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Coronavirus Infection Increases By 627 with the Death of Eight Other People

Premier Daniel Andrews cautioned that restrictions are likely to be expanded in Victoria beyond the six-week lockdown in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire after another 627 cases of coronavirus and eight deaths were registered overnight by the state.
The rise in cases is the pandemic’s second-largest one-day increase and it has come after reporting 723 cases yesterday.
I don’t have to reveal any next steps, but we all must understand that these numbers are way too big and that we can’t open with them. We couldn’t even start with even lower numbers than those.
The Premier announced that national and Victorian health officials were carrying out a “detailed review.”
We have very large numbers, the group transmission is very strong, we must carry out a careful analysis, and further steps outside the current structure are needed.
He said the analysis would allow the authorities to know what to do to reduce the numbers.”It will continue today and tomorrow, and if we get more announcements, we will,” he said.
I don’t think it’s unfair to say there’s a whole host of possible next steps that will come at a very large expense-and I mean it with all its meanings.
Since late last week, staff and health officials of the Australian Defense Force (ADF) have been knocking at the homes of people who have tested COVID-19 positive.
The Premier said that more than 130 people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus have not been at home in the past two days.
“Trying to understand that is very difficult. There may be economic issues, and we’ve talked about this several times over many days.”
Mr. Andrews said that 5,200 people have applied for the $300 payment offered to those who are waiting for a test result and do not have sick leave.
Mr. Andrews said a total of $1.26 million has been paid out to 4,200 individuals.

Victoria Announces Mandatory New Restrictions Following Devastating COVID Strike

Millions of more Victorians will be forced to wear face masks and hundreds of thousands of visitors will be banned as the state struggles with its deteriorating crisis of coronavirus. On Thursday, Premier Daniel Andrews announced that mandatory face mask laws for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be expanded to all of Victoria.
Andrews said the face masks are a protective measure for keeping the city from damaging the areas by the COVID-19 crisis. It would be difficult for some, but at the end of the day, though, it is necessary to keep those numbers very small in order to protect public safety, protect disabled people and protect all families.
A face mask will be compulsory from Sunday 2 August at 11:59 pm. Mr. Andrews also acknowledged that the compulsory mask-wearing was “essentially stage 4 for Melbourne,” and that now was the time for metropolitan areas to step up too.
Several exceptions are applicable, including those with a medical reason, children under the age of 12, those with a professional reason, or when it is not feasible-for example when running.
After research, the spread of group transmission has shown that people’s homes are a significant source of new cases.
People visit family and friends and take the virus home.
“You cannot visit friends. They cannot visit you.
Andrews says that while he might see it as counter-intuitive, hospitality places will remain open.
Thirteen people died overnight – three men and three women in their seventies, three men and two women in the eighties, and two men in the nineties.
Mr. Andrews says early indications are that 10 of these thirteen are connected to elderly care facilities.
The announcement comes as more than 80 schools across the state are forced to close due to new COVID-19 cases.
Stoughton College in Milton South and Aquinas College in Ringwood are among the schools that have reported coronavirus cases overnight and will be closed for at least 24 hours.
The Australian Defense Forces were knocking the doors of those in quarantine but citizens again defied the rules and fled their homes.
If you’re infected with coronavirus, you need to be at home and isolate yourself.
The Premier revealed defense members who knocked 269 homes on Wednesday were surprised when they visited a positive test person’s home, only to be told by a member of the family that the person was at work.

Government Closes the Border To Sydney in 100 Years

In New South Wales 19 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Queensland with two 19-year-old women testing positive.
Each and every individual who has been to Greater Sydney is being prevented from arriving in Queensland.
Returning residents will be isolated at their own cost in a hotel for 14 days. We are in tough times right now and we have to do everything we can.
Mrs. Palaszczuk also urged Queenslanders not to travel to Sydney or Victoria.
She said she would also continue to “watch carefully” for other potential hotspots across the country.
A criminal investigation is underway into how the women return  without entering compulsory quarantine.
It’s very sad that those two individuals traveled to Victoria, she said, “we’ve closed strict borders with Victoria. This is what they did and we must act now quickly.
We will have to do a lot of monitoring interaction because of the ignored behavior of these two and that would be an annoyance to many people.
The next 48 hours are critical. We need to ensure that any of these people who may have contacted the two confirmed cases need to be quarantined and must also be tested.”
Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said the women were not isolated and had been traveling within Logan communities and southern Brisbane South for eight days while they were contagious.
The two women live in two separate homes in Logan and Acacia Ridge, one of whom is a cleaner at a local private school.
Extensive monitoring with health authorities is being undertaken, claiming that women might have visited local shopping centers and churches.

