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The Australian Government has sufficient vaccine doses to inoculate the population three times over, said Health Minister

Australians do not need to worry about COVID-19 vaccination because The Australian Government has doses of the vaccine to inoculate the adult population “three times over” when need to be.
Health Minister Greg Hunt said the Australian Government had access to nearly 140 million doses of vaccine to cover 25 million.
Greg Hunt said Australia has the highest rate of doses per person globally.
Every person needs to get two COVID-19 vaccines, and children are not recommended to get the vaccine dose.
Mr Hunt said, “We take the advice from the panel of medical experts, and we respectfully never pre-empt any further purchases, given the commercial and highly competitive global nature of it.”
“Government is engaging with medical experts, and they are the ones that will suggest if they believe more is needed, more will be given.”
“The Australian government has sufficient doses of COVIID-19 vaccine to offer the overall population three times over,” he said.
Mr Hunt praised Australians’ response to the COVOID-19 pandemic as the society prepares to believe its greatest 24-hour loss of life from the vaccine, now tipped to be over 17,500 people.
Mr Hunt said, “On the newest advice that I have, over lives lost of 17,500 people around the globe today. This may be the greatest loss of life on any day, once the definitive numbers have been settled.”
He said, “To put it into view, the deaths today is equal to more than the population of Port Lincoln in South Australia and Yanchep in Western Australia, to Bairnsdale here in Victoria, or Kempsey in New South Wales, or Warwick in Queensland.”
Australia has marked six days out of seven today with no new community cases of the COVID-19 virus.