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What Furniture Packers & Movers Offer in Melbourne

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Furniture, appliances, and antiques constitute a major chunk of household belongings. And without doubt, one spends a major share of income to possess those. But when it’s time to move – whether across the street or interstate – the fear of damaged and broken furniture pieces rips you apart. This is where professional furniture movers in Melbourne prove helpful and effective. Skilled and trained to move every furniture item with competence, the furniture movers ensure that your prized possessions remain as good as new, even after a strenuous move.

packers and movers melbourne

Here is what you can expect from a trained furniture mover:

  • Dismantle Furniture – It’s best to move big furniture items after dismantling them. This not only safeguards the furniture item but also helps you save cost. As moving cost is essentially calculated on the space occupied and the size of the moving truck dismantled furniture will fit up in a smaller area, helping you save big bucks.
  • Pack Deftly – Loading of furniture entails picking, dragging and sliding them until they are safely placed in the moving truck. Equipped with the right materials and equipment, we pack and move furniture to place them safely in the truck. Our flawless packing and wrapping ensure utmost security and no risk of chipping and scratches during transit.
  • Coding – Dismantled furniture has the nuts and screws that have to be placed carefully. Losing out on these small parts may render the furniture useless. Also, as a different set of the team will unload and reassemble furniture after an interstate move, it’s important that a standardized pattern is followed. Professional furniture movers in Melbourne are trained to do just that!
  • Reassemble Furniture – Following the coding pattern, the furniture movers’ team at the destination city will rearrange and reassemble furniture. Experts in the job, we ensure that the pieces are seamlessly fixed together and put at the right place.

If you too are looking for experts to help you move your household belongings and furniture, CBD Movers is the undisputed choice. Besides being competent furniture movers Melbourne, we are expert packers and movers in Melbourne and provide comprehensive house moving services.  Call us at 1300 223 668 for customized solutions and affordable deals.

Tips For Budget Friendly House Movers In Melborne

house moving in melbourne

Moving home is an established task. A safe and effective removal entails a cautious and meticulous approach at every phase of house moving. On the face of it, a DIY move may appear to be cost-effective, but in reality, it’s not.

Professional house movers in Melbourne have the necessary skill, wherewithal, and licenses. They operate on economies and pass on the benefits to clients. Still, even they charge, and moving services aren’t always cheap.


But here are a few tested ways to enjoy a budget-friendly house movers in Melbourne despite hiring professional movers:

Collect Packing Supplies – Take note of your requirements and collect packing supplies beforehand. Cartons, bubble wrap, stickers, newspapers, etc., collect everything in advance. Reuse and recycle packing supplies to cut packing costs.

Watch what you pack – Don’t pack and carry the items you are not likely to use. Packing unwanted utilities not only involves time and effort but also increases packing and transportation cost. Instead, organize a garage sale and collect cash by selling such belongings.

Choose your moving company wisely – Once you know your requirements, search and research for the perfect house movers in Melbourne. Interact with movers and invite bids.

Consider Back Loading Services – If your home belongings are not elaborate and do not constitute a full truckload, consider backloading services. Herein you’ll pay only for the space your boxes and furniture take up in the truck and only for one direction.

Get insured – In case of long-distance moves, do not forget to get your move insured. Moving without insurance may appear cost-effective, but you’ll be losing out on your prized possessions in case of an unfortunate incident. Worse still, you’ll not be reimbursed. So it’s wise to travel under a transit insurance cover.

If you too are looking for budget-friendly house movers in Melbourne, we are the obvious choice. At CBD Movers, we follow the policy to slash competitor quote by 10%, making us the cheapest house movers in Melbourne. We are equipped with the required removal tools and techniques and have a skillful staff to seamlessly handle your interstate move with ease.

Tips To Unpack After House Moving In Melbourne

house moving in melbourne

And finally, you’ve landed in Melbourne, the beautiful tinsel town of Australia! While you’ll be longing to see more of the beautiful city at the earliest, the tough and cumbersome job of unpacking will hold you back. After all, it’s not over until it’s all over. So, here’s a quick guide to help you unpack quickly, efficiently and easily after house moving in Melbourne.

