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Tips To Unpack After House Moving In Melbourne

house moving in melbourne

And finally, you’ve landed in Melbourne, the beautiful tinsel town of Australia! While you’ll be longing to see more of the beautiful city at the earliest, the tough and cumbersome job of unpacking will hold you back. After all, it’s not over until it’s all over. So, here’s a quick guide to help you unpack quickly, efficiently and easily after house moving in Melbourne.

Pen-down an unpacking calendar – It’s not prudent to open and scatter all boxes in one go. This will only add to the clutter and chaos. Instead, create an unpacking calendar and stick to it completely. A box or two every day will help you be sorted within no time.


Prioritize – Set your priorities and work accordingly. Depending upon the occupational significance of each, unpack and set each area. Invariably, the bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen are the first places you should set.

Sort your boxes – Rather than keeping all boxes in a common area, drag them to their designated areas. For instance, keep all kitchen related boxes in the kitchen, bedroom1 boxes in bedroom1, so on and so forth.

Set Your Furniture First – Before you get down to the nitty-gritty, get your basics right. Thus, having your beds, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bookshelves and couches in place is the most important thing. Moving heavy items on your own can get difficult.

Therefore, seeking help from the professional movers in crucial. Under full-service deals, the house moving in Melbourne will offer your reassembling and rearranging services that will ensure that your furniture items are unloaded and set at the right place so that you do not have to drag and shift thereafter.

Clean-up – Once you are done with unpacking task for the day, clean-up the area and get rid of the packing material properly. A job well-done will give you the motivation to work the next day.

Set mini goals and keep yourself motivated – Set small achievable goals and once accomplished reward yourself to keep up the motivation.

As well-experienced house movers in Melbourne, CBD Movers has helped families and businesses to relocate and settle in Melbourne at the earliest. We have a well-established network and excel in interstate moves. Being the finest Packers and House Movers in Melbourne, we provide end-to-end removal solutions to help you get settled at the earliest. If you too are looking for hassle-free services and unfailing support, call us at 1300223668.

How To Move Pool Table While House Moving

pool table moving australia
Planning to move? While packing and moving household stuff and belonging is a cumbersome task, moving heavy yet delicate furniture pieces like pool tables and pianos can make it all the more tough and tricky.
Pool tables are indeed heavy. With a standard sized pool table weighing in excess of 350 kg, proper planning, and coordination goes into undertaking and executing such a move. To be honest, it’s not about physical strength but careful pre-planning and meticulous execution that will result in an effective pool table removal.
Mentioned below are a few handy tips which will help you get ready to move your pool table for an effective house moving and furniture removal.


Measure: Measure the size of the pool table and cross check it with all doorways and driveway through which it will pass before it is loaded onto the truck. Ensure that no fixed fixtures like doors and walls interfere.
Dismantle: Unless of course the shift requires only dragging, you cannot move a pool table without dismantling it. Dismantle it carefully, detaching the legs and the top slate. Place them carefully to avoid slip and fall.
Pack it deftly: To avoid scratches and dents, cover it properly with bubble wraps and protective sheets. Also, use soft floor protectors to safeguard your flooring from dragging marks.
Check the floors: In-case you need to move the pool table down the stairs, go in for special ramps which aid in moving a pool table smoothly over the stairs.
Get the required gear: You definitely cannot pick and move the pool table. Arrange for trucks with hydraulic lifts and pedals. Restraining straps will help cut movement and jerks during transit.
Moving a pool table is certainly not a DIY task. Planning to move it without professional support will lead to damages beyond repair. Thus, hiring best interstate removalists in Brisbane is a prudent choice.
At CBD Movers, we are the expert interstate removalists in Brisbane. Our effective removal tools and techniques and unmatched removal strategies allow us to seamlessly handle your interstate move with ease. Operating across Brisbane and its suburbs, our furniture movers are renowned for superiority, skill, and strength.

How To Counter Weather Variations During Move

counter weather variations during move
Moving your home or office set-ups can be an exciting task. The numerous opportunities that you foresee make your adrenaline rush high. But the seemingly endless chores of packing and moving can mount stress levels and put you in the backseat.
Further adding to the stress are the weather conditions. While spring and onset of summers are the perfect times to plan a move, one should avoid rainy, fall and freezing winters. But having said this, one cannot avoid a sudden relocation whatever be the weather. Instead, it pays to be cautious and watchful.
Here’s a simple list of steps that can prove handy in any weather condition while moving.
Plan ahead – Plan as far ahead as possible. Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to choose the best and most trusted removalists in Perth. Pre-booking also helps you to pick cheap movers in Perth and negotiate the best deals in terms of services and rates.
Pack deftly – Packing is the key in any weather condition. Be it blistering heat or freezing chill, goods, and belongings that are packed skillfully beat the sneaky weather conditions, whatever be it may.
Right supportive equipment – It is advisable to hire the services of an agency that has the requisite wherewithal to undertaking all kind of equipment removal. This may include furniture, wardrobe, and consumer durables. The mover must have the capability to move bulky stuff as well as delicate breakable material. Right tools and techniques help to fight the harsh weather gods.
Fully equipped trucks – More often than not, one forgets that there are numerous belongings that need strict climatic control. Perishable items, polished products, and candles are to name a few. The mover should have climatic control equipment in its trucks so that the temperature can be controlled as per requirement.
We, at CBD Movers, house the best interstate furniture removalists team. Besides being the most trusted house & furniture movers in Perth, we also excel in outclass office removals. Equipped with the right technology and armed with the finest personnel, we ensure the safest removal in the business. Call us at 1300 223 668, to know more about our outclass removal services and customized solutions.

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