision or single actor caused the hotel’s quarantine program to fail in achieving its goal of preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the community, said Neil.
In her final reports, assistant investigative counsel Rachel Ellyard said it was “surprising” that no senior Victorian government member was able to determine the source of the decision to use private security in the quarantine program.
Ellyard said the meeting at the State Control Center at 4:30 p.m. on March 27 was a key factor in the final decision to use private security.
It is a conclusion that was reached by means of a creeping assumption, which continued over a period of perhaps two hours, and no one questioned that, Ellyard told the investigation committee.
The decision to use private security on a large scale was blamed for transmitting the virus to society, causing a devastating second wave for Victoria.
On Friday, Andrews told the commission of inquiry that he believed his health minister, Jenny Mikakos, was in charge of the program.
Ms. Coate told the investigation that the evidence for “lines of accountability” was “varied”.
She is due to present her final report to Victoria Governor, Linda Dessau QC, by November 6.

Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos has resigned after testifying to Daniel Andrews' investigation into coronavirus quarantine

Victorian Health Minister
Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos has resigned following Premier Daniel Andrews’ testimony to a hotel quarantine investigation in which he said she was in charge of the program.
Mikakos said in a statement posted on social media that she has written to the Victorian governor to resign from the position of minister, and will also resign from Parliament.
But she has defended her handling of the pandemic and said she disagrees with parts of Mr. Andrews’ statement of the investigation. I never wanted to leave an unfinished job, she said.
But in light of the premier’s statement to the investigation council and the presence of elements in it that I do not strongly agree with, I think that I cannot continue to serve in this ministry.
A quarantine investigation was launched at the Victoria Hotel after it emerged that the state’s second wave was driven by Covid-19, which jumped from guests on the program to workers and then spread into society.
Genetic sequence data in July showed that more than 99 percent of coronavirus cases in Victoria could be traced back to returning travelers.
Yesterday the premier told the investigative committee that he considered Ms. Mikakos was in charge of the program but said that he did not know who had wanted to use private security firms to protect the guest rooms.
No one who provided evidence in the investigation was able to determine who made this decision.
Mikakos said she was in charge of the department, but said the hotel’s quarantine program was not her own. I deeply regret the situation the Victorians found themselves in, she said.
In good conscience, I don’t think my actions led to them.
Earlier this week, the Coate investigation heard that Ms. Mikakos had remained in the dark on major issues surrounding the hotel’s quarantine program throughout the year.
The chief bureaucracy at Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services, Kym Peake, said she had not sent all reports about concerns related to the program to the minister.
In her resignation statement, Mikakos said that “with the benefit of hindsight,” there were issues that her ministry should have informed her.
She said, Whether they will change the course of events, only the council [of quarantine investigation in the hotel] and the date can determine. Mikakos also told the investigative committee that they had not been consulted about setting up the program, and said she only learned of the use of private security guards on the program in late May.
In the statement released today, Mikakos said she was “disappointed that my integrity has sought to undermine”.

Global School Strike Resume For Climate Change Movement

Students from schools in cities around the country are back in Parliament offices, on a climate change action strike.
It appears that the resumption of global protests through local constraints is expected following the momentum of the strikes interrupted in April due to COVID-19. For example, the demonstrations in Canada are all online.
Fridays for the Future, made popular by Greta Thunberg, estimates that currently there are more than 3,000 scheduled strikes globally, most of which are centered in the United States, Europe and India.
Thunberg is expected to join the strike in the Swedish parliament later in the day.
The 17-year-old environmental activist said in a tweet on Twitter that the protesters would return “next week, next month and next year. As long as it takes.”
An estimated 300,000 people in Australia took part in the global climate strike last year.
More than 500 events are expected to take place across the country today, organizers of the Australian protests said.

Climate Change Movement started in Sydney

In Sydney, COVID-19 restrictions on gathering at Martin Place have been restricted to only 20 school students and a few speakers.
The group brought in 100 banners hung across the washing lines to represent the students who were unable to attend.
The Sydney rally focused on the government’s call not to go ahead with plans to build new gas power plants.
Natasha, a 10th grader, said she was a young woman living in western Sydney, already affected by climate change.
We have to acknowledge that the climate crisis will affect some more than others, especially the less fortunate regions and groups of marginalized people, she said.
Summer temperatures here are near unlivable levels, with Penrith days approaching 50 degrees Celsius.
There is a huge bush right behind my house, during the bushfire season I didn’t know what was going to happen, I didn’t know if I was safe and I was afraid.
The anxiety this crisis has caused is irreversible and will only get worse if we do not take meaningful climate action now.

