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Remdesivir A Ray Of Hope Approved For Severe Coronavirus Cases

With a provisional approval from Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for use on severe Cororna patients remdesivir becomes the first official promising treatment option to reduce hospitalization among patients that have caught the virus. In the even of the rising cases in Victoria this news is a liver living however it is still not the silver bullet according to Deputy Chief Health Officer Nick Coatsworth.
International trials have confirmed the that remdesivir is effective among patients having moderate to severe Corona. Patients who have been treated with remdesivir have been observed to spend less time in the hospital and a potential reduction of the serious adverse events that coronavirus patients suffered.
The drug wont be available as a overt the counter medication since it is in trial phase. However due to the severity and the rising cases especially in Victoria and many of the suburbs under a six week lockdown its use has been permitted inside hospital that have been treating coronavirus patients.
Gilead Sciences, is the company behind the drug. On further investigation it has been observed that Remdesivir’s effect on mortality rate is not yet known.
This is the only drug across EU and US that has been approved for use on severe patients. Australia joined the league on Friday night since the cases haven’t seen any reduction in the past few days. It ha been clarified that Remdesivir is not a vaccine and should not be used as a preventive measure since its in the trial phase and it is tough to ascertain the side effects right now. Remdesivir is available in enough stock in Australia’s health system as confirmed by heath minister Greg Hunt. Although many trials and researches are underway to find a cure or vaccine for the deadly virus and Remdesivir is just a start, the best option is to keep keep yourself protected from the deadly virus.