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Stage 4 Lockdown Many Non-Essential Businesses To Close in Melbourne

With an increasing rise in the cases of Covid-19 and increase in fatalities stage 4 restrictions have been announced in Melbourne by Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews. Temporary closure of businesses and retail stores in Melbourne from Wednesday night will be implemented to ensure the slowing and stopping of the virus from being propagated any further.
The worst hit seniors especially in age care homes have been having a hard time coping with the situation since they are at a high risk. Victoria registered 429 new cases of corona virus and 13 deaths due to corona virus Most of the deaths that occurred have been reported of people above the age of 60. Younger and people with good immunity having mild or no symptoms (asymptomatic) of the virus have a better chance of survival however the health infrastructure might crumble under the pressure of rising cases being received everyday.
Stage 4 restrictions might seem to be harsh decision right now however these measures are going to go a long way in containing the deadly virus and saving a lot of people from the sufferings brought by the virus.
Essential services like food and health care have been kept out of the purview of Stage 4 restrictions and will function as usual. However there have been advisories to follow social distancing – 1.5 meter per person rule to ensure people don’t catch the virus in case someone asymptomatic is present around.  Grocery stores, supermarkets, petrol stations, banks, news agencies, bottle shops, post offices and anyone on the COVID-19 front line have been kept out of the Stage 4 restrictions that will be a norm in Melbourne for the next few days.
Other businesses have been advised to reduce the number of staff and their opening hours. People have been advised against shopping in a Bunnings store however they will be able to collect goods without making contact with anyone.
Although the hit in economy and business is going to run into billions over the next six weeks due to these stage 4 restrictions however the situation is already running from bad to worse and this looks as the only option right now with each day presenting inflated number of sufferers from Covid-19. Cleaners have been restricted to visit homes for cleaning however if someone had a burst pipe they can call a plumber. Only emergency services will be functioning with social distancing and a mask on the face.
A few businesses like moving, construction, banking, mining, pharmaceutical have been allowed to function with a Covid – 19 plan and sanitation plans in place. However these businesses need to work under a few restrictions.
All measures and steps are being taken to contain this deadly virus and with the way the government and people are coming up with their will to fight back the outbreak, the fight might be long however winning it will be the only option and result after 6 weeks of these restrictions.