Coronavirus Update: 6 More Deaths and 384 New COVID-19 Cases

Health Minister Jenny Mikakos has been brought to tears when announcing further deaths and paused for an extended time while expressing her condolences to relations whose loved ones had died at St Basil’s home in Fawkner.
St Basil’s is home to a lot of Greek people, and I know they were upset about the rise in death rates at this facility. She said sorry before composing herself for a flash. We now have the potential to provide several beds in today’s health care system.
“These changes do not impact the national hospitals.”
Six people died overnight – two in their 90s, three in their 80s, and one in their 70s. The toll within the state reaches 83.
Tuesday morning, Mr. Andrews said to manage volatile outbreaks in elderly care facilities, elective surgery goes to be discontinued, apart from the first and urgent second category. I can’t stand here and say I have faith during a variety of special care plans for the elderly.
Some of the stories we’ve seen are disgusting and I don’t want my mother to be in any of those places, but for me, this isn’t a concern because she lives at home.”
The nurses will be deployed from hospitals to elderly care centers in an attempt to stem the high number of cases with 80 separate outbreaks and 764 cases associated with the sector.
Under the plan, special aged care homes and population transfers will be targeted if there are concerns by specialist medical teams. Up to 200 residents have already been moved from facilities to hospitals.
Mr. Andrews said it was time to act after some measures taken were “unacceptable”. The move to help the sector came after the federal government requested assistance, prompting the response of state medical teams, said Andrews

As Cases Rise To Record Height, People will Die, If Sick Victorian Don’t Stay Home

Mr. Andrews has confirmed 6 deaths, 5 people were from old age homes. This follows the deadliest day for the state on Sunday when ten people lost their lives to the virus.
There are estimates that up to 75 people in the state could die this week from the virus.
Several cases are coming from the places of employment. The key message for everyone today, you can’t go to work if you have any symptoms.
The most recent figure was 484 last Wednesday. The virus is expected to kill more people next week.
A number of cases will continue to grow in the country until people change their behavior, and the government will need to close entire industries.
Business owners need to work to keep someone away from work with coronavirus symptoms. Otherwise, it would lead to the closure of their businesses.
Mr. Andrews accepted that people without sick leave were waiting weeks to collect the State Government’s $1,500 hardship benefit which is available to those who are unable to go to work because they have to isolate themselves or care for a child in isolation.”I’ve asked to streamline it,” he said.
The Defense Force has deployed in the city to help assess 800 slaughterhouses as well as hundreds of students and community members over the next few days.
This will follow a worldwide pattern, where hospitalizations and deaths occur seven to ten days later when cases of virus increase. Of the 4542 total active cases in the state, 683 are related to aged care and about 400 health workers are present.
According to health authorities, the coronavirus(COVID-19) is now “deeply rooted” in Victoria and will take some time to control.

Australia Defense Force Called in To Help with Contact Tracing, as Deaths and Infections Keep Rising in Victoria