Pen-down an unpacking calendar – It’s not prudent to open and scatter all boxes in one go. This will only add to the clutter and chaos. Instead, create an unpacking calendar and stick to it completely. A box or two every day will help you be sorted within no time.


Prioritize – Set your priorities and work accordingly. Depending upon the occupational significance of each, unpack and set each area. Invariably, the bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen are the first places you should set.

Sort your boxes – Rather than keeping all boxes in a common area, drag them to their designated areas. For instance, keep all kitchen related boxes in the kitchen, bedroom1 boxes in bedroom1, so on and so forth.

Set Your Furniture First – Before you get down to the nitty-gritty, get your basics right. Thus, having your beds, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bookshelves and couches in place is the most important thing. Moving heavy items on your own can get difficult.

Therefore, seeking help from the professional movers in crucial. Under full-service deals, the house moving in Melbourne will offer your reassembling and rearranging services that will ensure that your furniture items are unloaded and set at the right place so that you do not have to drag and shift thereafter.

Clean-up – Once you are done with unpacking task for the day, clean-up the area and get rid of the packing material properly. A job well-done will give you the motivation to work the next day.

Set mini goals and keep yourself motivated – Set small achievable goals and once accomplished reward yourself to keep up the motivation.

As well-experienced house movers in Melbourne, CBD Movers has helped families and businesses to relocate and settle in Melbourne at the earliest. We have a well-established network and excel in interstate moves. Being the finest Packers and House Movers in Melbourne, we provide end-to-end removal solutions to help you get settled at the earliest. If you too are looking for hassle-free services and unfailing support, call us at 1300223668.

How To Move Pool Table While House Moving

pool table moving australia
Planning to move? While packing and moving household stuff and belonging is a cumbersome task, moving heavy yet delicate furniture pieces like pool tables and pianos can make it all the more tough and tricky.
Pool tables are indeed heavy. With a standard sized pool table weighing in excess of 350 kg, proper planning, and coordination goes into undertaking and executing such a move. To be honest, it’s not about physical strength but careful pre-planning and meticulous execution that will result in an effective pool table removal.
Mentioned below are a few handy tips which will help you get ready to move your pool table for an effective house moving and furniture removal.


Measure: Measure the size of the pool table and cross check it with all doorways and driveway through which it will pass before it is loaded onto the truck. Ensure that no fixed fixtures like doors and walls interfere.
Dismantle: Unless of course the shift requires only dragging, you cannot move a pool table without dismantling it. Dismantle it carefully, detaching the legs and the top slate. Place them carefully to avoid slip and fall.
Pack it deftly: To avoid scratches and dents, cover it properly with bubble wraps and protective sheets. Also, use soft floor protectors to safeguard your flooring from dragging marks.
Check the floors: In-case you need to move the pool table down the stairs, go in for special ramps which aid in moving a pool table smoothly over the stairs.
Get the required gear: You definitely cannot pick and move the pool table. Arrange for trucks with hydraulic lifts and pedals. Restraining straps will help cut movement and jerks during transit.
Moving a pool table is certainly not a DIY task. Planning to move it without professional support will lead to damages beyond repair. Thus, hiring best interstate removalists in Brisbane is a prudent choice.
At CBD Movers, we are the expert interstate removalists in Brisbane. Our effective removal tools and techniques and unmatched removal strategies allow us to seamlessly handle your interstate move with ease. Operating across Brisbane and its suburbs, our furniture movers are renowned for superiority, skill, and strength.

