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May 26, 2023

By cbdmovers

A Must Follow Checklist For Seamless Moving With Movers In Melbourne

Local Move Made Easy: A Must-Follow Checklist For Seamless Moving With Movers In Melbourne 

There is a checklist that everybody talks about. It is the moving checklist that every household prepares as it starts to move out its belongings from the old house and begins transporting the same to the new property. Regardless of whether you have hired any movers in Melbourne or not, you are always going to need a few moving tips, and creating a moving checklist is going to be one of them. The local moving services provider is always going to recommend that you make this list at least two or three months in advance. It just helps you simplify the entire process and speeds up moving tremendously. We’ll give you a quick look at what your moving checklist should look like. Without further ado, let’s dive in:

1. Think About A Garage Sale

Think About A Garage Sale

This is the first step towards decluttering your home. It is better to get rid of all the items that you do not wish to take to your new property. It is going to include all your old furniture pieces, decorative items, and also some of the most expensive equipment that you may have collected over the years. It could be your scuba diving equipment or your skiing gear as well. If you have any roller skates or an old bicycle, try selling it off in your next garage sale. Make sure to host the sale on your own. Do not let your kids take over because at times it is only you who can make the sale.

Why Do You Need A Moving Checklist?

You need a moving checklist because it is the easiest way to remember what all you want to move to your new house and what can be discarded. It is also a great way to plan the entire move and as you move from one item to the next, you can keep on checking them off. It just simplifies everything.

2. Donate Your Belongings

The belongings that you do not need anymore but are still usable can always be donated. This includes your larger furnishings, old books, stationery items, a few electronic gadgets that have become a little old-fashioned, or perhaps a few items of clothing that you want to get rid of. You can donate these belongings to a nearby charity organization or library, perhaps an old-age home, or even a church.

3. Choose What Appliances To Take

Choose What Appliances To Take

A lot of families that hire local moving services are advised not to take all their electronic appliances with them. You can think about it too and if you feel that moving these items to your new house is going to be too complicated, you can either sell them off or just recycle them safely.

4. Get Your Car Serviced

Some people after choosing house movers in Melbourne decide to move a major chunk of their belongings via their vehicle. This is an intelligent decision, especially if you have a few very expensive items to move or if you want to take care of your important documents all by yourself. Also, it is always better to assign a few moving boxes to your expensive jewelry items and family heirlooms. Even these boxes are going to go in your personal vehicle. So it is a good idea to get your car serviced before you leave for your new house.

What Is The First Thing You Should Pack When Moving?

The first thing you should pack when moving house is the item you are not going to need at all. It can be your clothing items, gardening equipment, guest room television, plants, furniture pieces that are not so frequently used, and so on.

5. Start Your Packing Processes

Start Your Packing Processes

Another important and completely unavoidable task that will go into your moving checklist is packing your moving boxes. All your stuff that is needed in your new home should be packed in the most appropriate moving boxes. For this, you will have to invest in the right moving supplies. Your house movers can give you some awesome tips as to which brand of moving supplies to choose and what all equipment and materials you should be investing in.

6. Get Rid Of Any Hazardous Materials

There might be a few pieces of equipment or tiny machines and tools that could prove to be dangerous when moving your house. These can be fertilizers, loaded guns, fire extinguishers, gasoline, flammable items such as compressed deodorant bottles, fireworks, swimming pool chemicals, waste management tools, or perhaps cutters, big scissors, lawnmowers, and much more. The list is practically endless and this is why it is important to either store them in the most appropriate boxes and containers or get rid of them altogether. You could also store them at a local storage facility if the need arises. You can always collect them after you have moved into your new house.

7. Figure Out A Temporary Storage Facility

Figure Out A Temporary Storage Facility

This brings us to a very important aspect of moving house. There will be times when you will feel the need for a temporary storage facility located somewhere between your old house and the new property. You might also need a temporary place to crash, especially if your new house is still under construction. Make sure to look for a short-term rental whether it is for your extra luggage or to spend a few nights with your family just in case your new house isn’t ready.

8. Get In Touch With Your Service Providers

A lot of families tend to forget to do this. If you have any regular service providers such as landscaping, pool maintenance, housekeeping, or any subscriptions that you haven’t deactivated yet, make sure to take care of them before you leave your old house. If you have not transferred or started any utilities such as garbage removal, pest control, internet connection, or any other subscription in your new house, get it done before you reach it for the big move-in. These are also going to include your water connection, sewer connection, gas, electricity, security system, and also a permanent phone line.

9. Taking Care Of Your Plants

Taking Care Of Your Plants

If you are a plant parent, it could be very stressful for you to move away from your old locality and into a completely new neighborhood. If it is a different city, it can be a lot more stressful. This is because you do not want to ignore or neglect your plants at all. The same goes for your pets as well. They would get anxious and hyperactive when the local movers are in your house moving your stuff to the van. The ideal approach will be to get your plants transported to your new house in advance. If you have any pets at home, you can always ask your neighbours, best friend, or your parents to pick them up for the time being.

So there you go. You have a comprehensive moving checklist that the leading house movers in Melbourne would advise you to create and follow through as you start conveying your belongings to the moving van. Remember, the big day will be here before you even realize it. At that moment, you don’t want any regrets. If you are not certain as to how you are going to manage it on your own, make sure to choose a local packing and moving services provider before anything else.

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