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May 8, 2018

By cbdmovers

A lady from Currambine, WA happily shared her views about our removalists services

A Customer called us from Western Australia and she was asking for a quote to move her household items safely and quickly through a bigger truck, according to the size of stuff. While all big trucks were busy in other moves, our agent tried well to accomplish the need of the customer. The agent checked with the concerned department and coordinated with movers to get the job done safely and quickly as per the customer’s need. Finally, after the hard efforts of the agent, the bigger truck was arranged for the customer. Customer booked her order with us to move all her household items safely to some other destination.

At CHB movers, our well-organized team offers absolute executive service for the best customer’s experience. Our movers called the customer 30 minutes prior and once they reached the location, they immediately started removal and packing job to complete the job well on time. Movers packed all the furniture in blankets with the help of straps to avoid any damage and scratches in stuff, as we knew the value of customer’s belongings. At the pickup location, movers found the only single lady and she was still packing the stuff. So, movers helped her to get the stuff pack in cartons by dismantling the beds and Cabinets. The customer was very happy to see the humble and helping nature of movers. Stuff was quickly loaded on the truck and departed to the destination for saving the time and money of the customer.
Once the truck reached the drop-off location, movers quickly unloaded the truck and arranged all the stuff according to customer’s need and convenience, and they even assembled the bed and cabinet. At every stage of moving process, the agent was in continuous touch with the movers to finish the job safely and on time. The moment all the stuff was unloaded from the truck, the customer was very happy to see the kind of moving service and helping nature of movers. For the convenience of customers, our movers always carry the FPOS machine with them for a quick and easy payment. This customer even promised us to provide all her moving jobs in future. We always respect our customers and feel proud and pleased to serve our customer best.
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