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Victoria Records High Numbers Amidst COVID Delta Outbreak

Victoria Records High Numbers Amidst COVID Delta Outbreak

The Australian state has documented 1,188 new cases and 11 deaths from the COVID Delta variant as the Health Minister warns the public to take strict measures.

With news of the Omicron variant of the COVID raising concerns around the globe, the Delta outbreak in Victoria is far from over. The state has had more than 500 deaths from the time when the first case was recorded here. The active cases tally stands at around 13,000 with 5 in a thousand requiring intensive treatment.

With these figures showing a need for immediate action, the government passed a new pandemic bill replacing the existing one which was set to expire on the 15th of December. The bill grants the Premier and Health Minister to declare pandemics. It is set to be approved by the Governor of State, Linda Dessau. An autonomous panel has also been drafted to review the bill.

The virus has been notorious for affecting older people and most of the deaths resulting from the Delta outbreak have been from ages 50 to 90 although the youngest to succumb to the pandemic is a 10-year old from Victoria. The child had other health complications that added to the criticality of the case.

The number of hospitalisations has stabilized at 300, however, the burden on the healthcare system is on the rise. Payment delays to hospital staff have been reported from the capital. News authorities have contacted the government for comment on the payroll situation amidst the growing COVID Delta crisis.

Another area worth exploring is the number of vaccinations reported from the state. With numbers looking positive in this department, more than 89% of the public above 12 years has been vaccinated. A few cases have been traced to an anti-vaccine protest in Melbourne a week ago.

Fully vaccinated individuals have been allowed to attend public events, concerts, hotels, and tours. The state of Victoria has a few restrictions for international as well as domestic students entering its borders. A negative COVID test within 72 hours of departure for the state is mandatory in all cases. The vaccine administered has to be approved under the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).