How To Counter Weather Variations During Move

counter weather variations during move
Moving your home or office set-ups can be an exciting task. The numerous opportunities that you foresee make your adrenaline rush high. But the seemingly endless chores of packing and moving can mount stress levels and put you in the backseat.
Further adding to the stress are the weather conditions. While spring and onset of summers are the perfect times to plan a move, one should avoid rainy, fall and freezing winters. But having said this, one cannot avoid a sudden relocation whatever be the weather. Instead, it pays to be cautious and watchful.
Here’s a simple list of steps that can prove handy in any weather condition while moving.
Plan ahead – Plan as far ahead as possible. Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to choose the best and most trusted removalists in Perth. Pre-booking also helps you to pick cheap movers in Perth and negotiate the best deals in terms of services and rates.
Pack deftly – Packing is the key in any weather condition. Be it blistering heat or freezing chill, goods, and belongings that are packed skillfully beat the sneaky weather conditions, whatever be it may.
Right supportive equipment – It is advisable to hire the services of an agency that has the requisite wherewithal to undertaking all kind of equipment removal. This may include furniture, wardrobe, and consumer durables. The mover must have the capability to move bulky stuff as well as delicate breakable material. Right tools and techniques help to fight the harsh weather gods.
Fully equipped trucks – More often than not, one forgets that there are numerous belongings that need strict climatic control. Perishable items, polished products, and candles are to name a few. The mover should have climatic control equipment in its trucks so that the temperature can be controlled as per requirement.
We, at CBD Movers, house the best interstate furniture removalists team. Besides being the most trusted house & furniture movers in Perth, we also excel in outclass office removals. Equipped with the right technology and armed with the finest personnel, we ensure the safest removal in the business. Call us at 1300 223 668, to know more about our outclass removal services and customized solutions.

8 Common Moving Mistakes To Avoid

8 common moving mistakes
Moving is a challenging job. The mere thought may send shivers down the spine. While it often appears to be a DIY task, hiring professional movers can make the move pleasant and hassle-free. But before you finalize on it, prepare well to avoid unnecessary stress. Here is an overview of the 8 common moving mistakes people make.

  • 1. You think you can DIY
    A do-it-yourself move is not as much “fun” as we assume. Give yourself enough time to study how you want to move and scrutinize everything that is involved. Take references from friends who have moved and talk to the movers to get clarity before taking any decision.
  • 2. Unplanned Packing
    Give yourself plenty of time to pack before your move starts – at least six weeks prior to the move. Choose to take an inventory before and after packing.
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  • 3. Not Cleaning the house
    There are many things in our home and offices that we haven’t used in years. Get rid of them instead of shedding extra money moving them along.
  • 4. Not Labeling the boxes
    Label your boxes properly and stay sorted. Not only does this help to load the boxes aptly but also makes the unpacking easier.
  • 5. Leaving your valuables with the movers
    Moving companies cannot be held responsible for expensive items. Thus, safely wrap and pack your jewels, important documents and all other personal items with you.
  • 6. Not packing a survival kit
    Do not forget to pack a small bag with the items you will need instantly through the first week at your new place. Looking for such items in the bigger boxes can be a pain.
  • 7. Ignoring the “rush hour” and weather
    There can be a moving “traffic jam” certain times or there might be a chance that Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. So, plan ahead!!
  • 8. Not reading through your insurance
    Understand what all your insurance involves. Be aware of how much and what exactly it covers.

Contact CBD Movers
We, at CBD Movers, are the best interstate movers in Perth and can help you deliver all your things safe and quick. For all house and office removals or any sort of moving services in Perth and its suburbs, contact CBD Movers. We guarantee you quick, safe and careful, tense free move. Our interstate furniture removalists team involves thoroughly trained and experienced specialists. To know more about our removal services and solutions, call us at 1300 223 668.

Features And Purpose Of A Relocation Company

relocation company features
Relocation needs can arise anytime in our lives. It can be because of a job change, possession of a new property or the end of the lease. Whatever be the reason, the first thought that crosses our minds while considering relocation is hiring a professional relocation company.
Relocation companies have experienced crew and high-end equipment that make your move swift while assuring the safety of your possessions. They offer you an array of effective moving options and help you facilitate an effective move.
If you are one of those who think that relocating can be done on your own, you must check on the size and number of furniture at your home. We are sure that you would immediately consider hiring suitable furniture moving company in Brisbane.
If you are all set to relocate, here are some features of Furniture Movers in Melbourne that you must know beforehand:
The professional relocation companies have acquired sufficient amount of knowledge related to all the relocating concerns. They have an extended team wherein there are supervisors and managers to ensure that the workforce is employed on the right task, delivering effective results.
Packing and moving an entire household is not a child’s play. You need to be really good with planning the entire move. The furniture removalists in Melbourne work on the entire plan days before and execute it effectively ensuring timely move and security of your belongings.
End-to-End Solutions:
Nowadays relocation companies offer comprehensive solutions to all the moving concerns. You do not have to hire separate companies for home, office relocation or furniture removals in Perth. An effective relocation company will offer you all the services under one roof.
At CBD Movers, we offer you a myriad of services that are made to perfection. You can hire us for your specific needs and we will be happy to assist. We also offer customization in our services to make our packages perfect for your need. Our staff holds expertise in their job and is well certified and accredited to perform their duties. Hire us and we’ll ensure that your move is swift and hassle-free.

