If you are looking forward to shifting any of your heavy weighted furniture within Green Hills, then you need to hire a trustworthy moving service provider like CBD movers. We at CBD moving services in Green Hills have years of experience in the field of packing and moving things, and we are known for our custom-made moving plan through which you can easily send over your favorite piano, pool table, or any other heavy weighted furniture to your loved ones in Green Hills.

What’s The Packing Procedure For a Heavy Weighted Object By CBD Movers in Green Hills?

The packing procedure followed by our house removals experts in CBD movers is a simple yet much safer one, and we shall never complicate the moving process. We make use of basic tools to dismantle your pool table, piano or any other furniture that you are in a need to move to a new location. By operating your belongings with such tools, no harm shall be bought to them and we provide insurance for them as well.

Right Equipment For Right Job

If dismantling your furniture is not possible, then we shall make use of a four-wheel dolly to move them around. Your furniture removals from Green Hills shall be loaded over the four-wheel dolly and skated to the truck. Loading and unloading from the dolly are done using special equipment that lifts up any object irrespective of its size and shape.

Is It Possible To Transfer a Piano To a Room on The Second Floor?

Yes, it is highly possible and our expert removalists in Green Hills shall removal-services-green-hillscome up with a possible method to properly dismantle the piano and transfer them to the second floor or to any floor. Our removalists shall visit your place at first and look forward to a vision that can be safely executed while shifting your piano. All the dismantling actions performed to your piano will be first informed by our experts and will be carried only after taking your permission.
By having the most expert furniture removalists in Green Hills, we at CBD Movers can handle any kind of heavy weighted moving process at ease. Call us now to get a custom-made moving plan provided with free sample estimation.

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