The Australian Defense Force will be positioned in Victoria to monitor individuals infected with the coronavirus.
On Friday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the state had reported another six deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, along with 300 more infections. Premier Daniel Andrews said three of those who died were in their nineties and three were in their eighties. Among the new cases, 51 were linked with known outbreaks, and 249 were under investigation.
Our hearts go out to those six people’s families. It will be a particularly difficult time for them and I hope there will be some relief in the understanding that our support extends to all of them.
Six deaths is a new record in one day in Victoria, which comes after reporting a record high of five deaths yesterday.
Mr Andrews said Australian Defense Force staff will be deployed to ensure that new cases comply with the restrictions on public health. He said members of the Australian Defense Force (ADF) will be deployed in “innovative and special” ways, including helping to track communications when people did not reply to the phone.
Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that 28 Australian Defense Force teams, with the assistance of empowered officers, will be deployed to door knock people who have tested positive. However, it goes without saying that if you were knocked at the door and you weren’t found at home, you ‘re in breach of the orders because you’re a positive case and you should be at home.
Mr. Andrews said it is “unacceptable” not to contact the authorities within 24 hours of a reported case.
As part of this latest phase 65 properties have been visited since Wednesday.  In the past 24 hours, Victoria Police have conducted 5435 spot checks and issued 101 fines.
There are now more than 1400 ADF leaders on the ground in Victoria.
On Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the fall in Victoria’s rate of new infections was positive news but not a cause for pride. It can not be expected to continue and so we have to maintain the full power of the Victoria efforts.
There are 206 Victorians at COVID-19 hospital, of which 41 receive intensive care.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has Announced a Deficit Due to COVID Spending Measures and Revenue Declines

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says that Australia faces the largest budget deficit since the Second World War, as the coronavirus crisis caused damage to the country’s public finances.
Frydenberg Thursday morning presented an economic update to the federal government, and also revealed that unemployment is expected to peak at around 9 percent in December. He said that the federal government recorded a deficit of $ 85.8 billion in 2019-20, which is expected to explode to $ 184.5 billion in 2020-2021 as a result of record spending.
“These harsh numbers reflect the harsh reality we face,” Frydenberg told reporters in Canberra on Thursday, while delivering an economic and financial update. Frydenberg said the government provided $ 164 billion in direct financial support to help the country during its darkest economic year for generations.
Around the world, there has been an unprecedented $ 11 trillion of support trying to keep the global economy afloat. Mr Frydenberg said that Australia “had been better apart in the economic front than almost any other country in the world during the crisis.” “Although our debt levels have increased, they are still lower than many similar countries which have gone through in this crisis,” said the treasurer.
But he said the outlook remains uncertain, most notably the Victorian outbreak. “it is a painful reminder of how a setback in the fight against the virus has affected the speed and course of our national economic recovery,” he said.
A full set of economic and fiscal data for the four-year forward estimates won’t be revealed until the budget on 6 October.
Although JobKeeper wages and coronavirus supplement support have been extended, government spending to deal with the epidemic is expected to drop from about $ 110 billion in the September quarter to about $ 40 billion in the last three months of the year.
Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said that by then, the government would also be in a position to detail the 10-year medium-term outlook as well. As the international situation persists and in some parts of Australia, there are still very uncertain economic and financial perspectives.
Shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers said the upgrade, which would only give forecasts for last year and 2020-2021, should be more than a “marketing exercise”. We need to know how bad this recession is predicted by the government, how high unemployment will be and for how long, and how much new debt has accrued in addition to the historical debt that existed before the crisis, “he said.

Victoria Records 484 New Cases of Coronavirus and Two Deaths in Australia’s Worst Day of the Outbreak

The incidences of infections of coronavirus in Victoria has reached a record high, with 484 new cases reported over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 6,739. Forty-four Victorians have now died due to Coronavirus.
Premier Daniel Andrews said the numbers had not fallen “as we wish”. He said nearly nine out of 10 people were not isolated between the time they first fell ill and the time they went to take the test. The statistics are based on an analysis of 3,810 cases from 7 July until 21 July. “We can’t get this anymore,” he said. People did not remain at home between the time of their COVID test.
“Nothing else is acceptable. You should go and test when you feel nauseous. This is the only thing you can and should do. If people don’t, we will continue to see the numbers increase. I am as frank, rude, clear as possible. And warn that isolation after you get COVID results was not enough. Every person who is taking the test is provided with very clear instructions on staying at home and wait until these results appear.”
Unless these behaviors change, Andrews said, the numbers will continue to rise and the lockdown imposed on Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be extended. There’s a significant number of these people who make these choices because they’re going to look at their bank balance and they will look at the possibility that they won’t get paid if they don’t work, he said
“We can have this discussion again. Meanwhile, however, try to correct the problem, understand the problem, and then develop specific measures to deal with it.”
Andrews highlighted the $1,500 hardship benefit to those who asked to isolate and do not have access to sick leave, but this is only accessible if the individual has tested positive or is closely linked to the isolated person.
People who feel sick and think they have coronavirus should contact the hotline – 1800675398.
Chief health officer Brett Sutton has defended tracking communications in the state, after multiple reports of close contacts waiting several days to be contacted by the Department of Health and asked to isolate them.
“Since the moment we got a positive result in the first 24 hours, we will certainly try to contact people”, Sutton said.

