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Victorians Asked to Wear Mask Especially When Social Distancing

Victorians Asked To Wear Mask Especially When Social Distancing Not Possible

With the lockdown in place for 6 weeks and advisories released to make sure that the virus is contained and the rising graph of infections is flattened yet another advice has come from Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth. The Deputy Chief Medical Officer has recommended residents in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire to wear face masks when social distancing cannot be maintained.
Face masks have been the most widely used gear to protect people in this pandemic. Since people can venture out of their homes for four reasons – Exercise, work, buying essential commodities and care giving. While moving out of the home for any of these reasons people might not be able to follow the 1.5 meter distance. Which makes wearing a mask all the more important for people living in Melbourne.
With a sudden surge of cases in Corona positive people the use of masks might skyrocket in the coming days. The Deputy Chief Medical Officer advises people to make their own masks and wear them while moving out to buy essential commodities or care giving. In case you are going out to exercise with someone else make sure that you have a mask covering your mouth and nose.
Deputy Chief Medical Officer has advised people in Victoria area to make their own masks since they might run out of masks from the market. Apart from that masks made at home will always be of high quality as compared to the ones that you might buy from the market. Masks which are made at home are washable and can be reused over time.
The masks act as a barrier to ensure the blocking of the virus. Wearing a mask is not going to make you 100% safe however it will ensure that you don’t get the virus from any freak source from where you didn’t even expect.