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Victoria Announces Mandatory New Restrictions Following Devastating COVID Strike

Millions of more Victorians will be forced to wear face masks and hundreds of thousands of visitors will be banned as the state struggles with its deteriorating crisis of coronavirus. On Thursday, Premier Daniel Andrews announced that mandatory face mask laws for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be expanded to all of Victoria.
Andrews said the face masks are a protective measure for keeping the city from damaging the areas by the COVID-19 crisis. It would be difficult for some, but at the end of the day, though, it is necessary to keep those numbers very small in order to protect public safety, protect disabled people and protect all families.
A face mask will be compulsory from Sunday 2 August at 11:59 pm. Mr. Andrews also acknowledged that the compulsory mask-wearing was “essentially stage 4 for Melbourne,” and that now was the time for metropolitan areas to step up too.
Several exceptions are applicable, including those with a medical reason, children under the age of 12, those with a professional reason, or when it is not feasible-for example when running.
After research, the spread of group transmission has shown that people’s homes are a significant source of new cases.
People visit family and friends and take the virus home.
“You cannot visit friends. They cannot visit you.
Andrews says that while he might see it as counter-intuitive, hospitality places will remain open.
Thirteen people died overnight – three men and three women in their seventies, three men and two women in the eighties, and two men in the nineties.
Mr. Andrews says early indications are that 10 of these thirteen are connected to elderly care facilities.
The announcement comes as more than 80 schools across the state are forced to close due to new COVID-19 cases.
Stoughton College in Milton South and Aquinas College in Ringwood are among the schools that have reported coronavirus cases overnight and will be closed for at least 24 hours.
The Australian Defense Forces were knocking the doors of those in quarantine but citizens again defied the rules and fled their homes.
If you’re infected with coronavirus, you need to be at home and isolate yourself.
The Premier revealed defense members who knocked 269 homes on Wednesday were surprised when they visited a positive test person’s home, only to be told by a member of the family that the person was at work.