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Qantas Repatriation Flights To Return Home Some Australians Stranded in France and Germany

Qantas will fly to Europe in COVID-19 hotspots places to help bring stranded Australians back to home.
The Qantas planes will lead to Germany and France to pick up passengers in December.
Some Australians have already received an email from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). On flights, there will be limited seats available.
The new flights are on top of the current repatriation flights that have brought Australians home from London and India.
Marise Payne, Foreign Minister, did not provide further details but confirmed Qantas would fly to different countries very shortly.
Marise Payne said on Thursday that “There are more extra to follow over the following weeks from London, New Delhi, and other places.”
Few flights will be put on after or before Christmas from various locations. DFAT is in the last stages of concluding how many individuals will be able to return on the flights.
Near about 36,000 Australians have already said DFAT they want to return home. And out of this, 8,070 are classed as a vulnerable group.
Passengers over the age of 12 are expected to get a COVID-19 analysis no more than two days before leaving and can only board if their decision is negative.
The passengers on the flight have to wear a mask on the face and must change them every two hours.
In the information presented by Qantas, it helps people to bring their meals and water due to “limited onboard meals and containers or bottle of water.
This is the initial time repatriation flights have been organised from these two nations.
The flights will land in Darwin. The passengers will be required to spend 14 days in quarantine at the Howard Springs Facility.
South Australia and Victoria are required to restart hotel quarantine of next month while Tasmania will accept 3 flights before Christmas.