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November 23, 2018

By cbdmovers

The Client was delighted to see such a Great Moving Job

One of our clients called us from Melbourne. She had some items that required to be moved to another location. This was a very short notice; however, our agent checked the availability with the dispatch department. The customer wanted to move items which include one fridge, one Washing machine, kitchen appliances, ten boxes, and five to six items of other stuff (i.e. vacuum cleaners, heaters). Moreover, there was an elevator access, so, movers need to be there between a specific time. As per the nature of the business and our policies, we provide a time window instead of fixed time, but our agent understood the urgency of the customer and personally contacted with the concerned department to arrange a fix time so that we can help the customer in this emergent situation and make our customer happy. As there were a lot of special requirements of the customer still our agent offered her the best possible deal. We always make sure that all our customers are enjoying our best services, and our excellent coordination within the department is one of the important factors towards our positive efforts. Our sales representatives take the full responsibility to serve the customers and they regularly follow up at every step of the way until the job is accomplished successfully as per the customer’s requirement.

Our movers are the backbone of our company, and as per the customers’ reviews, they were great! All our movers do their job with due care and enthusiasm. According to our client, our movers reached at her place on the committed time and completed the job with full enthusiasm. Our client was extremely happy to see such an excellent work from our professionals and moreover, they were polite, hardworking, and extremely fast to deliver their services. Our client was happy not just because of the prices we had offered her but she was also delighted to see the overall handling of her valuables and great work done by our movers.
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