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Prime Minister "Deeply Sorry" for the Failure of the Epidemic, But Calls on Australians to "Examine the Reality"

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has apologized for his government’s failures to address the coronavirus pandemic, although he avoided suggestions that the devastating impact on elderly care in Victoria was a “gross failure of governance”. Morrison was questioned by journalists following sharp criticism broadcast during the Royal Commission for the Care of the Elderly.
He rejected the notion from a royal commission adviser that there was no plan to care for the elderly during the pandemic.”This is not a result of the royal commission,” he said. This is a statement made by the assistant attorney. This is not a result of the royal commission. ”
PM Scott Morrison said he feels “very sorry” about the mistakes made during the coronavirus pandemic. On days when the system is deficient, and on days when expectations are not met, I feel very sorry about it, of course, I am. “I know that everyone who is involved in the process, and who is trying to fulfill those expectations, feels equally sorry.”
The number of deaths related to the Coronavirus in nursing homes in Australia reached 188 today, the vast majority of them in the affected facilities of Victoria. He said, “COVID-19 has broken out in Melbourne. It entered meat packing factories, moved to pharmacies, reached distribution centers. It entered hospitals. It entered elderly care facilities.”
PM Scott Morrison said that most elderly care facilities in Melbourne have not been directly affected by the coronavirus.”Many facilities that already have COVID cases, but the vast majority, almost entirely, of those cases, are managed.”
The Prime Minister has called on Australians to provide a reality check that demands excellence from those concerned with the coronavirus pandemic. “We just do their utmost each day to ensure the Australians are not let down during this time,” he said at the media conference.
Mr. Morrison said no one has had to deal with something like the coronavirus pandemic before “There are no absolute guarantees for a global pandemic,” he said.
There are no absolute guarantees that can be provided.
Whether in a school , hospital or old age-friendly facility, I think it is great to have Australians with high expectations of the services, quality and facilities everywhere.
In the fight, PM Scott Morrison said Australia “must win.”