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Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine To Rollout in Australia, Approved By TGA

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has confirmed and provisionally approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for rollout in Australia.
Pfizer is the first vaccine that received approval from Australia’s regulatory.
The TGA said this vaccine met the “efficacy, quality and high safety standards needed for use in Australia.”
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “We are more looking at the end of February than mid-February now due to the problems we have seen in the delivery or production for both Pfizer and AstraZeneca around the world.”
The Pfizer vaccine approval is on a provisional basis, which means it is valid for only two years.
Two Pfizer vaccine doses will be needed a minimum of 21 days apart. And the TGA provisional approved it for 16 years and older people.
Priority group’s Vaccination is expected to start at the end of February, at per week 80,000 doses, said Health Minister Greg Hunt.
Mr Hunt said Australia had enough doses, which is approx to 140 million, and it is one of the highest per-capita rates in the world.
The vaccine will be rolled out in five phases at approx 1000 or more vaccination administration sites in Australia.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Pfizer vaccine’s approval comes Monday morning, precisely after one year of the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Australia.
In a statement earlier, Mr Morrison said the TGA approval is an essential step in the battle against coronavirus.
On Monday, the prime minister said, “I greet the Pfizer vaccine’s approval by the TGA.”
“Australia’s citizens should take courage in the thorough and careful path taken by our world-class safety regulator, the TGA.
“Our preference has always been to keep citizens safe and protect livelihoods and lives.
Today’s permission is one more big step ahead for our society, especially in the security of our most vulnerable people.”
Australia’s vaccine rollout strategy is “on track” to be finished by October 2021, said Health Minister Greg Hunt.
“We know that the Swiss and the European Medicines Agency have previously made such an approval, yet Australia is amongst the earliest.”