Payments for JobKeeper and JobSeeker Lowered After September- Scott Morrison

The Prime Minister announced the extension of the JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs beyond the current deadline in September, albeit with significant cuts.
JobKeeper will be reduced from $ 1,500 every two weeks to $1,200 for full time workers and $750 for part time workers (20 hours per week or less). In December this amount will drop to $ 1,000 for full time workers and $ 650 for part time workers. There will be a new eligibility test introduced in October, but it will remain based on business turnover.
JobSeeker will be reduced from $ 1,100 to about $ 800 every two weeks, and coronavirus supplement will be reduced from $550 to $250 for the last quarter. The program will end on March 28.
The Prime minister said the plans you ‘re now getting for Jobseeker and Jobkeeper will be in place until the end of September. ”As we know the condition, I’m very willing to believe that after December the COVID supplement will continue”.
Mr. Morrison said he believed that most Australians realized that the government would not be able to support JobKeeper programs indefinitely. He said: “They know an ongoing scheme that burns capital, money, and taxpayer money, which is about $ 11 billion a month, and that cannot go on indefinitely.” Australians understand this. They also understand that JobSeeker at high levels cannot go on forever.” He defended JobKeeper from criticism that it paid more casual workers who earned more income during the epidemic than they were before.
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said the effective unemployment rate – that is, Australians who left the workforce or worked zero hours – is 11.3 percent. The current JobKeeper program supported 960,000 companies and 3.5 million workers and helped 44 percent of companies from sacking employees.
The treasurer said he expected unemployment to rise despite the set of government measures.
When it comes to JobSeeker Supplement for Coronavirus, it will cost around $ 3.8 billion to extend it through December.”
“We are in a struggle over our lives,”Frydenberg said I think this is a major blow to the Australian economy and the global economy. “In the United States, there were 33 million jobless claims have been made in the last seven weeks, with the unemployment rate rising to 14.7 per cent.” “In the seasons until March and June, around 600 million jobs were lost worldwide. “Australia has performed much better than any other developed country” he said.

Public Transport Footfall Will Take A Hit Even After Covid-19 Peak Will Come To An End

People in Melbourne will be shunning the use of trams, trains and buses for a longer time even after the end of the peak of COVID-19. Melburnians will be wary of riding public transport because of the fear of catching the highly contagious deadly virus. In Sydney’s south west the effect has already started showing up with a decrease of 30 percent in public transport patronage since the end of June.
The effect of COVID-19 has been quite profound on individual lives along with a large number of industries in general. Public transport was surely going to bear the brunt of the virus since social distancing is the only measure available to keep the virus at bay at this point of time. It is not really possible to practice social distancing while using public transport. Given the sheer number of patrons that used to travel by public transport everyday, the decrease in the number of people using it will have its mark felt with the increase in number of cars on the road.
Before lockdown almost 58 percent of Melburnians used to take public transport to reach the various parts of the city. This number went down to 31 percent after the restrictions were lifted initially. According to a report public transport in Melbourne will be the worst affected as compared to Adelaide and Sydney. An increase in the number of cars, taxis and on-demand services like Uber is expected to grow.
Meanwhile mask wearing has been made compulsory in Melbourne and anyone who is found without a mask will be fined $200. The mask wearing has been mandatory due to the increase in the number of cases in the past few days. Even NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has urged people to work from home and avoid public transport whenever they can. Travel options like walking and cycling are being suggested by the travel minister himself to ensure the safety of people from the deadly virus.
The number of people walking instead of taking public transport has increased manifold which might provide a bit of respite to the environment and help people boost their physical health in the long run. However once the peak of the virus stops the number of people walking will surely decrease to a considerable number. There are a good number of people who are heeding to the message of staying home quite seriously and this will surely go a long way in containing the spread and damage due to the virus.

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