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Prime Minister Scott Morrison is Pressing Victoria To Speed Up the Corona Virus Road Map

Prime Minister Scott Morrison targeted the Victorian government’s road map to break out of the fourth phase of the corona virus restrictions, saying he hoped the state would reopen more quickly than indicated. I hope the plan laid out yesterday is the worst-case scenario, he said.
In terms of how to tackle this issue in the coming weeks and months in Victoria, I see it as a starting point.
Mr. Morrison said the federal government would scrutinize the proposal closely and also expect detailed modelling from the Victorian health authorities.
The Prime Minister made the comments while also addressing the deals the government has signed to provide Australians with millions of vaccines early next year if current trials prove successful.
The roadmap was presented on Sunday by the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.
The lockdown is extended to 27 September in Melbourne, but with some modifications.
Previously the federal government opposed Victoria’s dealings with COVID-19, and Mr. Morrison asked Mr. Andrews to find a way to remove limitations.
Mr. Morrison explicitly addressed on Monday the pace at which the state reopened under the program, as well as its ability to trace contacts.
It’s a surprise, I can not help but think, that the boundaries of Sydney now are subject to a curfew. Sydney does not need to be under curfew now,” said the prime minister.
We have the ability to root out an epidemic. Speaking on Monday, the Chief Health Officer of Victoria, Brett Sutton, said that there is room for comfort when the number of possible cases is low enough than expected.

New South Wales is considered “exemplary”

Although Mr. Morrison agreed that Victoria’s contact monitoring was improving throughout the outbreak, he claimed that this could and should continue.
I think a lot of work has been done by the Victorian government over the past four weeks, obviously also important to prove that the processes have improved.
But I think there’s a lot to learn about what’s going on in NSW because they have the biggest challenges to tackle, and they’ve shown the best ability to handle them and keep their country open in this day and time.
We have had really strong teams who respond to the outbreak and they have a wide number of people. It’s not only about monitoring the missing, but it’s also about reacting to the outbreak.
Professor Murphy said he acknowledged that over the last few months Victoria had spent “significantly,” and he also claimed that restrictions could be lifted earlier than expected.
I hope they feel secure in taking a much less conservative approach to their limits, with the strength of their stance.