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Victoria Records 484 New Cases of Coronavirus and Two Deaths in Australia’s Worst Day of the Outbreak

The incidences of infections of coronavirus in Victoria has reached a record high, with 484 new cases reported over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 6,739. Forty-four Victorians have now died due to Coronavirus.
Premier Daniel Andrews said the numbers had not fallen “as we wish”. He said nearly nine out of 10 people were not isolated between the time they first fell ill and the time they went to take the test. The statistics are based on an analysis of 3,810 cases from 7 July until 21 July. “We can’t get this anymore,” he said. People did not remain at home between the time of their COVID test.
“Nothing else is acceptable. You should go and test when you feel nauseous. This is the only thing you can and should do. If people don’t, we will continue to see the numbers increase. I am as frank, rude, clear as possible. And warn that isolation after you get COVID results was not enough. Every person who is taking the test is provided with very clear instructions on staying at home and wait until these results appear.”
Unless these behaviors change, Andrews said, the numbers will continue to rise and the lockdown imposed on Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be extended. There’s a significant number of these people who make these choices because they’re going to look at their bank balance and they will look at the possibility that they won’t get paid if they don’t work, he said
“We can have this discussion again. Meanwhile, however, try to correct the problem, understand the problem, and then develop specific measures to deal with it.”
Andrews highlighted the $1,500 hardship benefit to those who asked to isolate and do not have access to sick leave, but this is only accessible if the individual has tested positive or is closely linked to the isolated person.
People who feel sick and think they have coronavirus should contact the hotline – 1800675398.
Chief health officer Brett Sutton has defended tracking communications in the state, after multiple reports of close contacts waiting several days to be contacted by the Department of Health and asked to isolate them.
“Since the moment we got a positive result in the first 24 hours, we will certainly try to contact people”, Sutton said.