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June 11, 2020

By cbdmovers

5 Smart Ideas To Make Eco-Friendly House Move Adelaide

5 Smart Ideas To Make Eco-Friendly House Move in Adelaide

Moving to a new house always comes with a ton of responsibilities and is far from fun. You need to have a checklist, plan weeks ahead, pack all your stuff, and a lot more. With all these factors on your plate, has it ever crossed your mind that moving home can have a bad impact on our environment? 

If you’re short of ideas, we have some suggestions to support eco-friendly house removal in Adelaide

1. Reuse old supplies from home

It is obvious that you will need some boxes to store your personal belongings, but you can cut down on the total quantity by reusing old supplies. This is a smarter way to adjust your household items in old boxes and save a good amount of money. 
Old supplies include:

  • Bags: Bags are the most versatile option for packing clothes, blankets, pillows, and so on. 
  • Plastic bins: For sensitive items such as electronics, plastic bins are a great option. Being waterproof, they will keep your stuff dry during the move. 
  • Old newspapers: A stack of newspapers will only mess your home. Instead, use them to wrap some of the fragile items. 
  • Rags: Instead of using a blanket, use rags to wrap your treasured items.
  • Old cardboard boxes of your TV, fridge or other appliances can also be used. 

2. Environment-friendly packaging

After moving to a new house, most of the bubble wrap and packing supplies end up in the trash. Luckily, there are eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives:

  • A green wrap to cushion your fragile items.  
  • Eco-friendly packing peanuts that are made from wheat starch.
  • Plastic bins are made from recycled plastic. These bins are a great alternative to cardboard boxes and can be re-used hundreds of times.
  • Reusable moving boxes while transporting your stuff to your new home.

Many relocation services providers in Adelaide provide eco-friendly packing supplies to support your moving needs. 

3. Donate instead of throwing items 

Moving is the green opportunity to purge unwanted things and show generosity towards your extended communities. While moving, you may have stuff you no longer need, make sure that you do not dump such items. 

Instead, find places where you can donate clothes, books, toys, and food to make a green move while helping the needy. 

4. Go green to clean

As you’re moving, cleaning is always on the to-do list. Dodge the idea of using hazardous cleaning agents and making your own cleaning supplies. For instance,  a solution of vinegar with water can help clean your furniture items, bathroom, and kitchen items.
You not only have to clean the home that you are moving from but also where you’re are moving in. This means choosing eco-friendly products that can clean both your residences without negatively impacting the environment or your family’s health. 
 Happy cleaning!

5. Hire a green moving company

When moving to a new abode, hire a moving company Adelaide that cares about the environment and is committed to eco-friendly practices for a cleaner world.

Generally, green moving companies: 

  • Use fuel-efficient moving vehicles to reduce environmental pollution.
  • Pack with eco-friendly packing materials – recycled plastic bins and biodegradable bubble wrap.
  • Recycle any excess supplies left after unpacking.
  • Optimal use of moving boxes

In the end…

Eco-friendly moving requires green planning, creativity, and of course, patience. Make a note to consider all the steps for an eco-friendly move and contribute to the health and growth of this planet.
Green Earth, Happy Earth

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