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Stricter Restrictions On Pubs In NSW Reintroduced After Virus Outbreak

The Casula’s Crossroads Hotel outbreak where almost 21 people have tested positive for coronavirus has triggered the Berejiklian government to announce stricter restrictions on pubs in NSW. The suggestions to make the restrictions more strict have come from Australian Hotels Association that has proactively approached the government with a list of proposed changes. All Hoteliers want to ensure that pubs are safe. The restrictions are going to be announced on Tuesday.
The main changes proposed will ensure that a pub will not have more than 300 people at a given point of time no matter how large the pub is. A pub might have the capacity to hold 500 or more people at any given time but not anymore will they be able to run their pubs in full capacity.
Till now group bookings of 20 people was being allowed with no restrictions on the number of people inside a pub provided the venue provided an indoor limit of one person for every 4 square meters. Now with new restrictions in place the number has been limited to 300.
It is important to observe here that the new restrictions will be placed on pubs only. The changes will not apply to clubs, restaurants or the Star Casino. This has been done due to the recent rise of cases of corona virus that have been tracked to people not following social distancing in pubs. The star casino has already been fined $5000 since inspectors received complaints that people were mingling, and standing together in groups drinking on Saturday night.
A source while talking on the measures was of the view that these strict measures were not because of the government being heavy-handed these are suggestions coming from AHA. AHA will be extra vigilant to make sure that the lockdown does not enter any further stage where crippling of economy and business becomes inevitable. With a few regions facing a double brunt – exposed to the virus and loss of revenue due to lockdown, NSW will try and control both with a bit stricter measures in place.