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Rich Would Get Huge Tax Cuts Under the Scott Morrison Plan

Part-time employees would score a measly $255-year under Morrison’s tax cuts, but the rich, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, would eventually gain an incredible $11,640-a-year windfall. Wealthy families earning six-figure salaries are on the right track to secure huge unexpected gains of 20 times the value of low incomes and part-time workers under the Tax Cuts Act by 2025.
This led to a warning that the Morrison government would be in a better position to increase welfare payments or tax cuts for low-income workers if they really want people to spend the spending to stimulate the economy.
ANU assistant professor Ben Phillips said that the rich are more likely to stash tax cuts in savings accounts and pay off personal debts including large credit cards and mortgages, rather than spending money and stimulating the economy. We know that people are saving at ever higher rates. It will have some little effect. But most people will say you get more bang for your buck with tax cuts at the end of low income or luxury.
The Australian Council of Social Services is urging the Morrison government to introduce a permanent increase for the JobSeeker program before it accelerates tax cuts for the wealthy.
The ACOSS warns that bringing tax cuts forward will not stimulate the economy if wealthy workers do not spend money.
The second and third stages of the government-proposed tax cuts are tilted towards higher income earners. In the context of rising household debt, many of these tax cuts will be made available.’
In contrast, an increase of $ 75 per week in the New Start program and related benefits for single individuals and single parents will mainly go to the poorest families and regions. Since they have no choice but to spend any extra dollars on necessities like food and rent, the money will be spent quickly, raising jobs and growing in areas that need them.
The tax cuts that the Morrison government is considering are worth $ 20 billion and are currently scheduled to take effect in 2022.
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has indicated repeatedly that he is considering introducing tax cuts to help revive the economy.
Again, we’ll give these details when we get to the budget because these are clearly issues that are still under consideration and what we took in the last election was a three-stage plan that would see the abolition of a full tax bracket, 37 cents in the dollar tax bracket.
Labor Treasury spokesman Jim Chalmers said the ALP would be “constructive” but would not sign proposals not confirmed by the Morrison government. Because the government didn’t announce it. They didn’t say that was exactly what they would do. “