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August 17, 2022

By cbdmovers


Moving To Perth? Standard Of Life, People, Culture, Cost Of Living, & More You Should Know About

Perth is a beautiful city. There is no doubt about that. It attracts travelers and ex-pats from all over the world. You will be mesmerized by its natural beauty and of course, the rising food and drinks scene that seems to be one of the most talked-about aspects of this city. The art and culture scene is also in its booming and blooming phase. But there is a lot to discover about Perth that you probably never knew observing from a distance. Let’s have a look at a few very unique characteristics of this city that would make you want to relocate to Perth right away.

1. Easy Vibe Of The Place

After moving to Perth, you will notice that it has a very easy and warm vibe. The people are welcoming and smile easily. It is not a 24/7 type of city where you will find bustling crowds keeping the streets and roads busy and occupied. It has a very peaceful predisposition where you would love to stay at home with your family for a quiet evening. Then there is also a vibrant side to the city that would want you to enjoy a wonderful evening with your friends in the nearest restaurant or a cute cafe in your neighborhood. It has the balance of both stability and momentum without compromising on either. But yes, you will not see the city jumping on adrenaline throughout the week which is perfect for people who seek quiet and tranquillity.

2. Distant City


Perth is also known as the “distant city”. It is located in the furthest corner of Australia which makes its location unique as compared to other major cities in the country. It is actually closer to Indonesia than it is to the beautiful city of Brisbane. Perth also has a lot of connectivity options to Asian cities and major world capitals such as London and Johannesburg.

3. Reasonable Size

Perth is also quite reasonable in size. The population is only over 2 million. This city is not intense at all. There is a very strong sense of community among the people of Perth which is unparalleled by any other city in Australia. It has a laid-back nature which you are going to fall in love with. You will not find people trying to compete with one another or embroiled in a race with the whole world. The best part is that you can find a cool parking spot for your car even during rush hour. Now, that is something that makes Perth quite distinct from the rest of the country.

4. Highly Modern And Efficient Public Transport


Perth is also characterized by one of the most efficient and affordable transportation systems in the country. It has trains, buses, and ferries. These modes of commuting are easy to use and very comfortable. You can get your reusable travel cards very easily and you can recharge them with your credit card. Just tap on and off as you travel and you will be able to reach your destination in practically no time.

5. Warm Weather And Warm People


Yes! Both the weather and the people of this city are warm and welcoming. You will feel absolutely delighted by the smiling faces that you see around after moving to Perth. The weather is almost Mediterranean in nature with dry summers and mild winters. It does tend to get a little hot for a few weeks. And yes, a hot Christmas can be a real shock for a lot of people visiting the city for the first time. This unique weather makes it ideal for the best seafood, salads, and refreshing wines as well. Perth has a very prominent culture of outdoor suppers and picnics owing to its warm and wonderful weather.

6. The Window To Western Australia

This city is also known as the window to Western Australia. You can easily explore the country’s most remote areas after moving to Perth. There is easy connectivity to some of the most exquisite places that you may have never even heard of. You can take the long-haul Bibbulmum Track that runs 1000km from Kalamunda to Albany. Explore the Karijini National Park in the North. And who can forget dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia Reserve?

7. Cost Of Living In Perth 

Cost Of Living In Perth

Now let’s have a look at a quick breakdown of the various expenses that you will have to bear once you move to Perth

Estimated Monthly Costs For A Family Of 4: AU$6,115

Estimated Monthly Costs For A Single Person: AU$2,949

An Idea Of The Cost Of Housing And Utilities

  • Monthly rent for a 900 sqft furnished accommodation in a luxurious area can be somewhere around AU$2,094
  • Monthly rent for the same furnished accommodation in a decent area can be close to AU$1,690.
  • The price of utilities for 1 month (heating, electricity, gas, etc.) for 2 people can turn out to be somewhere close to AU$379
  • Internet package for one month, speed being 8 Mbps may cost you around AU$59
  • You can also get cleaning help at an hourly rate of AU$29


  • A decent sedan with no extras, (new condition) may cost you around AU$27,936
  • One litre (1/4 gallon) of gas is AU$1.78
  • A monthly ticket for public transport is AU$168

Personal And Healthcare

  • A visit to a private doctor can cost you around AU$75
  • The cost of a standard haircut for men is AU$28


  • You can dine out in a neighborhood pub (for 2) for AU$66
  • The cost of 1 beer in a neighborhood pub can be AU$10
  • One month of a gym membership can cost you around AU$69

8. Best Places To Live In Perth 

Best Places To Live In Perth

Moving to Perth is going to be a life-changing experience for you for sure. The lifestyle and quality of life here are awesome and enchanting. A few very popular suburbs that you should know about before you move to this city are:

  • East Perth
  • Highgate
  • Ashfield
  • Crawley
  • Rossmoyne
  • Burswood
  • North Fremantle
  • Maylands
  • Woodbridge
  • Leederville

Final Thoughts

If you have made up your mind, do not delay it anymore. You deserve a break. You deserve a better life. It is time to move to Perth to start afresh.

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