Reasons Why You Must Hire Professional Movers & Packers

Even if you have finalized the location, property and the timings of your move, the thought of shifting your entire household to the new place may give you chills. And why not, we all have a beautiful household that comprises of numerous valuable assets that offer us both leisure and comfort. After all, these assets need to be transported safely and securely to the new place to make it your home. While some of us would dare to take up the risky task of moving and packing by ourselves, most of us feel clumsy and fear the negative outcomes.
In the latter case, it is always the best to hire a professional moving company, to make your move swift and hassle-free. CBD Movers top the list of authentic Movers & Packers in Melbourne. Here are the reasons you must hire us right away:
Safety of Goods:
With us by your side, you do not have to worry about the safety of your pricey possessions. We take sufficient measures to ensure that your goods are transported with due safety. We are extra cautious about the safety of your delicate goods; hence, you may rest your worries as you are in hands of safest removalists.
Swift Process:
We are one of the excellent house movers that assure you swift house removals process. We are experienced and full of knowledge to make your transition safe and speedy. With our high-grade packing and moving technology, we relocate you to the new place within pre-defined timelines.
Cost Effective:
Our removalists services are aptly priced and we do not have any hidden charges associated with our packages. We believe in fair play and hence adopt transparent moving services and pricing.
Stress Relief:
The biggest of them all, with CBD Movers at your service, you can just sit back and relax while our experts wrap your entire household to perfection. You deserve to have such a relaxation and CBD Movers offer you the same.’
Hire us for any of your house moving requirements in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane. We stand for reliability and quality removalists services.

Moving Services – Features to Look For

The process of moving house, office or equipments is tough. The phase gets tougher when seemingly unsolvable dilemmas and puzzling situations line up. While an error or laxity can result in losses and damages, the right temperament and a perfect skill set can give a perfect solution to every removal problem.
More often than not, it’s the lack of a good removal plan that makes things complicated and stressful. Enlisting services of a reliable and experienced removalist thus proves handy. At CBD Movers, we offer customer-oriented services. We are a trusted name in the region. Being a decade old in the business has helped us polish and upgrade our skills and services. Mentioned below are a few additional features that our removal services include:
Plan & Organize – If you thought that cheap removalists only restricted their services to loading and unloading belongings, think again! A successful removal is based on a close and intricate planning. At CBD Movers, we are staffed with the best personnel who customize and chalk out a perfect plan for removals.
Packing – Packing plays the paramount role in transit of goods without damage and breakage. Sophisticated packing materials, novel techniques and flawless execution go a long way in achieving the same. Be it delicate antiques, heavy machinery and furniture or expensive electronics; at CDB Movers we have the competence and skill to move all.
Disassemble and Reassemble– Given the nature of certain items, pre-move disassembly and post-move reassembly become important. Hiring expert help for the same will not only save you from hassles and stress but also cut down on risks involved with the DIY (Do It Yourself) task.
Unpacking & Laying Out – Another additional service that a top-rated removalists company offers is the unpacking and spreading out the belongings after move. Carrying them to their respective locations and unpacking them safely to get you going instantly; CBD Movers have facilities for all.
Top-Rated Equipment – The right equipment is necessary for the right move. Choose the moving company that offers trucks equipped with trails and best supportive equipment. This ensures damage free loading and unloading of belongings. Vehicles befitted with climate control systems further safeguard the belongings during long, interstate removals.
No Legal Hassles – Hiring an interstate mover? Check if your removalist has the necessary licenses and authorizations to take up interstate and international removals. These certifications are necessary to cut short legal hassles. At CBD Movers, we have a well established network and serve the cities of Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.
‘CBD Movers’ is the finest . Operating throughout Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, we provide cheap moving services. We are a safe, reliable and trusted name in the region.

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