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Victoria has a Recent Outbreak of Coronavirus with No Deaths

Brett Sutton, Victorian Chief Health Officer, says it is a “remarkable feat” that only one new coronavirus outbreak and no deaths have been reported by the state. The 14-day rolling case average of Metropolitan Melbourne currently stands at 8.1, down from 8.7 yesterday.
The rolling average for Regional Victoria also fell marginally, from 0.6 yesterday to 0.5. In Melbourne, the two-week number of cases with an unknown cause or “mystery” cases stays at 17. In regional Victoria, where the number remains at zero, no new mystery cases have been confirmed.
In Victoria, the number of active cases has dropped to 148 and one additional cases are associated with a reported epidemic. On Friday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said 18,934 people were screened and the secret to easing restrictions was testing.
Any new restriction steps are scheduled to be revealed by Mr Andrews on Sunday. It lets us prevent the spread of the virus, he added, to protect you and your family.
It helps one to get the most full image of this virus and to take the healthy and steady steps that I know everybody yearns for to open up.
Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer, said that the figures today are “a remarkable accomplishment”
We’re living in hope. Today’s figures are just one figure. One more case. It’s a remarkable accomplishment, he said.
Mr. Andrews wrote to the Prime Minister about the arrival, as part of the New Zealand travel bubble, of 17 passengers from New Zealand who travelled first to Sydney and then on to Melbourne on Friday night.
At the moment, Victoria is not accepting any international passengers, and Mr. Andrews said his government has absolutely no right to arrest passengers who are already thought to be in Victoria.
Mr. Andrews said 5,796 individuals in Shepparton, Northern Victoria, have been screened and more than 400 connexions and close contacts are self-isolating.
I want to thank everyone who has come forward and has been checked. Thank you for doing the right thing to protect any family in the city and across the state, he said, to everyone who is isolated at home.
There are just a few hundred reports to come in, I am advised, and they are likely to be published in the test results tomorrow. That’s amazing again, he said.
Again, the Premier declined to say what particular reforms will be revealed tomorrow. He did say, though, that the improvements were “far more in the social space than in the economic space.”
Mr. Andrews has said it will not yet lift the hard border between Melbourne and metropolitan Victoria.