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South Australia COVID-19 Restrictions To Ease For Weddings, Funerals, and Gatherings

South Australia has no known active coronavirus cases for 10 consecutive days. Health authorities have announced restrictions on social gatherings will be eased from next Monday.
South Australia’s funerals, weddings, and private gatherings count have been lifted to 200 people.
While the pub lovers will be able to enjoy their drink standing up and home gatherings will be lifted to 50 people.
Premier Steven Marshall said the new changes would come into effect on Monday, December 14.
He said there would be “massive changes from next Monday.”
He declared South Australia was officially stopping its call for people to work from home.
The restrictions on gyms will be eased, the limits reduced to one person per two square meters.
Also, for all retail venues, QR codes will be required from next week.
Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier said, “make sure that you check in when you are going into a venue. Every citizen of South Australia has a requirement to do that check-in.”
“If you have the app, then check-in will be very, very quick.”
Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said many retailers might have started to roll out the QR codes from today.
“Everyone should be ready to check in as you go into any business,” Grant Stevens said.
Commissioner Stevens said this is a one-step forward to COVID-normal; however, there would likely be more restrictions eased from next year.
He said, “this is not a Christmas present for the South Australians.”
“If we could have made it happen earlier, we would have.”
In South Australia, there is no active case of the coronavirus; there have been zero new coronavirus cases.
Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier declared on Tuesday that South Australia had been cleared of active cases of the virus.
Professor Spurrier said, “I really like zeroes, so it is important for people to continue to get tested.”
Theaters and cinemas are presently opening at 50 per cent capacity, but Mr. Marshall indicated that in coming weeks, that might be raised to 75 per cent.