Changes NSW and Sydney will Witness in Near Future

Big changes are being planned for weddings, schools and community spread for New South Wales including Sydney. This is being done in the wake of decreasing number of COVID cases in the state and city. Weddings can have a maximum of 20 people on the dance floor however these people need to be a part of the bridal party. NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has been quoted “It’s a case of still being cautious but opening up an opportunity for not just the bride and groom but the bride and groom’ parents and any of the other people who make up the bridal party”.

Education Institutions to ease a few restrictions in NSW and Sydney

Community Sport events in NSW have also been eased out making it possible for both parents to attend games ahead of the grand finals kicking off. School sport events have been restored to the same level as they were planned before the pandemic informed NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell. Inter-School and Zone competitions will be on however parents will not be allowed into the school when a school day is on. However, if school activities have been planned in community sport venues, parents will be allowed with full coverage of COVID-safe guidelines.

Major Events for this year might undergo a few changes in Sydney

Sydney’s New Years Eve fireworks display might go ahead this year as the daily number of coronavirus infection numbers continues to dwindle across New South Wales. Although the event might look a bit different however the NSW Government will foot the bill and provide a message of hope to the whole world after a tough time the world has had in 2020. The vast majority of people might have to watch the Sydney Fireworks from home.
Opera House Sydney performances and events have been canceled totally given the new norm of social distancing being followed worldwide. The Opera House is closed to the public due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. However, as a part of the digital season, a few performances of Opera house are being streamed online.
Carols in the Domain generally draws tens of thousands of people to Domain Park in Sydney’s CBD, the good news is that it is still scheduled to take place, however, a few major changes are on the anvil since music festivals are banned and outdoor gatherings are capped at 20.

5 Useful tips for moving out for the first time

It’s a big step to move out for the first time; it has an associated fear factor that can range from “mild” to “extreme.” In other words, don’t think you’re the first person who has ever quaked at the thought of going out alone in their shoes. You can also hire removalists Moorabbin if you want stress-free moves. If you’re 18 or 58, see these five important tips for first moving out as a way to cover all your bases.

  1. Save enough cash- You should be able to easily afford your first and last month’s rent when moving out for the first time, including any security deposits that most landlords expect you to afford. You’ll also want to have enough money set aside to deal with any crises that might occur, including the tragic risk of losing your employment. That leads to the next item on our first-time checklist heading out.
  2. Get a job- Finding work is just as critical as finding a place to live if you’re moving to a distant place. Relocating to a new state may also raise some unique challenges that you want to plan for before you move out first. Never bet on your ability to live off your savings long enough to find a job that will pay you enough for a decent life. It is crucial that you feel reasonably assured that the chance of you losing your job due to downsizing or other economic factors is minimal if you are already working while moving out for the first time.
  3. Create a Plan B- Just because this is your first move out, doesn’t mean you’re expected to fail, but you may want to prepare for some setbacks. You should ask yourself where you would go if you lost your apartment or your job and weren’t able to help yourself, whether you’re moving out after college or after making a plan for your future. This is important, and when you set out on your own it shows you the significance of not burning bridges.
  4. Don’t suck out more than you should chew- If money were no object, every one of us would love to live in luxurious surroundings, but more often than not, it is. What this means is that when you move out for the first time, finances will compel you to take up residence in a place less than desirable. The good news is that by shopping around, you can find an inexpensive place to live which does not compromise your safety. Before making your decision, look at several properties, and never move into the first location you find without considering your choices. Upon discovering the sweet spot, don’t forget to change your address formally.
  5. Create a budget, and stick to it- An significant bullet point on your moving checklist is budgeting. This needs a bit of algebra, a good dose of common sense and a great deal of discipline. You can know exactly how much money you make every month after taxes before moving out for the first time, and use that amount to decide how much rent you can afford to pay while also being able to feed yourself and keep the utilities going. Living on your own would require you to make sacrifices that you may not be used to in your way of life. It is important to learn how to budget your income so that you can have enough money to pay for rent and utilities.


