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WA Leavers Ceremonies To Go Ahead Despite Ongoing Coronavirus Restrictions

The Year 12 Alumni Celebrations will be held in Western Australia from 23 to 26 November this year with the Night Party The Zone in Dunsborough in the southwest of the state. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Meelup Beach Party has also been given the green light.
After an uncertain final year of school, the message to those who left Acting Western Australian Police Chief Tony Colfer was “Come down to the southwest and have fun completely.”
I have complete confidence that Leavers 2020 will go as planned, he said.
If you are going there with the intention of causing trouble, you will be dealt with accordingly and you will have your bags packed and you will be outside this location.
Police said the event was possible due to the easing of restrictions that would allow music and other festivals of more than 500 people to proceed, as long as the organizers submit a COVID-19 event plan to the Ministry of Health.
Police said the square meter rule would also apply to the leaver occurrence, and extra attempts would be made to prioritize hygiene.
Western Australian Police and about 400 volunteers are slated to be deployed to the event, with some serving as COVID guards to maintain social distancing, but Acting Commander Colfer said the shift in police resources will not affect existing quarantines.

Quickly book accommodation

However, given the recent rush to in-state vacations, Acting Commander Colfer said accommodations were being booked quickly, and if their 12th year had no place to stay, they shouldn’t attend.
If you haven’t booked a place to stay, don’t go, he said.
The last thing we want is for people to sleep in the open and be exposed to others on beaches and national parks.
The race for residency may be more competitive this year due to travel restrictions that prevent those who leave from traveling to Bali, the Gold Coast, and Byron Bay.