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Significant Fines For Victorians Who Break the Isolation

Victorians who do not isolate themselves upon receiving instructions will be fined $ 4,957 as part of a new campaign to stop breaches of restrictions.
This comes at a time when the country registered 439 new cases of coronavirus overnight and lost 11 other people.
All deaths were associated with the outbreak of elderly care, with ages ranging from over 70. There are 1,186 active cases in the age care homes of the elderly.
The new offense will be created to stop the breach of the direction of the Chief  Health Officer and target those who have positive results and who are not at home when the authorities doorknock their properties.
This will be reinforced by an additional 500 Australian Defense Forces and 300 authorized officers to join the crews already on the ground.
They will allow the authorities to conduct 4,000 home visits per day starting next week.
Victoria Police has performed more than 6000 spot checks in the last 24 hours and received 161 fines for violations of restrictions.
This included 60 fines for not wearing a mask.
There are 456 Victorians in the hospital fighting the infection, 38 of them in ICU. In the past 24 hours, Victoria has reported 439 new cases of coronavirus, taking the total for the state to 12,335.
A new permit is being implemented to help essential staff travel more freely across Melbourne under phase four restrictions.
The permit will be a piece of paper that should be signed by both the employer and the employee.
The permit should be kept at all times, so that staff can deliver it if the police stop them.
You can provide the piece of paper when the police picks you up and you will be waived to go on your job.
Also, the state government is trying to figure out a scheme where certain key staff-such as police officers and nurses-can use their official identification of the job.
For the private sector where there isn’t the standard identity that binds the person to their job, then details from the manager that you’re working now and it’s an active issue, then paperwork will have to be filled out.
The license is scheduled to be made available on Tuesday night. The form will be uploaded onto a website of the state government, Mr. Andrews said.