It can be daunting to take the first step towards independent living. You will need to make reasonable expectations for your move and prepare for delays if you want to prevent several headaches sometimes related to moving out for the first time. By agreeing to a savings plan and a budget you will also help ensure your progress. If you are looking for the best removalists Moorabbin, you can feel free to contact CBD Movers.

Rugby Team Australia Loses Qantas Sponsorship Wallabies Remain with Michael Hopper as Captain

Rugby Australia’s fragile finances were hit hard on Wednesday with main sponsor Qantas announcing that it will end its 30-year engagement at the end of this year.
The announcement came when new Australian coach Dave Rennie confirmed that Michael Hopper, 28, would be retained as the captain for this season and lead the Wallabies for his 100th Test next month.
The Australian airline has sought significant cost savings across the board as it grapples with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and has said it has reviewed five major sports sponsorships.
As we deal with this crisis and its aftermath, the monetary cost of our care should be zero, said Stephanie Tully, Qantas’ chief customer officer, in a statement on Wednesday.
The company said in a statement that it has studied how it can continue to bond with its existing partners using in-kind support including business trips and marketing support.
Sadly, the announcement reads that Qantas is not in a position to extend its 30-year partnership with Ruby Australia until the end of this calendar year.
Qantas has had a very long relationship with Australian rugby and wallabies, and we have stuck together during tough times. Unfortunately, this epidemic has been receding. Like all Australians, we will continue to encourage them from the sidelines.
The statement said Qantas will continue its association with Cricket Australia and the Australian Football Association on an in-kind basis over the next 12 months before another review.
Australian Rugby’s interim chief executive, Rob Clarke, said it was a “disappointing” decision that his organization accepted given the financial pressures facing the airline industry.
New Wallabies coach Rennie, who supervised his first training session on Tuesday since taking over from Michael Cheika last year, announced on Wednesday that Hooper, a role he has held since 2014, will remain as captain.
The openside flanker has taken 46 tests as captain, including during two World Cup campaigns, and while no one has questioned his work rate or commitment, his judgment on the field and his ability to communicate with referees has been criticized at times.
Rennie said in a tweet that I was very touched by Hooper.
Over the last nine months, we have talked a lot and it has illustrated his enthusiasm and dedication. With a distinguished work ethic, he is a decent guy and he is a perfect role model for our coming youth.
Hopper will become the 12th Australian to get 100 Tests when he runs out in his first Bledisloe Cup match against the All Blacks in Wellington next month.
It is a huge honor to wear the Wallabies jersey, Hooper said. I’m proud to lead and serve my team-mates with these players who have gone before and all the Australians.
The squad will leave their training camp in Hunter Valley on Friday for New Zealand, where they will be isolated before making final preparations for back-to-back tests against the All Blacks on October 11 and 18.

WA Leavers Ceremonies To Go Ahead Despite Ongoing Coronavirus Restrictions

The Year 12 Alumni Celebrations will be held in Western Australia from 23 to 26 November this year with the Night Party The Zone in Dunsborough in the southwest of the state. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Meelup Beach Party has also been given the green light.
After an uncertain final year of school, the message to those who left Acting Western Australian Police Chief Tony Colfer was “Come down to the southwest and have fun completely.”
I have complete confidence that Leavers 2020 will go as planned, he said.
If you are going there with the intention of causing trouble, you will be dealt with accordingly and you will have your bags packed and you will be outside this location.
Police said the event was possible due to the easing of restrictions that would allow music and other festivals of more than 500 people to proceed, as long as the organizers submit a COVID-19 event plan to the Ministry of Health.
Police said the square meter rule would also apply to the leaver occurrence, and extra attempts would be made to prioritize hygiene.
Western Australian Police and about 400 volunteers are slated to be deployed to the event, with some serving as COVID guards to maintain social distancing, but Acting Commander Colfer said the shift in police resources will not affect existing quarantines.

Quickly book accommodation

However, given the recent rush to in-state vacations, Acting Commander Colfer said accommodations were being booked quickly, and if their 12th year had no place to stay, they shouldn’t attend.
If you haven’t booked a place to stay, don’t go, he said.
The last thing we want is for people to sleep in the open and be exposed to others on beaches and national parks.
The race for residency may be more competitive this year due to travel restrictions that prevent those who leave from traveling to Bali, the Gold Coast, and Byron Bay.

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